I really couldn’t have said it better! Communication really is the key to everything in life … relationships … friendships…

Rach and her hubby never fail to amaze me. Their relationship is one we should all strive towards. Throughout the last 1+ years I have learned so much by reading of their adventures and journey; always bringing a smile to my face. Their marriage is strong and sweet and so beautiful. Truly inspiring.

Take a read… really pay attention to the “communication is” bit, I know I sure am happy that I did.

Thanks, Rach!!!

This past weekend we went to a wedding shower for some of our friends who are getting married this summer. While there we played that wonderful, age-old, couples game. The “How Well Do You Know Me?” game. I answered the questions about myself and Christopher had to guess what I had written down.

Christopher knows that my favorite color is tiffany blue, that I am obsessed with pizza, that Christmas is my favorite holiday, that I shop for clothes almost exclusively at thrift stores, that Downhere is my favorite band, that I adore the beach, and will generally choose water over any other beverage. And that is just the beginning. People were amazed not only at our ability to match up answers, but even more how specifically matched they were. For example, for the question “What is his/her favorite dessert?” I wrote down “Can’t have dessert… fruit?” and thinking that…

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