Is there anybody out there?

It’s been well over a year since I’ve posted… How does that happen?  Life happens.  Good things happen.  Busy happens.

Not a thing in the world to complain about because all is going INCREDIBLY well for me.  This last year I’ve learned, laughed and continued to love every second of every day.

Still working the same job and loving it… Hard to believe that I would love doing something so very different than anything else I’ve ever done.

Still checking out concerts as often as I can.  I’ve seen DMB a few times of course, Zac Brown Band, Australian Pink Floyd & The Clarks… There may be a few more in there, but I honestly don’t remember at the moment.

My Etsy Shop (Check it out here) is keeping me CRAZY busy… Which is so awesome!  I get to combine so many of my favorites (music, quotes, creativity) and create one of a kind pieces for people all across the country.  🙂 It’s pretty freaking cool if you ask me.

I’ve been to Penguins games, Steelers games, Pirate games.  Fall festivals & farms. Family get togethers. Work trips. Hiked 14 miles in the mountains of Libby, Montana.  I’ve been all over the place doing things in this last year.

My heart is happy.  I am happy.  Busy.  But happy.

Miss ya’ll and hope you’re doing very well!

“be kind always…”

A Little Bit of this and a whole lot of LoVE

Ok… so I know I’ve been a bit of a slacker in posting lately.  Truth be told life is just plain old insane these days.

I SHOULD be sleeping as I have a trying day tomorrow.  Having surgery AGAIN for those pesky kidney stones.  Hopefully this will do the trick.

Aside from that I’ve been busy working away at my full time job. And starting a 2nd job which I’ve not yet been able to do as of yet thanks to the pesky kidney stones.

Plus I FINALLY opened my ETSY shop!  For you long time followers, you know that was something I’ve been WANTING to do for as long as I can remember.  Well… I finally did it!!!  Here’s a peek at my store banner…


What do ya think?  I’m really liking it 🙂  So… if you’re feeling curious, stop on over to Mae Street Designs and see some of what I’ve been up to!  Lots more will be posted in coming days.

You know what else I’ve been up to?  Loving on my favorite band… I got to see the Dave Matthews Band perform in Pittsburgh last weekend and as always, I was left without words.  From the incredible people I spent the day with from ALL over the world ( seriously, there was a fella at our tailgate that was from Austria), to the beautiful weather to the AMAZING sounds of DMB, I couldn’t have been happier.  Image

I was PROUD to be representing the Matt Wadleigh LoVE Foundation the entire day… Spreading Matt’s message of LoVE, kindness and generosity was a huge honor.  Sharing his story truly touched my heart in ways I can’t even explain.  Matt was a HUGE DMB fan and his story has greatly touched and inspired the entire DMB Family.  

Another cool thing that happened that night was this…

ImageI got to see my friend Boyd again… It had been since December and the welcome I received was just awesome.  Words don’t describe how kind and genuine this guy is.  

ImageSo very lucky to be able to call him a friend.  

There’s a ton more that I want to say and need to say about so many experiences I’ve had and people I’ve met in the last year.  All thanks to this music that I love.  But THAT is deserving of it’s own post in its entirety and I’m not ready to do that just now.

BUT if you would be so kind… as to help me out.  It’s a tiny favor.  A wee little favor.  I’m going to post a link… All you have to do is click the link.  Click it every day from now until June 23rd.  Every time you do it gets me one vote closer to a chance to meet Dave Matthews himself… If you know me, you know how big this is.  So PLEASE, click the link below.


That link right up above… go on click it.  Share it with your friends… Help a girl out.  PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!

Hope this finds you all doing well!  I WILL be back soon… I PROMISE 🙂  


Recently I’ve encountered a number of randomly bizarre and somewhat sketchy instances related to my blog; several of which have left me questioning the sensibility of disclosing so much about myself in such a public manner for all to see. For this reason, I am deciding to make the blog private for some time. It is a touch disheartening to have to do so, but lets face it we live in a crazy world… one that we open ourselves up to & disclose much of ourselves (too much in some instances) to in any number of social media outlets. Think about all you share just on Facebook … no matter your privacy settings, what you say or feel or think or do here is not private. 

So for now… I’m taking a step back. Not saying the blog won’t make a come back in the future, but for now…. I’m choosing to keep it quiet. Until crazy dies down a bit… thanks for reading & supporting over the last 2 years. I’ve gained a lot of amazing friends through writing here and reading of other’s blogs… It has been a truly phenomenal experience… until it becomes jaded.

Do me a favor friends…Think carefully about what you share. Xoxo