The High Road

Quite honestly I think in today’s world it’s quickly becoming the road less travelled.

I just don’t know what’s going on sometimes … but in all honesty my BS meter is full. So feel free to put your 2 cents in a different meter. 😉  KIDDING…. JUST KIDDING.  Although there are days I feel as though that is the truth…

From people bashing each other because of differing beliefs … to blatant lies & partial truths… to individuals boasting & bragging incessantly… when is it going to end?

Absolute ridiculousness in my opinion.

There is quite obviously ugliness in humanity. Unfortunately at times it glares, overshadowing the good that occurs.

A person does something nice for another & EXPECTS something in return …. what happened to random acts of kindness? Since when should one expect recognition for doing a kind deed instead of doing something just for the sake of the gesture. You should do it because you want to… because it could brighten someone elses day… because it is the right thing to do. Bragging about it? Or complaining that you didn’t get anything in return? Or complaining that you even did it? I just don’t get it. Take the high road people. Open the door for someone… the most you should expect is a thank you. And ya know what? Sometimes you’ll get one and others you won’t. That’s the way the cards fall sometimes. Be the bigger person… don’t let it prevent you from doing something kind for someone else. Karma…. what goes around, does in fact come back around.

Similarly…. I know I’m a good friend, daughter, aunt, sister,  co-worker, over all human being.  Yes it is nice to hear praise for being the person you are but humility and modesty are quite admirable character traits if you ask me.  Bragging and boasting about this that and the other… all of which I’m pretty sure most of us do in the day today.  So you spent some time with your family?  Good for you.  You should want to do it and love to do it and not want a gold medal of honor just for doing so.

Someone voices their PERSONAL OPINION & they are chastised…. the last I checked we do live in the USA… where we are lucky and privileged to have freedom of speech. We are all entitled to voice our opinions and beliefs. Why is it though, that when someone voices an opinion that is different from one’s own opinion or belief we are quick to chastise? We live in a free country. One in which we are entitled to think and believe freely. While it is inevitable that we all aren’t going to see eye to eye, perhaps we should not judge and condemn in haste. Instead, take the high road. Be respectful of each other. You don’t have to agree; instead show tolerance. She gratitude that we live in a nation in which we have the luxury to make choices. Be respectful of other’s choices even if they are such that you don’t agree. Show some tolerance… not ignorance.

A movie star cheats on their significant other & it headlines the breaking news for weeks … seriously? Breaking news? I find it completely bizarre.  What makes their relationship and/or the demise there of headline material? Cheating happens every day. It’s not a pleasantry; it doesn’t make it right… but a known fact. Why then does it become a national headline when Kristin cheated on Rob? Does it suck? Yep, it does. Katie & Tom break up and its front page material? What’s the point in that? It happens every day… to me and you and a ton of other people. Many of us deal with it in the daily & it certainly doesn’t hit the front page. Here’s my thing: each situation has its own circumstance. Stuff happens… people grow apart… and any number of given reasons…it happens all the time. People make excuses. Take the high road. Respect the individual you are in a relationship/marriage with enough to talk it out, work it out, or get out before you break the vows you’ve made to each other.   The key is to WORK at it.  Marriage isn’t an easy thing… I’m not even there and I know this.  It’s not all sunshine and roses. It can be… if you both want it to be.  Even the toughest and trickiest of scenarios can be ironed out if you are both committed to making a sincere go of it.  I am realistic in knowing that not all marriages will last.  BUT I know that you can’t lie flat and let go without a fight.  Put in what you want out of it.  (That goes for all things in life!!!) You can’t make a homemade apple pie without the apples.  Take the high road.  Admit mistakes.  Be empathetic and when needed show sympathy.  Share your thoughts and love unconditionally.   Have the sense to make the right decision for you and your significant other.

I really don’t have the faintest idea where this post is coming from… where I started and where it’s ended are two totally differnt things… That happens sometimes… I get distracted or run off on a tangent… perhaps it’s a combination of “status updates” I’ve seen or complaints I heard when I’m out and about.  Nonetheless, I felt compelled to share my piece. I KNOW some may not agree; thinking this may be harsh.  THAT’S OK!!!!  This is what I’m talking about… freedom to think, feel, say and write what we wish AND respecting opinions even if it differs from our own.

I guess the underlying point I am trying to make is that we all have choices to make throughout life.  You can choose to grandstand,  be envious, jealous, resentful, judgmental, unfaithful or dishonest.  You can choose to show humility, pride, self-restraint, compassion, devotion, honesty and be open-minded.

You can talk about people or you can talk with them.  You can tear a person down or you can build them up.  You can destroy trust or you can build stronger bonds.

It’s all up to you… You can make the choice.

You can take the high road.

That’s the road I choose.

“You are not in this world to live up to other people’s expectations, nor should you feel the world must live up to yours.” – F Perl

A big thanks to my girlie Carrie C. for the above quote… Thought it was pretty perfect for this post. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The High Road

  1. Thank you for this! I had to delete some Facebook friends just because I couldn’t take the politcal banter and attacks. We all have opinions and there’s nothing wrong with standing by your beliefs… but when you’re constantly attacking others or being angry at someone for thinking a different way, well, it’s just not right!

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