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One of Those Days…

  What can I say? 

You know how it is, right?  ( PLEASE tell me you do… come on, humor me!)

It was just one of those days where my head wasn’t quite in the game the way it should have been. 

My head was full of all kids of things… from all the many things that need to be done to over analyzing situations to organizing words to compiling all sorts of scenarios to sorting through all kinds of thoughts flitting around in my noggin. 

Worrying even set in a little today!  <GASP>  I know, I still have some time to be giving up my worries; Lent isn’t over yet. 

Today was one of those days that nothing came out right.  In the relation to thoughts and words that is…

Things just weren’t adding up!  From work to personal stuff to anything and everything in between.   

It was the kind of day where you’ve got sooooo much going through your head… so much you want to say or do and you just simply can’t find the words to put to it.

Before you speak, think:  Is it necessary? Is it true? Is it kind? Will it hurt anyone? Will it improve on the silence?”

 Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Some things I was reminded of today….

Insert foot into mouth, Er … Think before you speak… 

A dying art form….

We all need to do this more often...

 I know I’ve done it… If you’re honest with yourself, I’m pretty sure you’ve done it too.  Ever said anything and wished immediately you could take it back? 

Generally I don’t have a problem with this, but many, many people just don’t think before they speak!  I am amazed at times by the things that come out of some people’s mouths and their lack of a “filter.”  Some people don’t even give themselves time to process what is coming outta their mouths!  Stop a second people… give your noggin’ a second to catch up with your mouth.  What you say and how you say it matters to people. 

I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

 Robert McCloskey

Diarrhea of the mouth….   Ughhh.  If you’ve got something that you don’t want anyone else to know… DON’T tell anyone!  Unless

I did used to love this book!

 you’ve got that person’s complete and utter trust and they’ve got yours, your secrets are meant to be left just that.  SECRETS.  Don’t tell Suzie at the water cooler about you mom’s, sister’s, dog’s cat and expect your “secret” to stay put.  People infected with diarrhea of the mouth don’t know their limits… they simply can’t help themselves.  ESPECIALLY when you tell them not to say anything.  The whole world is bound to know in a matter of mere minutes if not seconds. 

The first duty of love is to listen.

 Paul Tillich


Don't just nod...

Don’t be a “nodder”, LISTEN when someone is speaking.   

I consider myself to be a really good listener… I’ve been told so by a few people.  I like to listen actually, I really, really do.  Listening pays off in the end.  Listening shows a person that you care enough to pay attention; shows people who you care and helps you to forge further communication in the future.  Don’t stare off into space and nod every once in a while. Sometimes those closest to you need you to listen and listen only… words and responses aren’t needed.  Just an ear so they can talk things out, release their worries or thoughts…  



Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart.

Use your words, choose your words…  We remind our littles of this everyday.  Reminders to use words instead of screaming and nice words instead of angry words.  Very solid advice for most of us don’t you think?  It’s best to tell others how you feel or what you’re thinking.  The key though is using words that aren’t hurtful or disrespectful.  Choose your words carefully… use your words.  Bottling up emotions or thoughts does little to no good.  If you don’t feel you can voice your thoughts, express them one way or another…

Don’t over think…  This I am guilty of through and through… Always have been, always will be.  This ties in with the “Worrier”

Don't over think

 that I am.  Just ask my friends both old and new.  I think and think and think and think until there is nothing left to think about excepting for the fact that I think too much.  From the weather to work to personal matters to friends and family to everything and anything in between.  I think about the words I want to say way before I say them; I over think the words of others and read into them way more than ever intended.  It doesn’t stop there either. I over think silences just as much as I do the words.  For me the silence can often times be worse because then I am left to my own devices leading myself through all sort of scenarios that came outta nowhere but my own concoction of ideas.  Some how, I’ve learned that over thinking can lead to more thinking about other issues and little to no progress gets made; yet I still over think.  And for the record…. don’t assume.  Just ask. 



Silence is best...

Silence is best…

  Sometimes there are no words.  For me it doesn’t happen often as many can attest to my love of talking and writing and just using words in general.  But seriously there are times when I just can’t find the words to express exactly what I’m feeling.  Or even times when nothing needs to be said.  Silence between friends or in a relationship can be totally appropriate and acceptable.  realizing such times can be difficult, but with those who know and love me best (and I them) it just seems to be understood.  Sometimes a look or a hug is all that is needed.  Tied into the listening aspect, sometimes you just need an ear to listen… the friend that knows what you need without you saying so is the best kind to have around.


It takes courage to use my words and share them.  Whether sharing my writing here with you or confiding in a friend…  I’ve gotten more confident in the sharing of my thoughts and the importance of my words.  Finding my voice was a long road travelled.  there was a time when I couldn’t always say what was on my mind let alone share it with you.  I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older it has become much easier to share my thoughts and words with those closest to me.  I’ve learned with whom my words will be safe… I’ve learned that saying what you think and feel is important, but how you say it is even more important.  For me,  WORDS hold a powerful presence in my every day life. 

FOR ME…  Using my words and chosing my words is probably one of the single most important gifts I have. 

Sometimes you have to take a chance and share a piece of yourself with someone; sometimes you have to “swallow the frog” saying things you never thought you would have to say to someone; sometimes you’ve gotta take a leap of faith and use your words; sometimes you’ve gotta know when silence is not only okay but very much-needed; sometimes you’ve gotta know when to listen and not speak. 

The toughest of all remains deciphering which is best for you in that given moment. 

Today, words were all over the place for me.  Flitting through my head, written on paper, used in conversation, spoken over the phone, in texts, written in a lengthy email; in the writing of this post.  Yet somehow as the day is near its end,  I’ve still got tons of words floating around in there…  The only difference being they are a bit more put together now than they were earlier today.

Do you ever have times where words just seem to escape you?  Have you ever shared thoughts with someone and were unsure of their thoughts on the matter?  How do you best express yourself when happy, upset or worried?

TODAY my friends was one of those days for me…


Aren’t they GREAT????

I mean who doesn’t love a hug?

Well I guess there are some people, somewhere in the world that aren’t too fond of hugs…

but this girl… LOVES hugs.

The best kind of hugs are the ones that take you by surprise or the ones from a long-lost friend or a family member you haven’t seen in a while.

Hugs for happy times and excitement…for sad times and loss…

for anytime and all the time… hugs rank pretty high on my list.

There are different kinds of hugs too. Have you ever noticed?

In my experience… these are the hugs I have experienced.

The complete wrap around, with both arms around each other in a full embrace.
The halfer hug, one arm around each other with the other hand giving a quick pat on the back.
The guy/guy hug… come on, you know how it is.
The lingering hug, with one person holding on a bit too long.
The leg hug, when a little comes up and hugs your leg because that’s all the higher they can reach.
The running hug, where you’re so excited to see someone or they you and they run up and give you the best hug ever.
The pick up hug, where one party picks ya up a little and gives ya a squeeze.
The spinner hug where one party not only picks ya up and squeezes but also spins ya around…
The falling hug…usually starts out as a running, pick-up or spinner hug and ends with one or both falling down. (Read about an example of this type of hug in All Mixed Up.

You get my point…

Hugs from the 10-year-old nephew, B-Shane are loved, though coming to the age that huggin isn’t quite as cool as it once was.

Hugs from the kiddos at work when I walk into the room are pretty awesome too. The littles have a way of makin’ ya feel as if you’re a rock star when you walk into a room… it’s a pretty cool feeling, let me tell ya.

I headed to the after-school program today after putting in a day at the center and was greeted by more hugs. Hugs from former students, high-fives and hugs from new ones too. Hugs are kinda contagious, did you know?

Dropped my car off at the shop after my visits with the kiddos and headed to my best friend Jaime’s for dinner with her family; my second family. And after not having seen them for a while, I was amazed by how much M. Daniel had grown. The little guy and I have an interesting little relationship… see this little guy likes to tease me and used to pretend that he didn’t like me telling me, “No, no Meggie Faith. You go home.” ( At least I like to think he was pretending 😉 ) This kiddo truly cracks me up… Well it was apparent to me that while he also grew in inches, he’s grown up a bit more. There were no “go homes” uttered, just pleads to play mini golf while making dinner. He even showed me his picture he made for mummy while I sat with them for a minute when Jaim ran to the store. He surprised me by giving me a hug pretty much right away as we got back to his house. He let me pick him up and hold ’em too, instead of his usual, “No, no Meggie Faith.”

A good end to a hectic, hug filled day. At least in my book.

Are you a hugger?  What kind of hugger are you???

What ifs???

Maybe it’s because I knew just how much STUFF I have to accomplish in the next two weeks…

Maybe it’s because Sunday was my only “good” day of the weekend…

Maybe it’s because my brain NEVER shuts off…

I dunno.

Last night, I lay in bed wide awake. Physically exhausted.

Double checked, even triple checked my alarm clock to make sure it was set. 

Set out my clothes for the morning, which is something I never do.  When I did in the past, by morning I never quite felt like wearing what I had set out the night before.

Made my MUST-DO list for Monday.  (Still at work now trying to catch up and cross things off by the way!)

Made sure my planner was in my new tote 🙂

All my ducks were in a row still I lay there WIDE AWAKE!  That just drives me BoNkErS! 

Laying down to sleep and all of a sudden I wanna solve all the world’s problems: mine, friends, family, co-workers, students… You name it, I’m thinking about it!

Oddly enough, while laying there almost ready to start counting sheep in hopes of catching some zzz’s Shel Silverstein’s Poem, “Whatif” popped into my head. 

Isn’t that when the Whatifs set in?  When you finally begin to rest after running around all day, when you’re winding down, when you are downright exhausted.

Turning off the whatifs, because “whatif” is just another way of saying worry… and remember my  friends, I am not to worry for about a month still!

  Have a restful sleep my friends…

Hoping tonight the Whatifs stay away from me AND you!

Working in Comfort…

Just clocked in a LONG day…

Everyone has to do it now and again, including me.

This time of year proves to be one of the busiest by far…

Progress Reports, Annual DPW Inspection, Enrollment for Summer and Fall programs, and Graduation preparations for this school year all going on in this fabulous month of March.

Early in the day I decided that I’d bring work home with me. Nothing sounded better to me than to work in the comforts of my apartment, snuggled up on the couch in my comfy clothes, listening to some tunes while proofreading the progress reports my wonderful staff worked so diligently to complete.  The perfect plan in my head excepting that I’d probably be distracted with the laundry that needs done or perhaps the crafty stuff laying all about the floor of my living room yelling out, “Finish me! Finish me!”

At some point later in the day, say around 4:00 I pondered the thought of NOT going home to work and just staying at the office late. The benefits of staying late would be that I’d just keep on keepin’ on with my day and hopefully not get home too late.  The only problems were 1. ) I was wearing dress clothes and 2.) I’d need to eat dinner.  BIG problems if you know me at all.  I LOVE my comfy clothes and am none to happy when I’m hungry.


I came to a compromise with myself… 

Here’s what I decided upon.

1.)  Called and ordered dinner for myself.

2.) Ran home to change into my comfy clothes consisting of the comfy-est pair of Pitt*** sweatpants I’ve ever owned, a black tank top, grey hoodie and my most favorite pair of grey flip-flops.

So many flip-flops to choose from, but these are my go-to, never-fail favorites!

I also decided to grab some ibuprofen to ward off a stubborn sinus headache that just won’t get off my back.

3.) Picked up my food and returned to the office.

A special treat for this girl! Nothing better than Grande's Pizza and Coca-Cola!

I’ve really truly been trying to eat healthier… but on a night like tonight I decided to treat myself with some of the BEST pizza around.  Extremely thin crust, the most AMAZING blend of cheese and just a little bit of sauce.  Throw in a bottle of coke and I am in my own little piece of heaven… I haven’t had coke in a little while.  I’ve been staying away from all things caffeinated and carbonated in an effort to stave off those pesky kidney stones that decide to bless me with their presence every so often. (Now, I sit at home chugging water in an attempt to counteract the missteps I took a few hours ago.)  It was worth it for those scrumptious moments though.

Working in comfort...

Add in to the mix my comfy clothes and the fact that I had my Slacker.com station, “Muse and the Like” playing in the background.  I was SET for an evening of working in comfort.

I would say it wa absolutely productive.  No interruptions of kids crying, or telephones ringing  or questions to be answered.  Just me, my comfort food, my comfort clothes and my comfort tunes left alone in the comfort of my office.  Best decision I made all day!

Did I get EVERYTHING done I needed to?  Nope.  I made it a good way through a couple of things off of one of my to-do lists.  I got a good chunk of the progress reports proofread.

Guess what!  Tomorrow is a brand new day!  Hoping to get a much more restful sleep tonight than I did last night.  DST messed with me more than I thought it would.  Though I shan’t complain about it too much as I much rather prefer it being daylight until 8:00. But hey, that’s just me!

What are your comfort items?  Did DST affect you in any way today?

***Disclaimer*** I don’t claim to be a Pitt Panthers fan or a Nittany Lions fan… I don’t take sides when it comes to those debates.  Not much of a college ball fan.  Could be something to do with the fact that I went to Edinboro.  Football/men’s basketball weren’t very good.  Women’s basketball and wrestling were big, but I didn’t follow ’em.  Just thought I’d clarify as I know many in my family take sides either blue/gold or blue/white.  I’ll be Switzerland 🙂


Everyone has them. 

For themselves…

for others…


Have you ever really sat back and thought about it….

I hold high expectations for myself in all areas of my life.  I generally have thought this a good thing; an asset; a bonus. 

…My Expectations…

Happiness:  overall general happiness in all areas of life.  Have to get myself in the right mindset.  Just BE happy.  No need to put stipulations on happiness or deadlines.

Perfection:  I strive to be as close to my perception of perfect in all that I do; almost to a fault as told to me by a very dear friend.  Whether it is home décor, appearance, performance or goals… the expectation for having things just right all the time only sets oneself up for failure.  I expect great things of myself and without the high expectation for near perfection I am not happy.  What is perfect any way???

The man: At one time, I thought I HAD to have a man in my life to be happy…

            Let me clarify; not just any man, THE MAN.  The one that I knew for sure I would spend the rest of my life with and have the picket fence, 3 kids, yada, yada, yada… That image, stemming from THE LIST (topic of a previous post).

We all know THE MAN has yet to make an appearance in my life.  That is a-okay, simply because I know, deep in my heart that he is out there… My expectations are simple. 

                    1. Honesty, 2. Faith, 3. Respect, 4.Love, 5. Trust…   

Anything above and beyond that borders along near perfection.  My overall happiness in life and with myself is more important than THE MAN.  The man will come along in time; all in due time. If he is the right one, happiness…

Friends: Expectations of loyalty, dependability, camaraderie…laughter, tears, silence and endless talks.  True friends are there for you through all stages of life…Even when things are strained or distance separates, at the drop of a hat all you need to do is pick up the line, knowing they are there for you.

this is tricky.  I’ve had friends come and go over the years.  Some I am sure will tell you that I did or said something or I changed; I’m not denying any of that.  My problem with this is…People change; you experience things in life that change you.  Regardless, your friends should be there for you.  THROUGH IT ALL.  Real friends do…stick with ya through the toughest of times and are still there to pick up the pieces or celebrate the successes. 

Family:  Same characteristics as friends the main difference being you don’t choose your family.  Family too can be tricky…You get 30 people together and there are bound to be differences in opinions, upbringings, feelings and emotions.   lines of communication need to be open and a willingness to listen and give respect. 

To me, family is not solely determined by blood.  I have 4 siblings thanks to marriage, divorce and remarriage.  To be quite honest I am very thankful for that. Got some majorly kick-ass sisters outta that whole deal as well as brothers.  While there may only be “half-blood” or no blood at all… I am very happy to be the middle child of our mixed up brood. The funny thing is, I find myself to be the most like my older sister and my younger brother.  I’m a good mix of the both of them and they aren’t related at all; their only common thread is me. 

Anyhow…my expectations as far as family is concerned are LOVE, Patience, and loyalty.  I don’t get to see a lot of my family very often.  The majority of my cousins are all over the freakin’ place.  Honest to God, I could plan a cross-country trip to try and visit everyone.  No matter the distance or frequency of visits, their love is known.  Even if the visit is only one day out of 365, the time is cherished and remembered.

Expectations are tricky. 

 Are they necessary evils?  At times they sure could be. Trying not to let expectations or the LIST define me, but expectations and standards are necessary.  Life is what you make of it; you open doors; make choices and take chances.


Live up to your expectations…

Live, breathe, laugh, cry, love, believe, hope. 


  Without expectations where would you be going?