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I may be many things, BUT…

I’m not a seamstress…

I am an “artsy” person.

Paper crafts. Painting. Doodles.  Writing.  Poetry. Music. Upholstery.

I have piddled with minor sewing projects… ornaments, Recovered pillow, gift bags, curtains, and even altered some clothing for Halloween costumes in the past.

Thankfully none of these projects needed to be precise in measurements & such because I can’t stitch a straight line to save my life.  I’ve tried and just can’t do it.

I do have an awesome old Kenmore sewing machine I got at an estate sale for a whopping $15.  BUT, my mum requisitioned it some time ago since she’s a busy bee making quilts. (She CAN sew in a straight line!)

I’ve seen patterns for things that I only wish I could tackle, but it’s just not meant to be.  Purse, shirts, skirts and the like.  I can’t make clothing.

AND of course… today while feeding my pinning addiction on Pinterest, I came across these beautiful shirts.

DIY shirts.  The problem being I can’t do it myself.

Sooooo….. who’s gonna make ’em for me?!?  😉

Ummmmm, yes please!  Love each of the styles…. Love all of the colors.  I want them!

THANK YOU More Design Please for making my brain spin with all the awesomeness I spied on your site.

Actually, this website has a TON of fabulous things to take a gander at… Food, Art, Decor &  DIY projects of all sorts.  Let’s just say it is bookmarked and presently occupying several tabs on my browser screen… even as I should be in bed but can’t stop the addiction of peeking at all the goodies this site has to offer!

So to all my fellow “artsy” peeps… the painters, the DIY-ers, the writers, etc.  take a peek and see what you think!  I’m thinking you won’t be disappointed!

And to the seamstresses out there…. I’ll be your guinea pig model if you wanna give these shirts a try!  Just sayin’

Smiles, CRAP & more smiles




Had a very nice day today …

The weather was BeAuTiFuL.

Got some crafty things done & started a couple little projects spurred by searching on Pinterest (Soooooooo addicting by the way!!!!). I spied several different types of button bracelets & own one as well…leading me try my own spin on them utilizing my large stash of buttons & ribbon. They didn’t really turn out quite as I would have liked but they’ll do for now.

Got some cleaning & organizing done…

Then decided on an spur of the moment sleep over with B. Shane… which is certainly bringing the biggest of smiles to my face. Love the nephew ro pieces! Really nice having some one on one time with the oldest of the little sister’s 3 boys.

I decided to hop on the laptop real quick  & check for job postings when I had my “Oh, CRAP!” moment. The laptop sounded like it turned on… but the screen was black. CRAP! It stayed black.


Completely blank screen.

Tried restarting by powering down… BLACK SCREEN.


Can not see a thing …

So, my friends I find myself without a laptop again … grrrrrr!

As I sat here clearly upset & frustrated, the nephew said with a big smile , “It’s okay, Aunt Mae. You have your phone still.”

“Yes, B. Shane. You are correct.” I replied smiling back.

The 10 year old’s point of view brought a smile to my face… even when I was (am) steaming mad & angry over the stupid laptop the boy snapped me out of it.

Does it completely suck that I’m without a laptop again?  Yes.

But, I do have most everything backed up except my recently updated resumes, cover letters & pictures. (Lesson learned by the last laptop fiasco)

The laptop will be replaced someday … not in the immediate future, but in time. Once again I am reminded just how much I rely on technology … entirely too much.

Moments like this though…Hanging out with the nephew & the smiles that came along with it can’t be replaced. 

Thanks for the smiles B. Shane!  More than made up for my,  “Oh, crap!” moments.

The boy is now sleeping as I am “painstakingly” typing this post on my android.
Looking forward to more smiles as we head off to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast in the morning; finally making use of a gift card I received as a Christmas gift last year! Then off to mom’s house to visit with my aunt & her fiance who are visiting from Michigan.

No pinning, stumbling or spotting for me for the time being! But as the nephew reminded,  I still have my phone so I won’t be left completely in the stone ages!!!

Could you survive without your laptop/computer? Who has the ability to snap you out of an “Oh, crap” moment when you need it?

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Pretty Personalized Pictures

Here are a couple that I just finished today!  These are party favors for my best friend’s daughter’s bffs.  (Got that straight?!?)   🙂  They were lots of fun to do and turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


What do ya think?

Crafty Craziness!

Last fall started what has become a regular occurrence in my life… Crafty CrAzInEsS!!!

I’ve shared pictures of some things I’ve done…. there are a TON that I haven’t shared with you.  Hopefully in the near future there will be a way for you to see all that I am working on!  But not just yet.

Why?  Quite simply because I am too busy in the midst of crafty craziness!  I have participated in FOUR craft shows already this year which means I can cross that off my list!  The celebration ended there however because sales at each of these 4 shows were less than desirable if not nonexistent.    Bummer!!!!

Father's Day gift

There are a number of reasons that the sales weren’t so hot including poorly advertised shows which lead to poorly attended shows; the economy; window shoppers, etc.  None of the Spring shows I’ve done were successful, but the one I did in late fall/early winter was phenomenally successful…leading me to think I will only do Fall and Winter shows.


Just because sales are down, doesn’t mean the craftiness is slowing down.  Not at all, actually!  Lots of requests for special orders have been coming my way… mostly from family and friends who are then spreading the word.  so THANK YOU to those wonderfully supportive people in my life!

Home is where your heart is....

This week I am working on all things Sesame Street for my nephew’s 1st birthday party which is next weekend!  You’ll find me buried among Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Grover… banners, signs and wall decorations using my Sesame Street Friends Cricut Cartridge.

Coming up right after the party festivities I have some frame orders to complete.

And THEN…. I get to work on my first wedding projects for someone other than my family!  I made all the invitations and programs for my sister’s wedding 2 years ago and haven’t done anything else for weddings besides making albums and personalized home decor.  So, I am SUPER excited that a dear friend asked me to make her wedding invitations and guest book for her upcoming wedding!  Sooooo looking forward to working on these for her!!!

So there you have it my friends… crafty craziness is in full swing!

Let me know what you think!  Any ideas for getting my pieces out there?

Would love to hear what you have to say!

In Case You Were Wondering….

Where I might be… 

I haven’t gone missing…

I’m alive and breathing; safe and sound…

A productive two days in my apartment’s where I can be found.

Crafting Tunes…

Tunes will be playing… hopefully my phone won’t be ringing.

And if you dare come a knockin’ don’t be alarmed at the sight you’ll see.  

 My hair tied in a messy knot; not a stitch of make-up to be seen; comfty craftin’ clothes are all I’ll need.

Colors, colors, everywhere…

Paper will be flying… ink will be up to my elbows… acrylic stamps will be strewn about.

Crafty must-haves

color coordinating; adhesive rolling; paper-cutter sliding…

Some finished products…

Cleaning, organizing, pricing and packing…

Frames, frames and hopefully more frames 🙂


Tying up loose ends and crossing fingers for the best…


The Craft Show is on SATURDAY…

…. and then I can rest!

I’ll still be reading and commenting, but my ranting and rambling are gonna take a break for a few… You know full well I won’t be able to stay away too long! 

Stay tuned for pictures over the next couple of days. 🙂