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The Right Fit For Me?

Arise too early; wake too late

laughter and love, anger and hate


upfront and honest; lie and sneak

Open your eyes; don’t dare peek


too big; too small

too short; too tall

too strong; too weak

too bold, too meek


Much too heavy; far too light

remain calm and collected; put up a fight


use your words, bite your tongue

far too old; much too young


tell me all, I don’t want to know

come here fast; go away slow


adore the beginning; fathom the end

keep enemies close; lose touch with friends


nightmares linger, wishing dreams to stay

live to dream, dream to play


Through every second, the search continues … the right moments; the right choices, the right people, the right things.


Instead I’ll just treasure each moment of everyday

Finding the right fit me.



As always,


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Procrastination Station

I always meet deadlines.  Honestly I think I thrive on deadlines. 

An uninformed bystander would be apt to think I have a systematic, methodical plan established, detailing a rigid schedule of individual tasks to be completed to successfully meet the deadline and overall end goal.

I’d like to say that is true.

But, my momma taught me not to lie.

Truth be told this girl is a procrastinator.  Always have been and more than likely always will be.
From cramming for exams in high school and college to drafting research manuscripts for grad school to pretty much all my crafty adventures to brushing my teeth just as I am about to be walking out the door to getting my car inspected during the last week of the month it’s due.  (OK, actually I take the last one back … my car was actually inspected a whole month early this year! Once in a life time occurance, I can assure you. )

Quite honestly, some of my aboslute BEST work has been completed just minutes before the time is to run out. Some of the best (and longest) papers I’ve ever written were products of literally no sleep for almost 40 hours and taken directly from the printer to be handed to a professor while the paper was still warm. A maid of honor speech that I stayed up until 3 AM writing the night before the wedding only to he thrown out and a new one uttered on the fly in cue with the DJ’s go ahead. Wedding invitations made through the wee hours of the morning on the day the bride is expecting them in her hands.

This blog post for example, has been nearly finished for quite some time… I just needed to finish it. A whole week later I am finally getting to it.

Don’t let this scare you from asking me to take on a project for you. Just ask any one… I’ll get the job done, one way or another in due time.

Sure, I’ll be stressed … more than likely I’ll get frustrated through the process.

Nonetheless, I enjoy the process. I suppose I enjoy working down to the wire… I enjoy finally seeing a product through to the end … celebrating it’s completion. Not now though…

I’ll celebrate later … after I brush my teeth just before I walk out the door. 😉

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Have You Ever?

Have you ever wished you could read someone’s mind to find out exactly what they’re thinking? When you just want an answer to a question or an explanation for an action and you get no response… when you just can’t tell what’s what and what’s going on… when you think you have a good handle on things & are unexpectedly proven otherwise.

Have you ever wished you could take your words back having said too much or the completely wrong thing? Realizing all too late that words can & do hurt… understanding that some don’t or won’t quite get what you mean no matter how you say it because they just won’t hear you…

Have you ever said too little? Holding back your true thoughts & opinions only later to ponder that those words you chose NOT to share could have made a difference …

Have you ever taken a chance only to regret the choice you made? Thinking what if I didn’t or what if I hadn’t?

Have you ever been envious of another? Wanting or wishing you have what they possess or an opportunity they’ve been presented?

Have you ever wished for and wanted something for as long as you can remember only to realize that not having it has left you better off without it? While you may not necessarily understand the how’s and the why’s of the matter, the realization arises that where you are now, with what you have, is exactly where you’re meant to be.

Have you ever shown gratitude for all that you have, all that you are and who you have become? Paying respect to those that have helped you along the way… giving props when props are due…

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by the goodness in those you chose to surround yourself with?  Each bringing something amazingly unique into your life… adding joy, offering support, showering with love.

Have you ever thought about the sheer wonder of your waking up to another beautiful day?  Rejoicing in the fact that you have another chance to make it a wonderful day…

Have you ever considered just how fortunate you are to have a roof over your head & food on your table?

Have you ever wondered where you will be in 5 years? 10? 20?

Out of the things I’ve learned along the way, what ifs and have you evers arise often.  Moving forward in life, looking ahead,  not behind you yet taking with you all that’s been etched into your being; carved into your heart, mind and soul… the trust you’ve gained and respect you’ve earned.

Wish not, want not for what you don’t have; be gracious and give thanks for all that you do.

I choose to live my life by WHAT IS not WHAT IF…

Time for a new to do list

After talking with some co-workers… and mulling over ideas for crafty ventures… and taking a considerable amount of time away from blogging consistently in the last 6 months… it’s time for a make over… a “to do list” make over…

It’s funny all that can change in a year’s time… Seriously… It’s almost insane to think how much can change.  Goals.  Ideas.  Just everyday life and what you want to do in it AND with it.

Pinterest has become such an addiction for me… as has diving in to new tunes… my profession has changed… I have new goals… there is a ton I wanna do… even more that I want to try… I’m thinking it’s time to revamp “the list” a bit…

The wheels are a turning… and I want to hear your ideas!


Take a minute to look over my old list  (click on the hyperlink) which is a replacement to the really old list (again, click on the hyperlink)…

THEN… share your ideas about what YOU think I should include on my new “to do” life list!


Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!  🙂

I’ll Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

I’m a lucky gal.


Sometimes though, I forget and need to give myself a swift kick in the shins to get my act together and straighten myself out.

And if that doesn’t work one of my loves will step in at the bottom of the 9th & push me round the bases to make sure I at least attempt to bring in that game winning run.

And if that STILL doesn’t work I always have my tunes to fall back on. 😉

If anything I’ve learned in the last 8 months or so it’s that surrounding yourself with positive people makes a whole world of difference!  If you surround yourself with negativity, it will undoubtedly rub its nasty hand off on ya… so steer clear of it at all costs!  That’s not to say we all don’t have days… but I’m pretty thankful that they are few and far between!

To that end, I consider myself to be quite lucky to live where I live… there are 13 apartments in my building and generally every one is so pleasant… We make good neighbors… with the exception of the over-exuberant hockey/football watching moments during which NO ONE in the complex needs to turn their tv on to know the score of a game. 🙂  But seriously, it that’s the WORST that happens around here, I WILL TAKE IT!  We all look out for each other, which I find to be awesome.  It reaffirms my belief that good people do exist in this world and that with a little act of kindness and some common courtesy it’s not too hard to bring a smile to someone’s face.  We work together when needed or help out whenever possible.

One example that comes to mind right away was the “ice storm” we got a little ways back… I started chipping the ice off on an older neighbor’s car while mine warmed up… In the meantime another neighbor came out to help me with the older neighbor’s car and then mine since someone else had already cleaned her car off!  How awesome is that?!  Oh AND I have 2 awesomely fabulous neighbors who will lift my windshield wipers up when they’re calling for snow/icy stuff so they’re not frozen to the windshield!  That makes my morning when I see that!!!

Another example would be when I was down and out because of my “stone issues” :/…. I had neighbors leaving bags of dvd’s at my door, offers for store runs and tons of messages just to check in and see if I was ok…

If we see someone’s car has been in the same parking spot for days on out, we check in.  We’ll hold the door when we see someone pull in the lot so they don’t have to dig their keys out…

Simple things… little things… those are the things that make living here pretty darn good by my standards…

So…. can ya do me a favor?  Hold the door for the person behind you…. put someones shopping cart away for them… or here’s really throwing something out there….. smile at someone for no reason at all!

You’ll be surprised at the rewards that will come… 🙂

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