Sunshiny moments for me

Throughout the hecticness that has been my week so far (yes I realize it is only Tuesday) I’ve encountered a few sunshiny moments which have really brightened my days. Nothing spectacular, just a couple little things that have brought a smile to my face in the midst of stress and sleepiness.

*checking my email to find several heart warming messages from one of my oldest and dearest friends; one which I’ve not seen in at least 8 years. Never having had a falling out our losing touch is attributed to the fact that life just has a tendedency of getting in the way and going much too fast. So needless to say I was surely a happy girl upon seeing these messages.

And then there’s this….


Seriously?!!! How can this little face not bring me to smiles? Oh my sweet nephew, how I adore you! This face is totally responsible for bringing me a sunshiny moment.

It’s the little things that truly make me thankful. We all need a reminder now and again. These were mine!

Have you had any sunshiny moments recently? What little things are you thankful for?

As always,


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3 thoughts on “Sunshiny moments for me

  1. When I see someone sitting in a doctor or dentist waiting room I wonder if they are dreading the visit or if they are waiting for and expecting good news. Whaever the reason, it’s good to take the time waiting, to relax and think about the good things in your situation. Some of the things you are blessed with are the splendid facilities, good doctors, the medications available, the fine instruments and equipment the doctors have at their disposal. If you have to be admited to a hospital, there are excellent hospitals. Wherever you are,even in a doctor’s office, it is always good to relax and enjoy a few minutes of quiet meditation. I hope reading this will make your quiet moments more profitable. Keep smiling. Everyone enjoys being with a happy person. Have you ever had your day suddenly turn sunshiny because of a cheerful word? Have you ever wondered if this could be the same world? Wondered because someone had been unexpectly kind to you? You can make today the same for somebody. It is only a matter of a little imagination, a little effort. Think now, what can I do today to make someone happy? Old persons, children, folks in the office, clerks in a store or a stranger?

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