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A Touch of Mae

Take one of my nicknames which was also the name of my maternal grandmother and cross it with “Touch of Grey,” one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs and you have “A Touch of Mae.”

About a year ago I came up with this name for my crafty adventures…

In that time I’ve done 6 craft shows so far with one more to go the first weekend of December.

Some have been great… some far less than great…. But I still love doing what I’m doing with it.

Aside from craft shows,  special orders and gifts have kept me busy through most of the year.  From personalized items, to requests for specific colors and quotes, to wedding details, I’ve had a total blast with it all.

That’s why you’ll still find me crafting away most nights….

THANKS to Pinterest, I got the following lovely ideas!  Here is my take on different projects I’ve found… Let me know if you like them.  While you’re at it Pin some!  🙂

Back to crafty land I go!

Happy Anniversary… A year of blogging!

It’s my one year “blog”-iversary today!!! On June 12, 2010 I wrote The Bits ‘N Pieces, which was my very first blog post!  Was it really a year ago already?!?

During these last 12 months Maggie Mae’s Days has seen…

  • 115 Blog posts
  • 30 subscribers
  • 782 comments/pingbacks
While pleased and overwhelmed by those numbers, none of that matters to me in the least.
What matters is all that has changed and how much I’ve grown during that time span.  My blog has helped to fine tune my writing and share my life with all of you.  Writing on my blog helped me deal with and rationalize all the ups and downs and anything and everything in between. Sharing with you has helped me to work through some tough times without anyone holding or passing judgement. I’ve become more confident in sharing my thoughts, views and opinions and have learned to accept compliments and criticisms much more gracefully.
I’ve come to know so many WONDERFULLY AMAZING people through writing this blog; each of whom has  provided support, comfort, smiles and laughter through their own words on their blogs as well as in the words they shared with me personally.  Through comments, personal emails, tweets and Facebook messages I’ve received support and reassurance. I want to thank my blogging friends…I am so blessed to have met you and come to know you through our sharing of words.  There are some that I consider to be true friends even though we’ve never physically met.
You’ve walked with me through the adoption of B-Shane;
you’ve helped me through it all, the tough stuff remembering those gone before me;
you’ve supported me during the loss of my grandma;

Roger Waters

You’ve learned about my love of music, music, music and more music;
You got to see my most favorite things and read through 100 random facts about me;
You’ve watched as I’ve crossed off items on the list , cheered me on through kitchen drama and my return to running, while helping me to refocus when I’ve lost my way.
Through it all I’ve learned that no matter how difficult the days may get, the promise of better days is ever-present; It’s up to me to recognize and acknowledge what I’m presented with and make the best of any and every situation.
Some numbers that DO matter from the last 12 months…
  • Nephew #4 was born only 10 days after I began my blog
  • Nephew #5 will be born exactly 1 month away from today
  • I’ve been to 6 concerts
  • I’ve participated in 5 craft shows
  • Been to 2 weddings
  • My car celebrated it’s 1st birthday
  • I turned 32 and will soon be 33 next month
  • I ran in my first 5k
I really don’t know what made me decide to start this blog since I’ve been writing for as long as I remember.  I don’t know how long I will continue to write on this blog since you just never know what will happen when.  What I do know is, I will continue writing as long as I am able to.  I will continue to write and share with you whenever I can… I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and sharing of myself with you.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed stopping by and that maybe I made you smile, made you laugh or share a tear.  All I ask is that you take a piece of me with you just as I do each and everyday.
I’ve truly enjoyed the journey that Maggie Mae’s Days has taken me on throughout these last 12 months.  Who knows where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing this time NEXT year?!?  I hope that I’ll still be writing and sharing here so that I can look back and reflect just as I have today.  This has been such a rewarding and uplifting experience thus far… I can only imagine the places it will take me and the people I’ll meet in the coming year. Thank you for joining me and coming back for more…
Be sure to check out the hyper-links in case you missed any of those posts!  And if you get a chance, check out my favorite blogging friends!  They’re the BEST of what’s around with out a doubt!

Jason Myles Goss

I love going to see up and coming artists! Whether a friend suggests them or I’ve heard one or two songs via some media outlet, checking out fresh, new artists is so much fun!

A good ways back a friend posted a video on Facebook entitled “Twilight Serenade.”  Of course I clicked it and gave it a listen…

Your turn… Give it a try!

liked it a good bit too!

So I checked out this Jason Myles Goss fella a bit more and listened to a couple more songs. Couldn’t quite pin point what it was that I liked about his music.  Each song was different in sound and message.  Some have quirky lyrics while others are heartfelt.

Somewhere along the way I heard he was coming to Pittsburgh and decided I wanted to go check him out.  Luckily I have some people close to me that enjoy checking out live music too!  My cousin Suzanne, her husband Adam, myself and a fella I was seeing at the time (not even gonna bother giving details on that! 😉 ) went out to Club Cafe to see him in January.

I absolutely LOVE Club Cafe!  It’s a quaint little venue tucked away on a side street in Pittsburgh’s South Side.  The perfect venue for smaller, lesser known or up and coming artists who are trying to grow their following.  It kinda reminds me a little bit of a cocktail lounge without the “Uppity” vibe.  Pretty chill locale and a favorite hangout in my early 20’s.  I would have to say my absolute most favorite show ever at Club Cafe was an acoustic performance by the Buzz Poets.  It was a totally different vibe from their otherwise normal high-energy, kick-a*@ shows…VERY cool to see a softer side to those crazy fellas!

Anyways….forgive me as I digressed.  Club Cafe really was the PERFECT set-up for JMG.  It was quiet, intimate and honestly a pretty sparsely populated; all of which allowed for a fun evening filled with humorous banter and stories about his songs.  What’s also nice is that you can usually get a chance to chat with the performers after the show’s over since it is such a small venue.  This evening was no exception.  Quite a nice, soft-spoken young fella Jason seemed to be.  Gracious and modest when complimented and appreciative of your presence at his show.  Looking forward to getting to see him again when he returns to Club Cafe in September.  Are you ready Sue????  🙂

Check out some of his other tunes on iTunes or youtube when you get a chance!  Help the fella out and “like” him on Facebook too while you’re at it!

Brother, sister bonding time.

Lil’ Bro and I enjoyed some quality time together checkin out an awesome show… Iron & Wine.

Great time spent with awesome music, even if our favorite song wasn’t played!  More to come tomorrow!


It was a long day…

It was a SLOW day. 

My feet hurt and I’m incredibly exhausted.

There wasn’t a good turn out at the craft show … Quite frankly it was D.E.A.D alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day.

Here’s my spread… 

The Goods


This picture’s not that great and really isn’t flattering to my display, but it was the only angle I could get ALL of it in the shot!  Guess I needn’t have worried about not having enough stuff!  Tons was left and had to be brought back home.  At least, now I don’t have to make as much for the next show I do, which I am hoping will be in June.

Nonetheless,  I will say…

Today was an awesome day.

I had lots of awesomely wonderful moments today that made my day a winner…

I woke up to good luck wishes from my blogging friends and received a couple good luck texts and tweets too. 

My best friend Jaime was a trooper and skipped her morning coffee to come help me set up for the craft show…  The two of us work really well together.  She knows when I’m stressing and just kinda steps back and lets me at it, while providing the calm to my storm.  This girl and I have known each other for most of our lives without even knowing so… Apparently we met when we were 4 years old in a preschool program, which wasn’t discovered until about a year ago when I found a program from graduation and saw her name in it right above mine…neither of us remember this of course.  It wasn’t until highschool that we became close friends, being inseperable for 4 straight years. 

1996, Senior Pictures


Ughhh.  Gotta love it… 15 years have gone by soooooo quickly.

 We’ve gone through periods where we’ve lost touch for a while, but somehow, some way, always end up being there for each other.  In recent years, I’ve grown to love this gal as a sister…  we are more than friends, we’re family.  WIN.

Love ’em

I went on a little about her clan in my post about hugs.   Her family is my family… just love ’em to pieces. 

Ahh, Forgive as I’ve digressed.

Back to today….So Jaime helped to keep me sane when I was starting to panic and freak out the closer it got to be to 10AM.  Thankful this girl was there to reign me in… 

Got our better halves???? I dunno…

Unfortunately my camera had a mind of its own today and deleted the only good picture we took… This is what we were left with… Nice, huh?  THANKS for your help Jaim!


Soon after my near meltdown, my cousin arrived to keep me company all day.  THANK GOODNESS for that!   Spirits were down a bit because it was so slow and stuff just wasn’t selling.  Marci was the little birdie reminding me that in order to sell stuff, there’d have to be people there and there just simply weren’t any there!  We chatted and sang….Awesome songs were playing on the radio overhead ALL day, which made for some mighty fine entertainment; especially towards the end of the long day while I broke out into dance when we were packing up!  Fun times 🙂  Win. 


Unfortunately my camera also decided to delete the picture I had of Marci, Jaime and I.  😦  Stupid camera! FAIL.

I was blessed with wonderful family and friends, who came out and supported me, just to visit or make purchases.  People I see pretty regularly and some that I haven’t seen in YEARS!  WIN!!!

Three great friends from my Kennywood days came out today…. One of which I haven’t seen in about 8 years and the other closer to 13 or so.  The third I saw at the last craft show I did in December for the first time in aboout 8 years or so as well. I was so very happy to see these ladies;  brought back lots of awesome memories of my younger, more naive and plain old “stupid” days hanging out with Beth and all the shennigans that Krissy, myself and the other fellow members of the FYC partook in during our work day and many after hours outings.  Sarah and I had tons of fun too during my first two summers there… The three stands of us youngin’s were always acting a crazy fool!  So incredibly awesome to catch up a little bit  and am hoping to get to meet up with them in the near future to catch up and reconnect.  Seriously Beth, Krissy and Sarah; we need to meet up soon!!!! These gals were a HUGE part of my life at one time, having spent our ENTIRE summers together while working at the park.  Good times, great memories.  Over the years, friends may come and go; some are there always; some you may never hear from again.  regardless, they were meant to be there for those specific points in your life.  I’m happy to have had so many great friends in my life over the years…  Very lucky.  WIN.

While I didn’t sell nearly as many pieces as I did in December, I did end up in the “green;” making profit above my expenses for the show.  So I’d say that is a win.

I had 4 people place special orders. Win.

I got a couple AWESOME leads for some pretty big craft shows later this year.  Another Win. 

I made TWO purchases as the craft show….

Button Bracelet!!!

A Button Bracelet!!! I just LOVED it!!!! Thought it would make a great addition to my spoon bracelet… 🙂  WIN.


Sweet tooth!!!

Of course I bought some yummy treats too!  Couldn’t resist the Chocolate covered pretzels and a S’more! 

Mmmmmmmmm….   WIN. 

I came home and unloaded the car…. WIN.

Stubbed my toe on the corner of the wall after tripping and hitting my funny bone on the chair.  FAIL.

I might add that this is the second time this week I did the above mentioned… think that qualifies as a DOUBLE FAIL.  😉

Getting ready to relax with a hot bath … WIN.

This girl’s exhausted!!!


Indulging and relaxing a bit

Catching up on all my bloggin’ buddies happenings that I’ve missed out on over the last couple days while sipping on some BV Reserve and ginger as a special treat…. WIN.


All in all I’d say I’m a pretty lucky gal.  Surrounded by the BEST people; much needed laughs; memorable times.

 Time. To. Relax.

AND SLEEP!!!!!!!

Today was an AWESOME day….

I’d call that winning.

Packed and Ready To Go…

Frames are all priced & boxed up… a potentially daunting task if it weren’t for the help of my dear,  sweet cousin Sue.

All packed up and ready to go in the morning....

Table coverings are ironed…

Car will be loaded in the morning to head out & set up @ 8:00AM with the help of another fabulous cousin,  Marci & best friend Jaime.

Curtain opens at 10 AM. I’m a wee bit nervous and excited!  🙂 

Tomorrows show is the first step to completing my goal of participating in 3 craft shows in one year (on the list).  Plus I am hoping to open an ETSY shop to sell my goodies online in the very near future.  Gonna be a busy year!

So now there’s nothing left to do but go over my list & check it twice…

And, some much-needed relaxation & pampering !

First up a HOT bath with tunes,  followed by routine eyebrow maintenance & concluding with a home mani/pedi.

Haven’t painted my nails in a while since craftiness doesn’t keep friends with manicured nails.

My FAVORITE OPI nail polish 🙂


Looking forward to seeing how tomorrow goes & then get my grips on normalcy!  Huh? What’s that????

Tomorrow … I’m baaaaaaaack!

Until then my friends … thanks for sticking with during the last few sub-par posts.

“Scarlet Begonias” by The Grateful Dead-Thursday Throwback

Grateful Dead from the Mars Hotel

Image via Wikipedia

Artist: The Grateful Dead

Album: Mars Hotel

Song: Scarlet Begonias


At times I seriously think I was born in the wrong decade…. 

Many of my favorite artists were in their heydays well before I was born or when I was a bit too young to partake in catching them in a live performance.  Even still, music has the ability to transcend generations and decades still proving to be relevant to listeners of today and still more to come years down the road. 

While I didn’t grow up listening to The Dead as I did the Beatles, Journey, and the like; one of my best friends in elementary school got me to listening at a pretty young age…12 or 13 years old, maybe.  I pretty much immediately fell in love with their eclectic and unique stylings and arrangements; becoming enthralled by the drawn out jams held on various bootleg recordings. 

I had one missed opportunity to see the band perform before Jerry Garcia passed away, when I was about 14 or so.  Probably thinking it was a very WISE decision on my mother’s part for saying “no” to me going to that concert; not necessarily the best surroundings for the naive 14-year-old I was if you know what I mean.  Up until that point the only other concert I had attended (and twice I might add) was the New Kids on the Block…  Quite a bit different from the Dead, wouldn’t you say?  But you see, even in my younger days, I had a wide range in musical tastes.

My Grateful Dead musical library slow grew over the years from more popular tunes such as Casey Jones, Truckin’  and Touch of Grey to songs like Sugar Magnolias and Fire on the Mountain and further still to my most favorite Grateful Dead songs of all time which include but are not limited to……

  1. Ripple– Reminds me of driving down the mountain from my aunt’s house to campus during the summer of 1999
  2. Box of Rain– Just an awesome up beat song; not to mention an awesome smelling incense and body oil sold at Earthshine in Edinboro, PA
  3. Althea– The intro to this awesome…. Just a kick back, chill, dig that I simply never tire of.
  4. Attics of My Life– the harmonies in this song are BeAuTiFuL!!!
  5. Ramble on Rose – Classic Dead
  6. Unbroken Chain-Absolutely stunningly, awesome song… Catchy as can be, and sticks in my head for days after listening
  7. Built to Last– GREAT lyrics; really hits home with me… Chorus, is the best
  8. Estimated Prophet– HAPPY song ( for me at least) it’s got a sweet vibe
  9. Dark Star– beautifully arranged jam

And my all time favorite….

10.) Scarlet Begonias-  I’ve got lots of memories of this song; from blasting it in my car and in my dorm room to chilling with friends.  Lots of people have done covers of this song too…

From to Taylor Hicks….

to Jimmy Buffet….

to Sublime….

some were pretty good, but for me none is better than the Dead’s version…

 I definitely wouldn’t classify myself as a Deadhead persay;   as I was a good little girl, it didn’t stop me from enjoying their music every second I get… many have a negatively perceived imaged attached as to what one is, but me….  I simply enjoy the music; I love the chill vibe I get from it; I love the arrangements… Quite simply I just LOVE the Grateful Dead, end of story! 

What are your thoughts?  …

Seriously, I was born a decade or two late… Just sayin’!