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A Touch of Mae

Take one of my nicknames which was also the name of my maternal grandmother and cross it with “Touch of Grey,” one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs and you have “A Touch of Mae.”

About a year ago I came up with this name for my crafty adventures…

In that time I’ve done 6 craft shows so far with one more to go the first weekend of December.

Some have been great… some far less than great…. But I still love doing what I’m doing with it.

Aside from craft shows,  special orders and gifts have kept me busy through most of the year.  From personalized items, to requests for specific colors and quotes, to wedding details, I’ve had a total blast with it all.

That’s why you’ll still find me crafting away most nights….

THANKS to Pinterest, I got the following lovely ideas!  Here is my take on different projects I’ve found… Let me know if you like them.  While you’re at it Pin some!  🙂

Back to crafty land I go!

I may be many things, BUT…

I’m not a seamstress…

I am an “artsy” person.

Paper crafts. Painting. Doodles.  Writing.  Poetry. Music. Upholstery.

I have piddled with minor sewing projects… ornaments, Recovered pillow, gift bags, curtains, and even altered some clothing for Halloween costumes in the past.

Thankfully none of these projects needed to be precise in measurements & such because I can’t stitch a straight line to save my life.  I’ve tried and just can’t do it.

I do have an awesome old Kenmore sewing machine I got at an estate sale for a whopping $15.  BUT, my mum requisitioned it some time ago since she’s a busy bee making quilts. (She CAN sew in a straight line!)

I’ve seen patterns for things that I only wish I could tackle, but it’s just not meant to be.  Purse, shirts, skirts and the like.  I can’t make clothing.

AND of course… today while feeding my pinning addiction on Pinterest, I came across these beautiful shirts.

DIY shirts.  The problem being I can’t do it myself.

Sooooo….. who’s gonna make ’em for me?!?  😉

Ummmmm, yes please!  Love each of the styles…. Love all of the colors.  I want them!

THANK YOU More Design Please for making my brain spin with all the awesomeness I spied on your site.

Actually, this website has a TON of fabulous things to take a gander at… Food, Art, Decor &  DIY projects of all sorts.  Let’s just say it is bookmarked and presently occupying several tabs on my browser screen… even as I should be in bed but can’t stop the addiction of peeking at all the goodies this site has to offer!

So to all my fellow “artsy” peeps… the painters, the DIY-ers, the writers, etc.  take a peek and see what you think!  I’m thinking you won’t be disappointed!

And to the seamstresses out there…. I’ll be your guinea pig model if you wanna give these shirts a try!  Just sayin’

Crafty Favorite


Just wanted to share my favorite crafty project of the day.

Pretty sure this one’s ended up being my favorite because it’s an odd size … the glass is 6×14.25… very unusual.  Think it definitely adds character! 😉

*Please ignore the reflection/glare… my phone doesn’t take the best pictures.  🙂

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