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Crafty Craziness!

Last fall started what has become a regular occurrence in my life… Crafty CrAzInEsS!!!

I’ve shared pictures of some things I’ve done…. there are a TON that I haven’t shared with you.  Hopefully in the near future there will be a way for you to see all that I am working on!  But not just yet.

Why?  Quite simply because I am too busy in the midst of crafty craziness!  I have participated in FOUR craft shows already this year which means I can cross that off my list!  The celebration ended there however because sales at each of these 4 shows were less than desirable if not nonexistent.    Bummer!!!!

Father's Day gift

There are a number of reasons that the sales weren’t so hot including poorly advertised shows which lead to poorly attended shows; the economy; window shoppers, etc.  None of the Spring shows I’ve done were successful, but the one I did in late fall/early winter was phenomenally successful…leading me to think I will only do Fall and Winter shows.


Just because sales are down, doesn’t mean the craftiness is slowing down.  Not at all, actually!  Lots of requests for special orders have been coming my way… mostly from family and friends who are then spreading the word.  so THANK YOU to those wonderfully supportive people in my life!

Home is where your heart is....

This week I am working on all things Sesame Street for my nephew’s 1st birthday party which is next weekend!  You’ll find me buried among Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Grover… banners, signs and wall decorations using my Sesame Street Friends Cricut Cartridge.

Coming up right after the party festivities I have some frame orders to complete.

And THEN…. I get to work on my first wedding projects for someone other than my family!  I made all the invitations and programs for my sister’s wedding 2 years ago and haven’t done anything else for weddings besides making albums and personalized home decor.  So, I am SUPER excited that a dear friend asked me to make her wedding invitations and guest book for her upcoming wedding!  Sooooo looking forward to working on these for her!!!

So there you have it my friends… crafty craziness is in full swing!

Let me know what you think!  Any ideas for getting my pieces out there?

Would love to hear what you have to say!

the BEST of what’s around…

These are the best of the best that I’ve come to know and love in the blogging world.  They’ve provided support, guidance, encouragement, laughter, tears and comedic relief just when I’ve needed it.

These are the blogs that I read each and every day no matter what… even if I myself haven’t blogged in a while, I still read up on them.

I’ve come to know each of these lovely folks very well over the last year.  Not only are they absolutely phenomenal writers in their own unique and individual ways, they are amazingly wonderful and supportive.  They’re my blogging buddies, my cyber pals… they’ve come to be some pretty great friends that I am so very blessed and privileged to have made acquaintance with.

I encourage you to take a minute and stop by.  Tell them I sent you! And be sure to stop back here and check out my BEST of what’s around page as I will be adding new blogs from time to time!

Sharing the love that they have so graciously shared with me, I present you with…

the BEST of what’s around…

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Stay tuned…

Two fun and exciting things occurred between yesterday and today…

Actually, I may as well throw in a 3rd while I’m at it!  Posts to come soon I promise!

A hint, a clue and some…


Happy Anniversary… A year of blogging!

It’s my one year “blog”-iversary today!!! On June 12, 2010 I wrote The Bits ‘N Pieces, which was my very first blog post!  Was it really a year ago already?!?

During these last 12 months Maggie Mae’s Days has seen…

  • 115 Blog posts
  • 30 subscribers
  • 782 comments/pingbacks
While pleased and overwhelmed by those numbers, none of that matters to me in the least.
What matters is all that has changed and how much I’ve grown during that time span.  My blog has helped to fine tune my writing and share my life with all of you.  Writing on my blog helped me deal with and rationalize all the ups and downs and anything and everything in between. Sharing with you has helped me to work through some tough times without anyone holding or passing judgement. I’ve become more confident in sharing my thoughts, views and opinions and have learned to accept compliments and criticisms much more gracefully.
I’ve come to know so many WONDERFULLY AMAZING people through writing this blog; each of whom has  provided support, comfort, smiles and laughter through their own words on their blogs as well as in the words they shared with me personally.  Through comments, personal emails, tweets and Facebook messages I’ve received support and reassurance. I want to thank my blogging friends…I am so blessed to have met you and come to know you through our sharing of words.  There are some that I consider to be true friends even though we’ve never physically met.
You’ve walked with me through the adoption of B-Shane;
you’ve helped me through it all, the tough stuff remembering those gone before me;
you’ve supported me during the loss of my grandma;

Roger Waters

You’ve learned about my love of music, music, music and more music;
You got to see my most favorite things and read through 100 random facts about me;
You’ve watched as I’ve crossed off items on the list , cheered me on through kitchen drama and my return to running, while helping me to refocus when I’ve lost my way.
Through it all I’ve learned that no matter how difficult the days may get, the promise of better days is ever-present; It’s up to me to recognize and acknowledge what I’m presented with and make the best of any and every situation.
Some numbers that DO matter from the last 12 months…
  • Nephew #4 was born only 10 days after I began my blog
  • Nephew #5 will be born exactly 1 month away from today
  • I’ve been to 6 concerts
  • I’ve participated in 5 craft shows
  • Been to 2 weddings
  • My car celebrated it’s 1st birthday
  • I turned 32 and will soon be 33 next month
  • I ran in my first 5k
I really don’t know what made me decide to start this blog since I’ve been writing for as long as I remember.  I don’t know how long I will continue to write on this blog since you just never know what will happen when.  What I do know is, I will continue writing as long as I am able to.  I will continue to write and share with you whenever I can… I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and sharing of myself with you.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed stopping by and that maybe I made you smile, made you laugh or share a tear.  All I ask is that you take a piece of me with you just as I do each and everyday.
I’ve truly enjoyed the journey that Maggie Mae’s Days has taken me on throughout these last 12 months.  Who knows where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing this time NEXT year?!?  I hope that I’ll still be writing and sharing here so that I can look back and reflect just as I have today.  This has been such a rewarding and uplifting experience thus far… I can only imagine the places it will take me and the people I’ll meet in the coming year. Thank you for joining me and coming back for more…
Be sure to check out the hyper-links in case you missed any of those posts!  And if you get a chance, check out my favorite blogging friends!  They’re the BEST of what’s around with out a doubt!

…pUzZlE pIeCeS…

The puzzle…

A mystery that never ceases to amaze and astound.  One ponders the possibilities filled with  loops, swoops and pulls in directions unknown and ever-changing.

Finding all the pieces…

Try as I might, attempting to pinpoint all the pieces in the puzzle of life is exhausting.  Bits ‘n pieces are hiding all throughout.  Some plainly in vision, while others remain tucked deep away where eyes have not seen and ears have not heard. Whether it’s the smallest of your hearts desires or the grandest of life’s adventures each serves a purpose, helping to get you to where you are destined to be in life.

The kicker of the whole thing is that where you think you should be or where you want to be may not necessarily be in your life’s plan.  While you have wants, desires and needs and can control some things in life, the greater scheme of things is not in your control.  How you handle and react to all that is thrown your way is something you have control over.  Remembering that is a challenge for me.

Sometimes I find myself questioning things and wondering what makes people act and react the way they do.  It can be quite perplexing at times…

“Why do bad things happen to good people?”

“Why is it so easy for people to be dishonest?”

“Why would a person be brought into my life only to be taken away for one reason or another?”

“How can a person say meaningful things to you one minute, then act like you don’t exist the next?”

Have I come up with answers to any of these questions?  No, not even close actually. Guess I’ll be left to wonder.

Another aspect is deciphering where you want to be in life versus where you should be.  Deciding which road to take and contemplating paths you’ve already taken.  I know for a fact that one decision I made 9 years ago COMPLETELY and TOTALLY changed the path of my life.  Was it a path for the better?  Honestly, if I could make that choice again, I would ave chosen differently… no doubt about it at all. But the long and short of it is that some good things did happen since I made that choice 9 years ago, some of which probably wouldn’t have happened had I not made that decision.  Unfortunately though, I’m left with a much more negative taste in my mouth regarding taking that path and what subsequently followed over the course of these 9 years.

I’m at a point in my life where trying to find the pieces and putting them together is quite difficult.  Which pieces are the right ones to focus on?  Which path should I chose?  Things that were once promising  are now questionable…leading me to think of different possibilities and options for the future.

All I know right now, it that I am puzzled by the puzzle.  I’m not going to quit trying to figure what’s what and where each piece goes… I just need not to let it consume me. Each piece will fall into place on its own at the guidance out of my control.  It’s in Someone else’s hands.

Computer Medix

Well, I know you’ve all been VERY worried about my computer situation… I mean you’ve all probably been losing sleep over it haven’t you?

Ha ha… Alright, maybe you haven’t, but for a little while there I was!

I am extremely happy to report that my laptop was saved as was ALL of my data…

All my pictures,  documents, fonts and even my music were salvaged from my laptop…. Oh, Happy day!!!!!!

Actually, last Monday was the happy day that I got my laptop back along with all of  its contents…just haven’t had a chance to blog about it!

A little shop close to home was recommended to me by several people so I checked  ’em out.  They guarantee lower prices than larger competitors and upon a lengthy conversation with the fella at the shop, I felt safe leaving my baby in their hands.

Fixing my precious laptop was no easy task for these guys at all.  Although they were able to remove the virus completely, they had never seen this particular virus do as much damage as it had to my laptop.  It damaged Windows itself so a complete factory restore was needed.

Here we come to save the day!!!

All of my precious jewels were safely transferred from the hard drive to an external hard drive for safe keeping.  PHEW!!! Crisis averted!!!

While I am very happy to have my laptop back along with all the data, I still haven’t had a chance to transfer info back over or reinstall programs.  I have promised myself I won’t use it until I get new anti-virus software installed and time just hasn’t permitted as of yet.

A HUGE thank you to the fellas at Computer Medix for saving my stuff and figuring the problems out!  A big thanks to my dad for helping out with the cost of the repairs too.

I am so relieved to have everything in my possession again… You don’t realize just how much you use it until you don’t have it!

I will say I’ve learned a couple of lessons in the process…

1.) Have up to date anti-virus installed on your laptop/pc.

2.) Facebook is the harboring of more ill will than gossip and rumors… Many of these virus are embedded within Facebook by hackers and can infect your computer without even clicking on anything, just by logging in.

3.) BACK UP YOUR data!!!!!  For now I have everything on an external hard drive, but they also recommended storing it via an online server so that if something happens (fire, flood, etc.) your data will still be accessible through any internet connection not just on a piece of hardware that can be destroyed.

4.) Don’t depend on technology for everything.  Too many of us live by our smartphones and computers…. Try reading a book (an actual paper copy versus an electronic copy).  Try writing a letter to someone (remember…. pen, paper and stamps?) instead of emailing and texts.  How did we become so dependant on technology?  Remember the days when we didn’t have it?  I barely do!!!

5.)  Sometimes, you get what you pay for…. Yes my laptop was on the inexpensive side; it also cost about half as much to repair it when it is not even 2 years old.  Had a purchased a Mac, yes I would have spent a bit more at the onset, but probably wouldn’t have had the problems I encountered.

So there’s my story… My pictures, documents and MUSIC are all safe and sound.  A happily ever after in my book!


Feeding the Addiction…

Someone that loves music as much as I do is ALWAYS looking for new tunes… it can almost be compared to an addiction!

Hearing a song for the first time is always pretty cool.  Generally speaking I know with in the first little bits if I like it or not.  BUT, I’m not too quick to rule anything out after only one listen; always giving it a second or third listen. 

I’m ALWAYS up for new suggestions…  By simply by taking the word of family, friends, fellow bloggers and artist suggestions on iTunes my library grows weekly.  I’ve come to find and love many of the bands/ artists I listen to through taking a chance and giving them a listen.

The problem with this musical addiction is that is can become QUITE incredibly EXPENSIVE very quickly!  Buying individual songs at about a $1 a pop adds up pretty quickly when you have about 8,000 songs in your electronic music library in addition to all the CD’s and the few remaining relics that are cassette tapes I own.  If I bought all the music I really wanted to I could easily end up going completely broke and living on the streets!

So imagine my excitement when I see an email, FB update or twitter post giving me the edge on scoring some FREE tunes! The best part is they are LEGAL too…  FREE AND LEGAL.

Seriously?!?!  Can you believe it?  Honestly at times it can be enough to make my jaw drop open!

My suggestions for fun, fabulous and FREE tunes are….

1.)  iTunes:  YES, you do have to pay for most music on iTunes.  BUT, each week they have free music available for you to download.  From emerging acts to established talent, you can add about 3-4 new songs to your music library every week!  Some weeks all the tunes are phenomenal (this week is one of those weeks!!!!) while others are hit and miss.  But, hey… they’re free!

2.) Noisetrade.com:  This site is pretty cool and follows in the lead of Radiohead in allowing the listener to choose the price (i.e. donation) they’d like to make for the albums they download.  Give as much or little or none as you like. Sign-up for their newsletter and receive email notifications of new releases.  What I like about this site is the versatility in artists.  The only downfall is that you can’t preview the music before downloading.  So, again…. it ends up being hit or miss with your liking the music.  For me, I enjoy it… remember I always listen more than once!  So there’s a pretty good possibility of me liking it down the road.

3.)My newest discovery is Day Trotter . com.  I have my love for Iron & Wine to thank for my finding this website just today.  Tons of free music from Independent bands  who’ve recorded live Day Trotter sessions at The Horseshack in Illinois.  I found songs by artists I love such as Iron & Wine and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals while also collecting some downloads by others that I’ve not heard of previously.  Again… completely free!

4.)  At the suggesting of Jessica I checked out the KEXP Song of the Day Podcast on iTunes about a year ago and have discovered a TON of music to love!!!  From K’naan to Bon Iver to Fleet Foxes the songs keep coming.  You may catch a bit of radio talk intermingled at some point during the beginning or end of the song, but it can easily be looked past.  If nothing else, I oftentimes end up purchasing music by some of these artists on iTunes after hearing one of the songs on the podcast.

Check these resources out!  What can it hurt?  You may just find some new digs that you like! 

And while you’re at it share your secrets for finding new or free music!  Help a sister feed her addiction! 🙂 

Happy listening my friends!