We all need a reminder

When you have one of “those” days… or weeks… or months… When you’ve had your fill of all that gets thrown your way in the day to day… When your nerves are shot and you’re stressed to the max… When chaos and nonsense surround you… For those moments in which you can’t seem to catch a fair shake… For those instances when you find yourself in a less than perfect situation… When you learn that someone isn’t such that the claimed to be… For when you discover that one’s words are just that and nothing more…


Only when we sit still and reflect and release will our souls be filled…. My reminder to you… in “those” moments, days, weeks or months…. sit still. Take in the peace that finds you. Let it fill and overflow. THEN, and only then can you truly be filled with more than ever thought possible.

As always,


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3 thoughts on “We all need a reminder

  1. It really is so difficult to sit still and take that deep breath during the stressful moments, isn’t it!?! Thank you for the reminder that it’s something we should do! (After all, it’s much healthier than pulling out one’s hair!). 🙂

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