Recently I’ve encountered a number of randomly bizarre and somewhat sketchy instances related to my blog; several of which have left me questioning the sensibility of disclosing so much about myself in such a public manner for all to see. For this reason, I am deciding to make the blog private for some time. It is a touch disheartening to have to do so, but lets face it we live in a crazy world… one that we open ourselves up to & disclose much of ourselves (too much in some instances) to in any number of social media outlets. Think about all you share just on Facebook … no matter your privacy settings, what you say or feel or think or do here is not private. 

So for now… I’m taking a step back. Not saying the blog won’t make a come back in the future, but for now…. I’m choosing to keep it quiet. Until crazy dies down a bit… thanks for reading & supporting over the last 2 years. I’ve gained a lot of amazing friends through writing here and reading of other’s blogs… It has been a truly phenomenal experience… until it becomes jaded.

Do me a favor friends…Think carefully about what you share. Xoxo

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