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Is there anybody out there?

It’s been well over a year since I’ve posted… How does that happen?  Life happens.  Good things happen.  Busy happens.

Not a thing in the world to complain about because all is going INCREDIBLY well for me.  This last year I’ve learned, laughed and continued to love every second of every day.

Still working the same job and loving it… Hard to believe that I would love doing something so very different than anything else I’ve ever done.

Still checking out concerts as often as I can.  I’ve seen DMB a few times of course, Zac Brown Band, Australian Pink Floyd & The Clarks… There may be a few more in there, but I honestly don’t remember at the moment.

My Etsy Shop (Check it out here) is keeping me CRAZY busy… Which is so awesome!  I get to combine so many of my favorites (music, quotes, creativity) and create one of a kind pieces for people all across the country.  🙂 It’s pretty freaking cool if you ask me.

I’ve been to Penguins games, Steelers games, Pirate games.  Fall festivals & farms. Family get togethers. Work trips. Hiked 14 miles in the mountains of Libby, Montana.  I’ve been all over the place doing things in this last year.

My heart is happy.  I am happy.  Busy.  But happy.

Miss ya’ll and hope you’re doing very well!

“be kind always…”