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Absolutely AMAZING time tonight at the Avett Brothers show… They are truly THE MOST FUN show to go see.


And to me, Summer has now officially started.  Bring on the good times… good tunes and good people.

Nighty night my friends!

More weekends like this

It has been an absolutely, amazingly BEAUTIFUL weekend here! Sunny and hot with no humidity.

It has been an absolutely, unbelievably busy weekend. Flowers planted and car washed, sparkling clean.

It has been an absolutely, incredibly fun weekend that I have been looking forward to for months. Relay for Life bowling fundraiser, followed by good tunes in the sun with my lil bro at the Avett Brothers concert tonight.


They’re hard to come by, I tell ya, but I could absolutely, most definitely and assuredly use more weekends just like this one.

As always,


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If Not Now, When? – Incubus 8.31.11

Myself, Lil bro and one of my girlies, Carrie,  have been not-so-patiently waiting for this show for MONTHS.


Incubus killed it, opening up with banging performances of  Pardon Me and Wish You Were Here… Two of my favorites!


We were a little apprehensive as to what the set list was going to look like since they just released a new album.  I really do like the album, If Not Now, When? a whole lot.  That being said, it is a TOTALLY different feel than most of their other music… it’s a bit more mellow than all of their previous albums from which I have countless favorites.  I was just hoping that they’d play a good mix of old and new tunes throughout the night and THAT THEY DID.

 I also got to hear Have You Ever, A Crow Left of the Murder, Dig, Drive, Nice to Know You and Megalomaniac… ALL of which are favorites as well.

Brandon Boyd is just simply delicious… he has an awesome stage presence.  His voice soft and soothing, sending chills while mesmerizing.  Very easy to become entranced by him… It’s happened once or twice I’m not gonna lie. 😉 For a quick second though I thought I spied a porn stache and about died, but I was wrong… Thank goodness!

INCUBUS did NOT disappoint.

They quite simply “brought it.”

And we loved every single minute of the show…

Including the opening act!  It is always a crap shoot when it comes to opening acts.  Sometimes you like ’em, others not so much.  It’s take ’em or leave ’em.

On this night, at this show, the opening act was a “like ’em” and a “take ’em.”

Young the Giant was awesome.

They were fun. They sang. They played.  

And they did all three very well… They had a TON of energy too!

Made a fan outta me for sure that night, as I had never heard of them before.

But apparently they’re getting some recognition.  A bloggin buddy sent me a message while we were at the show saying  these guys made an appearance on MTV’s VMAs that aired on Sunday.  News to me!

I am not much of an MTV gal these days… Why?  You might ask…. Well, when was the last time they actually played MUSIC on MUSIC TELEVISION???? Not very often at all anymore, that is if they even do at all! Too many nonsense and rubbish shows filling up airspace on there now…. I miss the “good ‘ol days”.  I WANT MY MTV!!!  😉

Forgive my digression….

Incubus… phenomenal show.  THANK YOU.

Young the Giant… fanstastic show.  THANK YOU.

Next up… 2nd Jason Myles Goss show of the year later this month, which will put me at 8 shows for the year so far.  Think I can get to two more before the year’s out?  Hope so!  Then I can cross it off THE LIST! 😉

Bush is coming to Stage AE with Chevelle in October as is Parachute on a separate date… Hint, hint.

 Tickets would make a FABULOUS early Christmas gift!

 Just sayin’…

Best Gift Ever: Kenny Chesney & Zac Brown Band

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A good while back, I promised you a post filled with details and pictures and am just now getting to share the fun with you!!!!

I was the lucky winner of an awesome contest sponsored by Jonathan Michael’s Boutique. (The Boutique recently made an appearance on the tv series Dance Moms that is based in Pittsburgh) I can’t say enough good things about this beautiful shop, all the goodies inside, the lovely gals who work there or the wonderfully sweet owner,  Janie. It’s always a joy to enter Janie’s shop & be greeted by such beautiful smiling faces!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I picked up my goodies!!! The tickets were absolutely AmAzInG!!!

I immediately called my best friend Jaime & told her she was coming with… we were both absolutely thrilled!

I must admit, I’ve not always listened to country music. I actually HATED it at one point in time. Somewhere along the way though I began listening & liking. (Some, not all!) Mr. Chesney was one that I did like though! Plus Zac Brown Band was playing too! I’m still not sure, two months later,  who I was more excited to see!

Right before the concert, things in my world took a crazy & unexpected turn having lost my job only 2 days before the show. I was bummed to put it mildly. Nothing makes me happier than seeing live music, BUT I thought if I sold the tickets I could use the money towards bills.

I tried to sell them but didn’t get any takers until just before Jaime & I were about to leave. We went anyway… I couldn’t have made a better decision.

We knew we had pit tickets but couldn’t believe that we literally walked right.up.front. to the stage. Seriously?!?  Front row. I don’t care what show it is … there is absolutely nothing in the world better than experiencing live music so up close & personal. Besides many a Buzz Poets shows, the only other time I was able to experience a show so close was the Goo Goo Dolls show last fall.

This show was A-ma-zing… from opening with Uncle Kracker & Billy Currington to ZBB jamming out to Kenny Chesney making his grand entrance it was awesome. Not to mention the fact that they ended the show together …. ZBB & KC killed it on stage together. Their fiddlers were unreal. It was superb from beginning to end.

We were extremely lucky to be surrounded by a fantastic group of people that made the day /night even more enjoyable. From buying us all water to saving spots to dancing & having fun, we couldn’t have asked for better concert friends.  Sometimes “people” can ruin it for you at a show but not on this night…

At the end of the night, tired but happy,walking out of the concert,  I couldn’t help but be thankful.

Thankful for the entire experience. Thankful to have won the tickets …thankful for my best friend… thankful for the fun of the show. Thankful for the piece of normalcy I received that day.

In that drive home, as I went to sleep that night & the day that followed I just kept thinking about how very grateful I was. For that day, I forgot about my worries & troubles.  For that day, I felt that all was right in my world. I was able to feel “normal” considering the recent loss of my job.

In my gratitude I sent Janie a thank you message via Facebook explaining my situation & yet again thanking her for the awesome opportunity.  Her response really got to me… she said she believed that it was not luck that I won those tickets… it was for a reason out of both of our hands. For Someone else knew what lie ahead for me… knowing just how appreciated this “prize ” would be at that specific time in my journey. For that I am grateful.

This concert really turned out to be so very much more than I ever could have expected … from beginning to end… without a doubt unforgettable.

Thanks again Janie & Jonathan Michael’s … you are the best!

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A Whole Lotta Fun! …with The Avett Brothers

I’ve been slacking!!!

Last night I attended my 6th concert of the year and realized I have only updated you on TWO of them so far!  Shame, shame on me!

So be expecting a couple of updates this week… hopefully!  🙂

Concert #3 was the Avett Brothers…

Poster I picked up at the show... but lil bro has been keeping it hostage! 😉

Talk about a F.U.N. live show!!!

Lil bro and I went to see them way back in MAY at Stage AE and had a blast!  It was our first time seeing them and believe me when I say they did NOT disappoint at all.  Honestly they blew me away with their high-energy performance.

We were also blown away by how many people were at the show… we didn’t really think there’d be many there at all; didn’t think they had that big of a following.  WRONG… boy, were we wrong.  As we got closer to the venue to park we saw a line stretched around the block and then some with people waiting to get inside.

It was hot and the line was INCREDIBLY long…BUT we befriended a nice couple behind us and chatted the time away talking about shows we’ve seen in the past, made artist comparisons and just plain old chatted about music.

AND lil bro even snagged a treat off the ice cream truck!

Mmmmm. Choco Tacos....

I’d also like to add that this was our first time at Stage AE so we had no clue what to expect….

I was very pleased with what we saw….

1.  It is an indoor/outdoor venue.  Some shows are inside while others are outside.  How cool is that?!?

2.  The location is awesome.  Right in the heart of Pittsburgh’s North Shore, just across from Heinz Field, the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

3.  The outside set-up is a small-scale version of  Starlake Amphitheater ( well, I guess it is officially known as First Niagra Pavilion, but will forever remain the Coca-Cola Star Lake Amphitheater as far as I am concerned) but even better.  This was a SOLD OUT show and there were no lines for the restrooms; the food and drink lines were fast-moving and there was ample room on the lawn for concert goers to kickback, relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the stage.

I will most definitely be heading back there for future shows (heck, I’ll be there in August for Incubus!!!  Super stoked for that one too!)

Forgive as I digressed…

This show was phenomenal from beginning to end.  The set list was incredibly  fun and full of energy, charisma and plain old, good music.

If I had to put a “LABEL” on their sound I’d say it was funky folk infused with bluegrass, punk, and a lil bit of rock n’ roll.  They are so.much.fun. and have so.much.energy!!!  Their tunes are catchy…  the lyrics are true and real…  their heart and souls are left on the stage.  

You simply could not help but sing along and groove to the tunes as they JAMMED out…  




I would absolutely jump at the chance to see them play again… they were that good.  I actually prefer their live performances over their studio recordings!

So, if you haven’t checked them out, give ’em a shot… they’re a taste of something different in all that is mainstream and  what is considered to be “popular” music.  They leave ya feeling good and happy…. there can’t be too much wrong with that can there?!


Iron & Wine

Sam Beam of Iron and Wine

Soulful, lyrical & at times a little bit trippy, Iron & Wine is a prized treasure in my music collection. An American singer-song writer from South Carolina and father of 5 that sources some of his inspiration to songs of the 70’s such as Rod Stewart‘s “Maggie Mae.” (Great name for a blog, er song, don’t ya think? 🙂 )

I’ve been listening to Iron and Wine for a little over a year now after little brother had suggested that I take a listen. From the very first play, I became entranced by the eclectic stylings of the guitar, mesmerized by the vocals, causing me to fall in love with the lyrics as well as Sam Beam’s voice.

I find this man to be quite the intriguing individual. His shy & laid back demeanor emulates from the stage whilst commanding and demanding your attention throughout the duration of his performance.

There’s something to be said about an artist whose live music is just as good if not better than album recordings. Having had the pleasure of catching a show of his at a smaller venue at Carnegie Music Hall in Homestead, the intimacy and “real-ness” of the music simply takes over. It was the kind of performance where I could sit back, closing my eyes and simply take in the sultry sounds of the background vocals & instrumentalists while focusing on Sam’s smooth, sweet, honey like voice.

Lil’ bro & I were fortunate enough to score tickets to this show at the very last-minute thanks to a friend of a friend of mine; getting an email only a couple of hours before the show starts. We were super stoked since we had tried getting tickets weeks earlier only to find that the show had already sold out.

Absolutely breathtaking...

While Iron & Wine doesn’t get much radio play, popularity is rising. Songs have been heard on Grey’s Anatomy and one was included on the Twilight soundtrack so you may have heard without realizing. If you haven’t, I suggest you give ’em a listen. His newest record, Kiss Each Other Clean is far more different from all his previous records than I had anticipated, but LOVE it all the same.

The show was phenomenal from beginning to end without a question. I would absolutely pay a lot more money to see Sam Beam do his thing on stage again and be mesmerized by his voice all over. I just can’t seem to get enough if his music these days and that is more than fine by me!

Our only disappointment in the evening was that our favorite song, “Boy with a Coin,” wasn’t played.  But who knows?  Maybe next time we’ll get to hear it!

Are you an Iron & Wine fan? Whose voice do you find irresistible?

Jason Myles Goss

I love going to see up and coming artists! Whether a friend suggests them or I’ve heard one or two songs via some media outlet, checking out fresh, new artists is so much fun!

A good ways back a friend posted a video on Facebook entitled “Twilight Serenade.”  Of course I clicked it and gave it a listen…

Your turn… Give it a try!

liked it a good bit too!

So I checked out this Jason Myles Goss fella a bit more and listened to a couple more songs. Couldn’t quite pin point what it was that I liked about his music.  Each song was different in sound and message.  Some have quirky lyrics while others are heartfelt.

Somewhere along the way I heard he was coming to Pittsburgh and decided I wanted to go check him out.  Luckily I have some people close to me that enjoy checking out live music too!  My cousin Suzanne, her husband Adam, myself and a fella I was seeing at the time (not even gonna bother giving details on that! 😉 ) went out to Club Cafe to see him in January.

I absolutely LOVE Club Cafe!  It’s a quaint little venue tucked away on a side street in Pittsburgh’s South Side.  The perfect venue for smaller, lesser known or up and coming artists who are trying to grow their following.  It kinda reminds me a little bit of a cocktail lounge without the “Uppity” vibe.  Pretty chill locale and a favorite hangout in my early 20’s.  I would have to say my absolute most favorite show ever at Club Cafe was an acoustic performance by the Buzz Poets.  It was a totally different vibe from their otherwise normal high-energy, kick-a*@ shows…VERY cool to see a softer side to those crazy fellas!

Anyways….forgive me as I digressed.  Club Cafe really was the PERFECT set-up for JMG.  It was quiet, intimate and honestly a pretty sparsely populated; all of which allowed for a fun evening filled with humorous banter and stories about his songs.  What’s also nice is that you can usually get a chance to chat with the performers after the show’s over since it is such a small venue.  This evening was no exception.  Quite a nice, soft-spoken young fella Jason seemed to be.  Gracious and modest when complimented and appreciative of your presence at his show.  Looking forward to getting to see him again when he returns to Club Cafe in September.  Are you ready Sue????  🙂

Check out some of his other tunes on iTunes or youtube when you get a chance!  Help the fella out and “like” him on Facebook too while you’re at it!