The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

Usually I am singing as loud as I possibly can.

This year I’m lucky if I carried a tune inside my head.

I was VERY far behind in my holiday preparations this year. 

Usually my tree is up and music is playing and my other tree is up right after Thanksgiving. Usually it’s all up and out before most find it acceptable.  Yes… normally I am one of “those” people.


But I was just so far behind that it almost doesn’t seem possible that Christmas can be over already. 


I was so incredibly busy & all kinds of outta sorts for all kinds of


1.) Craftiness had been prosperous leading up to Dec. 25th.  From a huge order for 26 frames to individual special orders to preparing for my final craft show to oodles of Christmas gifts that needed to be made.

2.) I normally didn’t have to work the day after Thanksgiving at my old job but as you all know I started a new job in August. One in which I didn’t yet have time to take off & therefore had to work.  I must say though that I am not complaining.  I am so THANKFUL  to have a job.  Since starting at this company I’ve had several different positions but now I am officially full-time in a permanent position as a project coordinator. It is a challenge that I like. A job in which I am constantly learning and figuring things out. It’s going to take time to get used to it… to get adjusted… especially after only knowing early childhood for the last 8 years, but I’m loving every minute of it, even the stressful days. So I’m not complaining just stating that I used to be off that day & get my stuff up.

3.) Health issues suck. Feeling like crap sucks. Every minute of it sucks. I’ll spare ya the details but all has not been peachy in the health department and I’m working on getting things checked out & taken care of  Bleh!!! I don’t like missing work. I don’t like having to cancel plans…

But back to Christmas … I’ve stated numerous times that I simply love Christmas & everything about it.

This year Christmas was nice… family visits … food… laughs… giving of gifts…

But for me something was missing this Christmas.  I just don’t know what it was. Perhaps it was the fact that I never actually felt completely ready. I still have decorations half made for my apartment & couldn’t finish a couple gifts I had my heart set on.  I didn’t listen to my Christmas songs nearly as often as usual. I never even saw the Grinch… not even once.

Usually I am more than happy to leave all my decorations up through January & into the beginning of February but this year I’m kinda ready to pack things up now….

If only I was feeling better… if only I had a bit more time…

All I know is I pray the Magic returns to me next year… as I always hold close the magic & miracle that is Christmas.

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3 thoughts on “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

  1. Well you know I feel ya, the only difference is that I am usually ready to tear everything down by now, and I just can’t bring myself to take my wee tree down just yet, so against all my usual OCD make my house clean and back to normal, I am leaving it up for now. Til whenever I feel like it…sometimes we just have to go with how we feel love…and you know I love ya tons xoxoxo

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