In need of a bubble… pronto.

I’ve decided it’s an absolute necessity that I investigate the possibility of acquiring a bubble. I seriously need to do some research.

Between unruly kidneys, pains, headaches… and my own 2 left feet; a protective bubble sounds all the more inviting.

I brought in the new year with a bang… kidney stones the size of boulders. Uretoroscopy, lithotripsy, a stent. A literal pain in the $#%&. ( well more like pain in the back and hoo hoo 😉  )  Since then I’ve had to do a couple of collections.  My body just doesn’t wanna stop making stones.  I’ve passed so many rocks I could make one banging set of jewelry (hey, they’re a bit sparkly!) Made changes to my diet while drinking so much water that I should float freely down the road dawning a bright radio-active glow from all the KUB x-rays I’ve had. But for now… in lieu of a bubble I’ll be taking 4 pills a day, slurping down more h2o , getting more blood drawn and passing off on the radiation for a renal ultrasound all in hopes of raising citrate levels, eliminating the possibility parathyroid disease and ultimately hoping on a wing and a prayer that my kidneys are ok.  All in time with some patience and maybe a few pain pills where absolutely necessary, I’ll have some answers and stop peeing boulders.

Oh and the headaches. The horrible headaches I’ve had. Usually at least once a week.  The kind that come in from the base of your neck and sit right behind your eyes. Yea, those kinds.  Nothing would work.  For months on end I blamed it on my contacts & glasses being old and a new prescription needed.  Well guess what?  I got new glasses and contacts and the headaches persisted.  On top of that My neck, shoulder, lower back and hip were KILLING me.  Walking for exercise made difficult when approaching hills just because I hurt.  Friends and family alike had been nagging  every so sweetly encouraged me to SUCK IT UP AND PUT ON THE BIG GIRL PANTS  call the chiropractor and schedule an appointment.   I knew in the back of my mind they were right… I don’t know why I was being so resistant towards it.  I crack my bones all the time… but the idea of someone else????!!!  FREAKED ME OUT!  I should have gone 2.5 years ago after my car accident… but noooooooooo.  I FINALLY bit the bullet and texted one of my loves whose brother is a Chiropractor knowing I could “trust” that I wouldn’t come out paralyzed. Two adjustments in and I’ve only had ONE headache.  My hurting has decreased by leaps and bounds….  yea, I wish I woulda put on the big girl pants far sooner.  Much of my “hurting” is thought to be related from my accident…. 2.5 years ago.  Seriously Megan??!!  Yes… I know.  SO again…. bubble research is being put on hold for this aspect as the adjustment king is helping me feel less like a 70-year-old woman and more like the 34-year-old young lady 😉  I am. Bring on the adjustments and the roller bed. OMG, the roller bed… it’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Now… the 2 left feet is where I think the bubble could REALLY come in quite handy.  I’m a klutz.  I’m no queen grace.  This is no surprise to any that know me well.  I have bruises the size of cantaloupes… walking into walls? Sure!  Stubbing my toes?  Of Course!  Falling up stairs?  Not just 1x in a day but 2 or 3?  Absofreakinglutely.  THAT IS ME.  I EMBRACE IT. I don’t enjoy it!  But I realize it is what it is and I am what I am… a clumsy, klutz.  Walking up the steps at work and catch my pointy shoe tip on the next step. Biffed it.  Carrying 2 boxes of samples down the steps and the top box goes flying all the while I’m praising above that it was the box flying and not me. 🙂 Permanent markers?  Oh, no… I shouldn’t have them.  Put me in the same classification as my former preschoolers.  I end up with sharpie all over me… on my forearms??? I dunno.  But it’s there.  I stubbed my finger on a soap dispenser.  A SOAP DISPENSER people… REALLY?  Forget running heavy machinery.  All it takes for me is the utility elevator door to close on the back of my heel.  I REALLY think the bubble may be necessary.  The world is not my enemy.  My own two left feet make me my own worst arch-rival.  So perhaps I should start taking donations to get this ball, er bubble rolling?  Would you be ever so kind as to pitch in to the keep Megan safe from injuring herself while walking in a straight line fund?  Any and all contributions would be greatly appreciated. 😉

When all is said and done… I really can’t complain.  Life is good.  I’m still learning to take care of me.  I’m still learning that not everything in life is going to be a cake walk…  BUT, I’m alive.  I have my wits about me (most of the time 😉  )  I’m breathing on my own free will… I woke up this morning and if all goes as I’d like I’ll be wanting to throw my phone across the room tomorrow (& the day after, and after and after) morning when my alarm goes off. Kidney stones, headaches, aches and pains, clumsiness and klutziness and all I’m a-okay.  It’s building my character.  It’s making me stronger…

I’m just me… bruises the size of cantaloupes and all! Darn proud of it too!

Do you ever feel like your body is not cooperating?  How do you deal with things “falling apart?”

As always,


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3 thoughts on “In need of a bubble… pronto.

  1. This made me chuckle a bit- not the kidney stones, but your clumsiness. Bruises and all, i love you girl!! Keep on wearing your big girl pants!

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