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The Good Life

It’s all about the choices you make.

What you do or don’t do.

How you react.

Who you let in.

When you decide.

Why you do or don’t.

YOU have the ability to make yours a good life.

When you smile at a stranger & hold the door instead of brushing by. When you speak words of encouragement instead of bringing someone down. When you decide to look at the sunny side of all things even in the most trying of times.

You are in control.

Think about how you want to be remembered. Think about the lasting impression you’d like to leave on the world. Think about the impact you can make on a person’s life.

The journey we walk each & every day we’re in existence is defined by what we do & how we do it. The person we are & the kind of life we lead are one in the same. You ARE defined by how you treat people, how you react, what you say, think or feel. Why not take on each day in a positive way? What other way is there to really lead a good life?

By doing, saying, thinking, feeling you have the POWER to affect the lives of those around you. Why choose anything other than making a positive impact?


I have a good life. I live a good life. I LoVE my job, I’m blessed with an incredible family, and supported by the most amazing friends & special people a person could ask for. I wake up each morning & go to sleep each night with a most grateful heart.

Because of that I am able to wake up each morning with a smile on my face & spread LoVE the best way I know how. Offering a little ray of sunshine to all that cross my path (some of which I’ve not yet met).

We all deserve to LIVE a good life. Decide to make it that. Decide to LoVE wholly. Decide to LoVE completely. Decide to BE that positive person.


Take control of your life. Make decisions you can be proud of. Don’t waste a minute of this precious life. See the good in the world. Make a change. It’s all within your reach. It’s in your control. YOU have to recognize & appreciate. YOU have to make it yours.


Have a grateful heart. Keep it filled with LoVE always.

“Doesn’t everybody deserve to have a good life.” -Spaceman by Dave Matthews Band

Make today count

Take today & make it yours. Live a life that makes YOU happy. Don’t 2nd guess just live & love.

It’s so easy, with all that’s been going on in the world, to forget to live. You have to live in the moment and not take a second for granted.

Make something of your day. Tell those you love, you do. Tell those you forgive, you do. Tell those you miss, you do.

The day is yours. Take it. Run with it. Make it something. Tell a story. Live it loud. Live it right.

Do right by yourself.

If you don’t like something, fix it.

If you want to do something, do it.

Don’t complain about things you have control over.

Take a chance.

Make a change.


LoVE your life.


The High Road

Quite honestly I think in today’s world it’s quickly becoming the road less travelled.

I just don’t know what’s going on sometimes … but in all honesty my BS meter is full. So feel free to put your 2 cents in a different meter. 😉  KIDDING…. JUST KIDDING.  Although there are days I feel as though that is the truth…

From people bashing each other because of differing beliefs … to blatant lies & partial truths… to individuals boasting & bragging incessantly… when is it going to end? Continue reading

When I Grow Up

As an itty bitty little one, I dreamt of becoming a ballerina, with pretty pink frilly tutus and pale pink ballet shoes. I did dance for a while, starting when I was 3 years old.  I don’t remember quite how long I danced for, but you all know I am not the most graceful of beings. 🙂

Then I wanted to be a teacher…. I always loved school supplies!


Then for a brief moment I decided I wanted to go to college for accounting and become a CPA…  An A in high school accounting does not an accountant make… I was never one to be tied to a desk and crunching numbers….

As a grown woman, I’ve found that priorities change… Goals change…

THANK HEAVENS for that!  I mean would you REALLY wanna see this girl in a pink tutu????!!!  I THINK NOT!  I don’t even wanna see that! 😉

Instead, making a conscious decision, I want to be kind and caring; generous and forthcoming; sincere and genuine; creative and free-spirited.

As I’ve grown up I’ve learned that the path I’ve ended up on is exactly where I’m meant to be.

As I’ve grown up I’ve chosen to be understanding and empathetic.

As I’ve grown I am proud.  Proud of where I am today and proud of where I stand today.

I may not have it all, but I’ve got what matters… a roof over my head, a job that I love, a pretty fantastic family and some phenomenal friends.

Yes, disappointment will surface now and again… but with every disappointment comes a fresh start or a new beginning.

About a year ago, I got a fresh start that I didn’t ask for.    Looking back on the situation nearly a year later, I see it not as a door slamming in my face as I surmised at the time.  Not at all. In fact it was a huge door opening for me.

I got the chance to be what I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be.  Something, well someone, I’ve been destined to be since the very moment I was born.

Stepping out of my comfort zone, into an unknown future, having not a clue in the world where I was going or what I was doing…

That’s when I decided exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up…

I just wanted to be me.

That’s it. Something that I’ve been doing since the day I was born… JUST BEING MYSELF.  Living life and doing what I like to do…

Loving my music… being “crafty” and creative… learning new things… spending time with family and friends.

I think that’s good enough, don’t you?  I do.


As always,




I’ve come to realize …

I have borrowed this from my dear friend and kindred spirit, Donna,  at The Redneck Princess

I’ve come to realize (A journey into self-awareness)
Saturday October 14 2011

1. I’ve come to realize that my chest size…
Fluctuates in direct relation to weight gain or loss… Anyway you look at it though, lets just say I’m blessed! 😉

2. I’ve come to realize that my job…
Is new, exciting, unexpected AND it pays the bills.

3. I’ve come to realize that when I’m driving…
My window is ALWAYS open, even in the dead middle of winter with the music blasting, me singing like a rock star and perhaps a bit of seat dancing. 🙂

4. I’ve come to realize that I need…
To relax and not stress so I can enjoy the little things a bit more often.

5. I’ve come to realize that I have lost….
My tendency to sit back and take crap from people.  Speaking up and standing up for myself is very empowering.

6. I’ve come to realize that I hate it when…
People aren’t who they say they are or who you think they are.

7. I’ve come to realize that if I’m drunk…
it’s a rare occasion and I can’t hang like I used to.

8. I’ve come to realize that money…
is the root of all evil.  No matter how much a person has, it is never enough.

9. I’ve come to realize that certain people….

10. I’ve come to realize that I’ll always …

Give a person the benefit of the doubt until proven not worthy.

11. I’ve come to realize that my sibling(s)…
Are phenomenal in their own right each possessing qualities I admire.

12. I’ve come to realize that my mom…
Is by far the strongest & most determined woman I know. She’s simply amazing.

13. I’ve come to realize that my cell phone…
Is my lifeline. Can’t live without it; sad, I know.

14. I’ve come to realize that last night before I went to sleep…
I was cranky & tired but got a pick-me-up from someone, which un-crankified me.

15. I’ve come to realize that when I woke up this morning…
I was REALLY tired & perhaps I am a wimp & again can’t quite hang like I used to. Two near all-nighters in one week are not good for this gal.

16. I’ve come to realize that right now I am thinking…
That I love seeing the sun shining. 🙂

17. I’ve come to realize that my dad….
Is a really hard worker & always has been.  Started young and hasn’t stopped since.

18. I’ve come to realize that when I get on Facebook…
I need to complain less and share more of my positive moments. OR just not get on there as much at all!

19. I’ve come to realize that today…
didn’t go quite as well as I’d have liked so far.  The craft show was another bust.  Giving it two more tries and may call an early retirement. 😉

20. I’ve come to realize that tonight…
is going to be interesting!  Watching the 3 month old and 10-year-old nephews over night.  Say some prayers that the little guy is a happy camper and not a cranky bugger!

21. I’ve come to realize that tomorrow…
is Sunday, which isn’t my favorite day of the week.

22. I’ve come to realize that I really want to…
be able to make a serious go of my crafty business.

23. I’ve come to realize that the person who is most likely to re-post this is…
Maybe Tink or Vix. 🙂

24. I’ve come to realize that life…
is what you make of it and extremely unpredictable.  Forrest Gump said it best…. My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

25. I’ve come to realize that this weekend…
has been incredibly busy!!!

26. I’ve come to realize the best music to listen to when I am upset…
is the same music I listen to when I am happy!

27. I’ve come to realize that my friends…
are absolutely Ah-maz-ing…..  Couldn’t ask for better.  Love them all for the same reasons while each have something special that makes me adore them all the more.

28. I’ve come to realize that this year…
has been challenging but I’m stronger, wiser and much more determined than I ever thought possible.  “Damn the man!” Don’t let ’em get ya down.  *For the record not speaking of a man here, just people in general.

29. I’ve come to realize that my ex…
in speaking of the most recent…. MAKES NO SENSE.

30. I’ve come to realize that maybe I should….
have run in the Race for Pace 5K today instead of doing the craft show.

31. I’ve come to realize that I love…
my life, even though it’s not perfect, it’s mine.

32. I’ve come to realize that I don’t understand…
why people lie and cheat.  I just don’t get it.

33. I’ve come to realize my past…
is just that, the past and doesn’t determine the path ahead of me.

34. I’ve come to realize that parties…
Need to be held at Donna’s house so I can come for a visit. 😉  (What do ya think?!  lol)

35. I’ve come to realize that I’m totally terrified…
of losing those closest to me.  It’s not an everyday thing, just the reality is you never know when the last time is the last so enjoy every moment!

36. I’ve come to realize that my life…
is a work in progress… just as I am.  I am A-okay with that!

Ok…it’s your turn my loves, fill it out and link back in the comments below 🙂

Happy, happy to your day!!!

Tell us about you, come on!!!

Expect the Unexpected

I know I’ve heard many a person say, “You never know what to expect”.

 Time and time again I’ve heard those words or uttered them myself in relation to various situations, circumstances and events.

This has always held true in my personal experiences in life so far…

Just when you think you know, you find out in reality you really have no idea…

But you see, life always has a way of changing on ya… the path in the road winding in a different direction of sorts…

Some days you’ve got your plan all set and the floor comes out from underneath you…

While other days you’re so lost you’re driving around in circles having not a clue as to which direction you should go…

You never know if what you’ve always done and what you’re used to doing is what you are meant to do…

You never know what opportunities will present or how you are to respond to them…

You may find yourself doing something you’ve always wanted to do in a way you never thought of…

You may find yourself doing something you never thought you’d be doing but loving it anyway…

Whether your dream is your journey or your journey is your dream, take hold and live it out…

Don’t limit yourself with expectations… expect anything and everything and all that lies in between.

A lot of triumphs arise in direct relation to the way you respond to life and all it throws your way.

Whatever your dream may be, live it.  

Love it.

If I’ve learned anything at all in the last two months, it is to ALWAYS expect the unexpected

It’s a little less of a shock if you prepare yourself for the best, worst and everything in between.


Just roll with the punches… tomorrow IS a new day.  Why not make it a good one?

Loves to my loves!