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Morning friends!

First off, I hope all of you that have been affected in any way, shape, or form by the nastiness that was hurricane Irene are safe and sound…  Thought about you all throughout the last several days.  Pictures from all over the east coast have ruffled some of my feathers… Mother Nature is one strong momma!!!

Hmmmm…. let’s see… my weekend was productive but nothing earth shattering occurred.

Having a hard time even remembering what all I did!

Spent some time with the nephews; went for a run with the lovely famdango at the park & also took time out for a solo run or two… MY LEGS ARE HURTIN’!!!

Found a bunch of gift cards I forgot about … Yay!  It was like Christmas all over again. 🙂

Oh, the goodies!!!

AND, it afforded me the opportunity to meet up for dinner at Panera with my friend Diane and take B-Shane to Dunkin Donuts… For the record, I didn’t get ANYTHING at Dunkin Donuts!  Yes, I would like a pat on the back thank you very much. 😉

I also completed one of my yearly “aunt-ly” duties… covering B-Shane’s books for school.  This has been my “job” for as long as I can remember…

That's alotta books!!!

5th grade is killing me!  Poor kid’s backpack weighed more this morning than he does!!!

I worked on a crafty project for one of my girlfriends…

Bridesmaids' Boxes 🙂

They are “trinket” boxes for her bridesmaids… The one with the grey dots is just about complete and the other 8 are getting pretty close. 🙂

And that brings us to this morning… I got to start my day off right by seeing the nephews for a bit.

Seriously... could there be anything cuter?!? I. THINK. NOT.

My little love bug, J-Man.

Nothing beats seeing that sweet little baby face.  ❤ him to pieces!!!

Now some important pieces of business to share… 😉

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If you haven’t checked out Pinterest yet, I suggest you do so… I must give you fair warning though, it.is.addicting!!! But it’s given me TONS of great ideas for DIY projects, all things crafty, home, recipes… you name it, there’s a pin for it!

Well, my lovelies…. That is all I have.  A little of this and a little of that.  Hope you are all well!

How was your weekend?  Do anything exciting?  Did Irene come knocking at your door?

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I miss you too; really, I do!

Hello my loves!

I’ve missed you bunches and bunches!

THANK YOU for all the e-mails, Facebook comments/posts/messages,IMs, tweets, DMs and comments on posts….

From well wishes and such to letting me know you’re thinking about me to telling me you miss me to all the happy birthday wishes these last couple weeks, you’ve warmed my heart and brightened my days!  You are all the SWEETEST and I am so very blessed to have you in my life!

I am alive and well, I promise you.  AND I miss you too!

I’ve been incredibly busy with all sorts of things… both business and pleasure!

It’s really incredible to say this considering my current “working” situation but I seriously have still been wishing there were more hours in a day!  I’ve seriously been nonstop  for the last 4 weeks.

So here are a couple of updates for ya…

the 33rd bday: twas a nice day in and of itself spent with 3 of the 5  nephews, the niece, mom and sisters; time with the family is always a good thing.  Birthday celebrations were not limited solely to the 28th of course.  🙂  I spent the day prior with my bestest best friend and her family being crafty and enjoying a fantabulous dinner and yummy birthday brownies.  The following Saturday we had a combined birthday dinner at mom’s celebrating mine, lil sis and mom’s birthdays where we enjoyed some of our absolute favorite eats including corn on the cob, fried green tomatoes, the most spectacular breaded & baked chicken stuffed with swiss cheese, ham and crab meat AND a birthday cake from the BEST italian bakery ever, Moio’s.  Birthday festivities then concluded on Monday with happy hour at one of my FAVORITE places with one of my loves where we indulged in the most amazing spinach artichoke dip, gad-zukes, breaded shrimp and homemade potato chips washed down with a long-time favorite, Woodchuck Pear.  Mmmm-mmmm good!  Suffice it to say, I gotta get some good runs in after all those yummy eats!

Craftiness:  Things in crafty land have really been picking up!  I’ve finally had time to work on special orders that were placed a while back and have been getting a TON of requests for special orders coming in now.  I just finished up wedding invitations for a dear friend of mine which I am super excited about since this is the first time I’ve done them for someone other than family.  Stay tuned for pictures of those… I am meeting with the bride-to-be for lunch today and don’t want to ruin the surprise of her seeing them on here before she sees them tomorrow!  I am REALLY pleased with them…. and for those of you that know me and how I roll, it takes a lot for me to be happy with a finished product.   I am my own worst critic!!!  🙂

Here is a peek of some finished products I finished recently…

The teenage gals the pretty personalized pictures were done for...

I’ve also been spending time on creating a separate blog for all my crafty stuff… I’m still a long way off from being ready to share it with you.  Lots, lots, lots to be done there….. BUT, how would you like a sneak peek at the banner I made for it?!?  Only because I love you 🙂

What do you think???? Any suggestions or ideas for the blog itself?  Email me with any feedback you have!!!  Your opinion matters to me. 🙂

I also made a Facebook page for Maggie Mae’s Days,  so if you’re on Facebook, please “like” my page and pass it along to your friends and family out there while you’re at it!

the job:  As of yet, I still have not found a new job.  I am plugging away looking for postings everyday… both in my field and completely unrelated.  I’ve applied for many and am praying that the right thing comes my way…  Through the love, caring and support of friends, family and the anonymous, random act of kindness I received in the mail in addition to God’s guiding grace, I am making it through.  It’s not been easy… some days I feel a little bit defeated but on most I am looking ahead to the next endeavor that is in store for me… whatever that may be.

friends & family:  I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunities to spend some much-needed “catching up” time with my family and friends.  From a Sex and the City Movie Marathon (where I had my first Cosmo…. YUMMY!!!) at my cousins with some fabulous gals to my bestie’s daughter’s 13th birthday party to time with the nephews to free movie screening passes with my loves to lunch & dinner dates with the best friends and old friends I haven’t spent time with in ages.  I’ve had lots of girl time that was long over due and very much-needed…  Through events that have occurred in recent weeks, I was made aware again just how fragile life and the relationships intertwined within are.  I’ve learned yet again, who my truest and dearest friends are…  the ones that have always and will always be there for me in it all and through it all.

At 33 years old, I have far surpassed the need for “fair weather” friends; My time and energies are only to be spent on the truest and dearest from here on out.  Here today, gone tomorrow is not how friendships should be; no matter the situation or circumstance, the ladies I’m surrounding myself with are here, just as I am for them; some of which I may only see once every 8 years  or others I see several times a week, but know I can call them up any time of day just to talk, cry, laugh, vent or just be stupid and silly  Through the tears and the laughter I love my girls both near and far…

the man situation:  we’ll pretty much call this non-existent.  For me, right now… this is where the least of my focus is being placed.  I’ve got much bigger fish to fry than to be worrying about silly boys!  😉

I will say that an ex has continued to try to resurface, making contact yet again after things didn’t end well and MUCH time has passed… instead of ignoring this time as I did with all other previous contacts from him before, I took some time, did some thinking and did end up responding, asking him only “what gives”…. Yet, even though he reached out first and I responded, I’ve not garnered a response in kind as of yet.  Sometimes, somethings…. are better left unsaid.  Just sayin’.

music land:  I’ll  be attending concert #7 at the end of the month… INCUBUS with lil bro and one of my loves.  Music has been my steady companion over the last several weeks.  It’s keeping me company while crafting, running, cleaning and driving and any other thing in between.  I’ve been branching out and finding new digs through Jango as was suggested by a friend of mine as well as my newest addiction, Spotify.  OMG, Spotify is a taste of heaven for a music lover.   It incredible to be able to listen to entire albums for free while also discovering new artists or rediscovering past musical loves.  If you haven’t received an invite to join Spotify, seek one out… you won’t be sorry.

Here’s a snapshot of myself with Scott Blasey, the lead singer of the Clarks from a show I went to see earlier this month (show #6 for the year).

I absolutely adore this man….  he’s a sweet soul who has kept  true to his hometown roots throughout his career… I met him probably about 12 years earlier, but can’t find the picture to save my life at the moment…. If I find it though, you can bet I’ll share it with ya later. 🙂 This was a great night spent with family and friends while listening to some of my favorite tunes.  What more could I ask for?!?

Well my lovies, that is it in a nutshell…. a rather large nutshell, but you get my drift.

I’ve not forgotten about you, I promise.

I am still reading your posts, I promise.

Thanks for sticking by…

Just keeping myself extra busy these days.  It’s the best thing I can do for myself at the moment… trust me .  🙂

SOMETIMES… that’s the only thing you can do.   Do for yourself.  Be yourself.  Trust in yourself.

Apple Shopping

1st 5 songs on my HAPPY playlist

These are the current models of the iPods from...
Image via Wikipedia

Well, I am afraid to say it, but I believe the time has come to replace my iPod with a newer updated version….

The freezing of the screen, the toggle wheel not always working, having to restore it several times a week… they’ve all taken their toll. 

It’s been very well-loved for the last 5 years… many playlists added; synched and re-synched more times than I could count.

My Nike+ sensor up and fizzled out on me as well…

So I’ve been wearing my armband 

My running companion...

with the nano and carrying my phone while running so I can listen to my tunes and still record my runs.  Not completely tragic, but I must admit it’s a bit of an annoyance…especially since I’ve dropped my new phone more times in the last two weeks than I did in two years with my old phone.     I can chalk it up to klutziness, but I’d rather pass the blame on to something else. 🙂

Think it will be time to replace the ear buds as well…. mine have truly seen better days but really do work well still.   

They’ve seen better days….


So, I decided it was time to start shopping… NOW I am wondering what on Earth I was thinking! 

I thought it would be an easy task to complete, but it is proving to be a bit more difficult than I originally thought.  Who knew there were soooo many choices.  Apple sure knows how to get you interested and browsing their products.

Trying to weigh the options of each version and my brain is just a bit befuzzled with questions…

TOO MANY DECISIONS for this girl right now!

8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB….

Nano, Touch or Classic… (Shuffle is out as I want a display screen)

Refurbished or not…

Early generation versus newer…

If I get a newer model it comes equipped for Nike+ so I’d only have to get a new sensor… BUT I could get an older model and have to buy a new sensor and receiver…

UGHHH!  Decisions, decisions….

Definitely going to be relying on the help of a good friend, who happens to be an Apple “junkie”, to pick out what best suits me!

Not tonight though…   I’ll  hang onto my tried and true for another day or two until I figure out what’s what!

Suggestions on which way to go?  What are the first five songs on one of your playlists?

My first 5 on A Happy Playlist are…. 1.) Beautiful Girl by William Fitzsimmons 2.) Two Step by Dave Matthews Band 3.) Car Crash by Matt Nathanson 4.) Awake My Soul by Mumford & Sons 5.)  Say When by The Fray

My first 5 on Shuffle are…1.) Worth the Wait by Adelaine 2.) Fool in the Rain by O.A.R 3.)  Better Together by Jack Johnson 4.)  On and On by Mac Miller 5.)  Hurricane Waters by Citizen Cope

A little of this… with a side of that.

1.)  I’m happy that … It finally stopped raining today!  After WAY too much rain over the last 2+ days, the clouds finished wringing themselves out and the ground started to dry.  People were even cutting grass!  While the sun wasn’t shining, I couldn’t help but be cheered by the rain’s cease and desist for the remainder of the day.

No Rain!!!


This means… I was able to go for a jog today after not having been out since Sunday.

That means this girl’s legs were a bit stiff and sore initially.  After a little warm up though, things got a bit easier.

This lead to my running a new personal best for the mile and also making good time on 3.24 miles…

That made me a very happy girl!  (albeit with more tired and achy legs than before 🙂 )


2.)  That saying… “It’s all about people. It’s about networking and being nice to people and not burning any bridges.” ~Mike Davidson is so true!  You never know what things will come about just by talking to those you bump into.  Telling your story leads you places.

Every little bit helps!!

This leads to the possibility of another craft show this weekend if an extra table is available AND a table at a vendor show in May to benefit victims of the Tornado that swept through Hempfield, PA a couple of weeks ago.

That would be OUTSTANDING as I’ve got tons of product prepped and ready to go.

This makes my heart happy as well, because the cost for the tables goes directly to the fund for the victims… Helping those who lost so much so close to home is an awesome, awesome thing.

3.) The fact THAT  the Pittsburgh Penguins have entered the playoffs (winding up game #1 as I am typing if I had to guess) means I can get minute by minute updates without turning on the tv or radio. As a matter of fact I could tell ya they’re winning 2-0 and I’m sitting here listening to nothing but the sound of my laptop and my fingers hitting the keys. 

That doesn’t mean I have ESP or can see in a crystal ball.  NO, not at all.

This means my neighbors are back in action screaming uncontrollably, stomping, pounding and clapping incessantly throughout the duration of the game.  I can tell you almost exactly a play by play just through gauging their actions and reactions.

That drives me crazy.  Especially since I have come to learn that they’ve made a new purchase to add to their celebration festivities… AN AIR HORN… Yes, my friends an air horn is now being blow whenever they score. 

This means I’ve now moved outside to sit on my deck in 46 degrees so I don’t have to hear the raucous when the game ends. Ummmm. Make it 3-0… I’m outside and I can still hear it!!!

That annoys me a bit as it’s only game #1 and I’m sure the Penguins will be playing for a bit in the playoffs!  LET’S GO PENS!!! 

Let's Go Pens!!!









This is WednesdayTHAT makes me smile because it’s almost Friday! 

Woo Hoo!


A little of this with a side of that…


Tell me a little bit of this or that from your day! 

I Ran a 5k Today!!!

Seriously!  Doesn’t that sound AMAZING?!?!

Truth be told, I’ve done it before… just didn’t ever pay attention to the fact that 5k was equivalent to 3.1 miles and some change.

But, regardless….  Today I participated in Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k.  And let me tell ya, I’m really quite proud of myself with my accomplishment.  The powers that be at WordPress came up with the idea of  “organizing” a 5k amongst their staff and WordPress users all over the world and today was the day.  Pretty freaking cool.

Getting ready to head out!

Usually when I go out for a jog, I alternate intervals of jogging for a minute and walking for two.  Several years ago, I jogged 4 miles every day faithfully but fell off the wagon somewhere along the way. 

Recently I started getting back out there and while my times are no where near what they used to be, I was quite pleased with how well I did given how long it had been. 

Today though… I really made myself happy. 🙂 

I didn’t walk at all…

I jogged mile 1, RAN mile 2 and jogged the 3rd as the additional .4 mi to get back to my starting point. My total time being 41:29.

AND not only did I RUN the 2nd mile, it was my fastest mile ever with a time of 12:24.

Maybe it was because I was “participating” in the WordPress 5k versus just going out for a 3 mile jog.

Maybe it was because I went back to my old jogging route from those several years ago.

Maybe I was just a bit more determined today.  I don’t know, but really don’t care either because it feels really good!

I realize that to many of the more seasoned, trained runners, this may not seem too big a deal, but for me this was pretty awesome.  I’ve never considered myself to be a runner.  I always categorized myself as a jogger/walker, but NEVER a runner. I was never a distance runner or a speed runner.  I just went about my merry way.

TODAY, though it felt so incredibly awesome to be out, jogging and running along my old route. It just felt good to accomplish something such as setting a new record without even intending to do so. 

I RAN an entire mile… How freakin’ cool is that???  I felt like I was gonna die afterwards in all honesty…. 

Barely breathing and giving thanks


I sat down and found myself giving thanks up there.  For me, it’s pretty awesome my friends. Still not convinced though that I would classify myself as a runner, but a blogging buddy shared this picture with me a while ago and reminded me of the quote as I compared our 5k times today.   Thanks buddy!

Does this make me a runner then???

 So, hmmm.  Maybe I am a runner?  Eh.  I dunno.  Does it really matter?  No, I guess not so much.  BUT, TODAY, I am a runner. 

I dragged myself to my car and headed home where I replenished with TONS of water…

Thirsty and tired....

and then ate a super yummy salad!   Sweet butter lettuce, red peppers, feta stuffed olives, artichoke hearts and carrots with homemade red wine vinaigrette dressing.  Also had a little bit of humus and carrots to finish up my dinner.  Good stuff!!!!

Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Yumminess 🙂


Today was a great day.  I slept in until 11:00.  Chatted with a great friend, talked on the phone with one of the besties…

AND I ran in a 5k!  Tired of hearing me say that yet?????? 

What was something that really made you proud of yourself?   

Simply Breathtaking & Silliness

Simply beautifully breathtaking day…

While the temperatures were much cooler today than yesterday, waking up to the sun shining in my window & birds chirping was all the reassurance & affirmation I needed that Spring has arrived! Woo hoo!

Isn’t it beautiful?!?!?

beautiful sight while walking/jogging tonight... breathtaking ...

Props to everyone for making it through another long, dreary & miserable winter! 😉

I know I’m excited!!! Are you?

Time to get crafty…

Design themes on the agenda for tonight are….

1.) Family
2.) Friends

If time permits, maybe some Easter or everyday/inspirational designs. We shall see…

So, in an effort to make cleaning a bit more enjoyable, I decided to throw on some fun tunes…

COOL TV, which plays more music videos than MTV & VH1 combined, provided optimum entertainment for a period of time. Favorite play


Classical me, being silly & singing along.

After a while I wanted a change in tunes… kept the “cheesy” theme going and threw in GLEE the music volume 1.

There you have it… I’ll confess I am a GLEEK! I know I’m not alone with this silliest of guilty pleasures. ADMIT IT ALREADY, WILL YA?!!?

My neighbors must seriously LOVE me! Hey, I had a good time, alright? Gotta problem with that? Tee hee! I’m such a dork… this I know 😉

Happy Saturday my friends… I’m pretty pleased with mine so far…

Silly & simply breathtaking…

Was your Saturday silly or simply breathtaking or somewhere in between?

Finally Friday – Refreshed & Rejuvenated


Hooray for Friday!!!!

When I was teaching kindergarten, that was the simple cheer we said every Friday during Morning Meeting.  My goal was to make everyday a fun & exciting learning experience,  but Fridays were always my favorite day to be with the kiddos.

We always ended Friday with “Weekend Dance Time.” A time to wind down & celebrate all the hard work, time & energy put in to the week. I taught them how to do the Cha-Cha Slide and Hokey Pokey (among others) and we danced our silly little hearts out while reinforcing basic skills such as, distinguishing between  left & right and large motor skills. TONS OF FUN!!! Wish I could still do that! 🙂

Don’t you wanna end your week that way? 😉

Moving forward….

This week was a busy one … the next few are going to be just about the same. Paperwork, craftiness, scheduling field trips, craftiness,  and still more craftiness.

One of the highlights of my week was a special little guy that came to visit me at work yesterday…

My mom brought my soon to be 9 month old nephew (aka P-Dub from here on out) to visit me. He is the funniest & most handsome little ball of cuteness.

Spittin’ image of his dad. Definitely brightened my week a bit! 🙂

Today was an AbSoLuTeLy bEaUtIfUl day… sun was shining for the better part of the day & temps were close to 70.

The weather gave me an itch … an itch to do something I haven’t tried doing in over a year… or seriously committed to doing in over 3 years.

I left work with the mission to satisfy the craving …

I changed into my comfy clothes… laced up my Nike + shoes …

Love, LOVE, LoVe my Nike + shoes

hit the workout button on my iPod & took off.

It felt sooo good to get out there.

It had been entirely too long. About 3 years to be exact. I faithfully walked/jogged anywhere from 4-8+ miles everyday & was in the BEST shape I’d been in since high school.

For whatever reason, I stopped… too busy, too tired, didn’t feel like it. Then I got into a car accident last March & used that as my excuse (will talk abt. that a little more next week).

This evening I decided to stop making excuses & just go.

I completed 4.23 miles in 54:36…

I was PUMPED, proud & excited, as well as exhausted & outta breath.

Best time ever
Yes & No…

While the amount of time it took me was NOT my personal best, it was the absolute BEST use of my time this Friday evening. 

I walked a bit & jogged a little… walking for the majority, but none the less I jogged to. Heck, I even jogged part of the hilly route I chose AND I didn’t pass out while doing so. I’ll take it. Gotta start somewhere.

I’ll chalk it up to a great ending to a busy week.


The beginning of a refreshing & rejuvenating weekend. 

A busy weekend at that … If you don’t hear from this weekend, no worries. Just lots to get done before April 9th! 

Geez, this post ended up being ENTIRELY too long especially since I’m doing so from my phone!

Hope you all have a fantastically, awesome, wonderfully, amazing weekend!

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