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Melting My Heart

I was putzing around my apartment since my plans for the night fell through when my phone rang.

I answered, saying hello and didn’t hear anything at first.

So… I said hello again.

That’s when I heard a teeny tiny voice squeaking, “Thank You!”

It was my almost 2 year old nephew, P-Dub.

“Thank you for what, buddy?” I Responded.

“Daddy’s building my play house! Come over! Thank you Mae Mae!”


Quickly, I changed, hopped in my car to my sister’s house when i was greeted by an extremely excited tot running over to me.



I think it’s safe to say my littlest nephews like their birthday gift!

These nephews of mine have absolutely carved a niche into my heart…


Sure, they can be ornery … but come on, he looks soooooo innocent here.


Sure they can be cranky, but come on, he looks absolutely adorable here!


Sure they can be sassy, but come on, he’s fierce on the field and an all around fabulous kid.

These nephews of mine MELT MY HEART.

One teeny tiny voice saying two little words made my day.

Plain and simple.

LOVE YOU to the moon and back P, B & J! XOXO

As always,


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All Gave Some…Some Gave All

Today I join the many in remembering those who served, fought & defended.

Those that are honorable, selfless, and admirable.

Many in my family served in the military and I am very happy to say that they all returned home safely.  From my grandfather and my step-dad, to several uncles and a cousin to my step-brother and a friend… they proudly served to uphold our freedoms and defend our nation so that we can enjoy our lives in the US of A as we have grown accustomed.

Each of their journeys were different; the sentiment the same. None has spoken of their time away very often.  But what little I have gathered over the years leads me to know that defending our freedom is a task that bears great weight.  Sights and sounds stick.  Bonds made unbreakable.  People do incredible things to save the life of another.

HEROES come in many forms.

A player that catches a winning touchdown; A firefighter entering a burning building; a police officer entering a standoff.

But these are the heroes that serve and protect; defend and sacrifice.  The ones that fight for our freedom; the ones that protect us from terrorist attacks; the ones that miss the births of their children and the funerals of their loved ones.   And the ones that never return home.

I take great pride in my country.  I am thankful to have the liberties that I do.  I do not agree with all that the current Administration (or others previously, for that matter) has implemented nor am I an advocate of war.  I do believe that when people are doing wrong they should be stopped.  When we are threatened as a nation I find  it a conflicting comfort knowing that I am blessed to live in a country where we can defend our freedoms; we have individuals who voluntarily FIGHT and DEFEND our rights.  In reality, it’s an awe-inspiring and frightening idea all the same. They are putting their lives on the line for us each and every day.  I’m honored that someone I don’t even know would do that for me. It just gives me chills.

So, today as I honor those who served and remember those that never made it home, I also remember my step-dad, Lynn, on what would have been his 66th birthday.   A husband, a father, a grandpa, a brother, an uncle, a cousin, a friend, a hunter, a machine operator.   

A gentle man with a heart of pure gold, who wasn’t afraid to scare the livin’ shit out of ya if you messed with his family.  An honorable man with a smile that brightened everyone’s day.  A veteran.  A hero.

Celebrating the gift of “YOU” to the world

Have you ever wondered how birthday celebrations became so important?

To some birthdays are a huge ordeal.

To others, birthdays are just another day in their time here on earth.

I’d say that I’m right smack dab in the middle of the mix.  While I like a bit of a fuss to be made on my day, it is in actuality just another day in my life….

But this “just another day in my life” is truly a gift in and of itself.  Time and time again we are reminded that life is so very precious; never knowing which ordinary day will be your last here.  Illness, Accident or nature… you just don’t know when your time on earth is up; when a normal day will be your last.

Your birthday is your own personal “Happy New Year” celebration.  It’s the day that we celebrate you making your appearance in the world.

In my family we don’t have any traditions that are set in stone but we usually have dinner at my mom’s that most often includes corn on the cob and fried green tomatoes (all of our birthdays are in the summer 🙂 ).  Summer birthdays always lent themselves to fun in the sun… from slip and slide birthday parties to weekends on the house boat in Erie with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins to weekend birthday celebrations at the cabin with little bro and friends.

Often we got flowers from our step-dad on our birthdays along with cake and ice cream.  Many birthdays have been spent at work in my days at Kennywood or on field trips at the daycare I used to work at.  Concert tickets have made some pretty cool birthday gifts I’ve received including several Dave Matthews Band concerts and the Paul Simon & Bob Dylan show I saw with an Ex.

All things aside though…. YES, the gifts are nice & the cards are heartfelt or funny. BUT, the biggest gift we receive each and every year is more time to walk this Earth.  More time to leave your mark on the world… More time to forage relationships with those you love and initiate new bonds.

The gift of you to the world is the most amazingly spectacular gift that can be given… for on YOUR day, you and only you are celebrated.  Your talents, your being, your treasure.  Celebrate the gift that you are to the world.  The gift that you are to your friends and family… the gift that you are to yourself.  Acknowledge your awesomeness and celebrate the fact that you are unique.  You are the most precious of gifts that could ever be received.

So on your special day each year… I celebrate the gift of you!

CELEBRATE each breath that you take… every move you make.

I’m about to be a Palindrome…Lucky me, turning 33! (Updated)

It’s still officially my birthday week!  

Apologies to those who have received this twice…. WordPress went a little wacky on me and didn’t publish the most recent draft like it was scheduled to do at 11:11pm.  Sooooo here is the correct post!

On Thursday, I will enter into a super cool, elite club that only becomes available once every ten years….

I’ve gotta soak it up for all its worth because membership in this club lasts but a single year.

Little sis is joining the 30’s club in a few short weeks…

Mom is joining the 60’s the same day as lil sis turning 30…

SOOOOoooooo, I don’t wanna be left out in the exciting birthday club festivities.

What is so exceptional about turning 33 you may ask?!?

Well you see, I’ll be a palindrome for an entire year!

A Palindrome!!!

Yes, I am one of those nerdy number lovin’ peeps that seems to spy palindromes EVERYWHERE…. ALL THE TIME.  Well more so recently than I have in the past.  I kid you not, every time I look at the clock it is a palindrome.  Anyone else out there like this?  Please tell me I’m not alone out here! Someone  has got to find number loving a lil sexy?  No?!  Really?!?!   Darn.  My bad.





a word, line, verse, number, sentence, etc., reading the same backward as forward, as Madam, I’m Adam  or Poor Dan is in a droop.
As I said I notice them EVERYWHERE, but it’s usually numbers more so than phrases.  I look at the clock on my laptop and it says 9:59…. a few minutes later I look and it’s 10:01.  Next time I look at my phone it’s 12:21.
Driving home from my cousin’s house Friday night…. I’m stopped to make a turn and look at what I saw…
It honestly has been freaking me out a little because it’s been happening so frequently lately, but this whole turning 33 thing… I’m gonna revel in it for all it’s worth!
My 22nd birthday was by far my most fun and memorable so far.  I was able to hang out with a bunch of my friends, intermingling my college friends with long time friends and Kennywood friends which never, ever happened… We had a BLAST!!!
For my 33rd I don’t have any big plans…  not sure what will be going on at all.  I’m pretty sure it’s not going to involve bar hopping and doing shots.  That, my friends would prolly end up badly!
Let’s just say this….
I’ve got high expectations for this number 33….  we shall see what happens come Thursday and for the next 364 days that follow!


And now I leave you with a fun tune by Weird Al… yes, you read that correctly!  lol
The whole thing was written using only palindromes!!!  Pretty cool 🙂
Ooooh!  Guess what!   It’s 11:11 PM…. Nighty night my friends 🙂