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Morning friends!

First off, I hope all of you that have been affected in any way, shape, or form by the nastiness that was hurricane Irene are safe and sound…  Thought about you all throughout the last several days.  Pictures from all over the east coast have ruffled some of my feathers… Mother Nature is one strong momma!!!

Hmmmm…. let’s see… my weekend was productive but nothing earth shattering occurred.

Having a hard time even remembering what all I did!

Spent some time with the nephews; went for a run with the lovely famdango at the park & also took time out for a solo run or two… MY LEGS ARE HURTIN’!!!

Found a bunch of gift cards I forgot about … Yay!  It was like Christmas all over again. 🙂

Oh, the goodies!!!

AND, it afforded me the opportunity to meet up for dinner at Panera with my friend Diane and take B-Shane to Dunkin Donuts… For the record, I didn’t get ANYTHING at Dunkin Donuts!  Yes, I would like a pat on the back thank you very much. 😉

I also completed one of my yearly “aunt-ly” duties… covering B-Shane’s books for school.  This has been my “job” for as long as I can remember…

That's alotta books!!!

5th grade is killing me!  Poor kid’s backpack weighed more this morning than he does!!!

I worked on a crafty project for one of my girlfriends…

Bridesmaids' Boxes 🙂

They are “trinket” boxes for her bridesmaids… The one with the grey dots is just about complete and the other 8 are getting pretty close. 🙂

And that brings us to this morning… I got to start my day off right by seeing the nephews for a bit.

Seriously... could there be anything cuter?!? I. THINK. NOT.

My little love bug, J-Man.

Nothing beats seeing that sweet little baby face.  ❤ him to pieces!!!

Now some important pieces of business to share… 😉

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If you haven’t checked out Pinterest yet, I suggest you do so… I must give you fair warning though, it.is.addicting!!! But it’s given me TONS of great ideas for DIY projects, all things crafty, home, recipes… you name it, there’s a pin for it!

Well, my lovelies…. That is all I have.  A little of this and a little of that.  Hope you are all well!

How was your weekend?  Do anything exciting?  Did Irene come knocking at your door?

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Silencing the Suspense…

Now I know you’ve all been chomping at the bit since my post “STAY TUNED…”, wondering what fun things happened last week.  I am slightly afraid that I let the anticipation build up more than I should have for what I find fun and exciting news may not be held in the same regards as you my friends!

But… here goes….

1.)I finally started to feel better!!!!  After feeling down right awful from kidney stones wreaking havoc on my body for nearly 2 weeks, I passed FIVE stones!  Yep, you read that right.  FIVE STONES.  Now for those of you that have never experienced stones, let me tell ya….worst.ever. most.excruciatingly.awful.pain.  THANKFULLY, I have a high tolerance for pain because I quite simply don’t have the funds to go to the ER every time I have pains, only for them to charge me out the wazoo for a whole lotta nothing.  While dealing with them is no easy task, I am extremely thankful that I am able to pass the stones myself all in due time!!! That my friends is cause for celebration!!!

2.)I was able to relive some of my most awesomely favorite childhood memories on Wednesday night!  My lil sis, two childhood friends and two others lived it up at the NKOTBSB concert!

Me and Chookie pre-gaming at the Marriott

YA, I know…. a bit cheesy, but I’m not afraid to admit the fact that I thought it was a fantastically fun show to see!  Our reason for going was solely to see the New Kids on the Block as we did when I was in 5th and 6th grades.  They sang ALL the songs we grew up loving and then more recent songs.  It’s oddly strange  and refreshing to know that as a nearly 33-year-old gal, I can instantaneously  revert to an 11-year-old version of myself singing along and screaming for the “kids” that clearly turned into men somewhere along the way.  This show brought back sooooooooo many fun and silly memories from our days of claiming one of the fellas as our boyfriends and putting on shows for our family, friends and neighbors at our summer birthday parties.  I must say though, that it was kinda funny thinking about us actually being there for another concert…  I at almost 33 and my lil sis being 8 months preggers!  We were not alone…  mostly ladies our age and lots of other gals were preggers too.  Sis was a trooper for sure…not sure that I’d have been able to do it myself!!!  TONS OF fun and more great memories from NKOTB!


There was a moment when I thought of a blogging buddy during the concert.  Didn’t even see it coming though I should have anticipated it seeing as the New Kids are from Boston…  The concert took place the same night as the Stanley Cup Championship game.  My friend Donna, over at the Redneck Princess is a DIE HARD Canucks fan and darn proud of it!  I had even commented to her earlier that day, that I had a good feeling her fellas were gonna pull off a win that night because I WOULDN’T be watching.  Thought for sure they had it in the bag…. that was until NKOTB came out sporting their Bruins gear and said that they were winning 3-0.  Donna, I thought of you immediately and will say my heart sunk for ya!  😦


3.) I generally consider myself to be one of the most “unlucky” people ever known to walk the face of the earth.  While I am lucky to have my family, friends, a job, home, car, etc.  I am not a person who wins things EVER.  I refuse to play the lottery because I don’t even win on scratch off tickets… I have never been to a casino seeing as I can’t even win stinking tickets at Dave and Busters!  But this week my friends my luck changed a bit! And believe it or not, it involved Facebook!!!  The lovely Jonathan Michael’s Boutique was sponsoring a contest to win a  Kenny Chesney Tailgate Party Package worth $600.  This beautiful little shop is partially responsible for feeding my Vera Bradley Addiction and many of the charms on my Pandora bracelet charms… Visiting the shop is a dangerous, dangerous thing for me!  Great for the lovely ladies that work there though!!! Forgive as I digressed….

All you had to do was post on their wall what summer means to you…

Believe it or not, I kept it short and sweet ( I know you’re thinking it’s impossible, but really I did!)  Here’s the proof!

Now, my friends it was a shot in the dark.  JMB has a very loyal clientele, coming from far and wide.  ( I’m a firm believer that the owner makes a business and let me tell you, this gal is a true peach.  Customer service is #1 there!)  They’ve got a phenomenal reputation in the community, without a doubt!  I was one of many hopefuls to share their thoughts on summer via Facebook.  I crossed my fingers, but really didn’t think anything of it.

The other night I got an email notification from a co-worker saying “Yay!  Congrats Megan!”…. Huh?  What is she talking about?  SO I get on FB to see what the deal is and….. I WON THE TAILGATING PACKAGE!   Wooo hooooo!!!

Two tickets, chairs, food and music worth $600

I couldn’t believe it!  Absolutely, completely thrilled!

I then became even more excited when I realized that Zac Brown Band is going to be there also!  July 2nd is gonna be a BLAST!!!  Now I just have to figure out who’s coming with!  Any takers out there?  😉  Ha ha!


A HUGE thank you to Jane and Jonathan Michael’s Boutique for such an awesome surprise!  Can’t wait to share pictures 🙂  Monday I get to pick up my goodies and then the countdown begins to July 1st ( my first day of vacation!!!!) and July 2nd which is the concert!!!


What good things have happened to you lately?  Care to share a negative that turned into a positive?  (Kidney stones =>passing kidney stones)

Computer Medix

Well, I know you’ve all been VERY worried about my computer situation… I mean you’ve all probably been losing sleep over it haven’t you?

Ha ha… Alright, maybe you haven’t, but for a little while there I was!

I am extremely happy to report that my laptop was saved as was ALL of my data…

All my pictures,  documents, fonts and even my music were salvaged from my laptop…. Oh, Happy day!!!!!!

Actually, last Monday was the happy day that I got my laptop back along with all of  its contents…just haven’t had a chance to blog about it!

A little shop close to home was recommended to me by several people so I checked  ’em out.  They guarantee lower prices than larger competitors and upon a lengthy conversation with the fella at the shop, I felt safe leaving my baby in their hands.

Fixing my precious laptop was no easy task for these guys at all.  Although they were able to remove the virus completely, they had never seen this particular virus do as much damage as it had to my laptop.  It damaged Windows itself so a complete factory restore was needed.

Here we come to save the day!!!

All of my precious jewels were safely transferred from the hard drive to an external hard drive for safe keeping.  PHEW!!! Crisis averted!!!

While I am very happy to have my laptop back along with all the data, I still haven’t had a chance to transfer info back over or reinstall programs.  I have promised myself I won’t use it until I get new anti-virus software installed and time just hasn’t permitted as of yet.

A HUGE thank you to the fellas at Computer Medix for saving my stuff and figuring the problems out!  A big thanks to my dad for helping out with the cost of the repairs too.

I am so relieved to have everything in my possession again… You don’t realize just how much you use it until you don’t have it!

I will say I’ve learned a couple of lessons in the process…

1.) Have up to date anti-virus installed on your laptop/pc.

2.) Facebook is the harboring of more ill will than gossip and rumors… Many of these virus are embedded within Facebook by hackers and can infect your computer without even clicking on anything, just by logging in.

3.) BACK UP YOUR data!!!!!  For now I have everything on an external hard drive, but they also recommended storing it via an online server so that if something happens (fire, flood, etc.) your data will still be accessible through any internet connection not just on a piece of hardware that can be destroyed.

4.) Don’t depend on technology for everything.  Too many of us live by our smartphones and computers…. Try reading a book (an actual paper copy versus an electronic copy).  Try writing a letter to someone (remember…. pen, paper and stamps?) instead of emailing and texts.  How did we become so dependant on technology?  Remember the days when we didn’t have it?  I barely do!!!

5.)  Sometimes, you get what you pay for…. Yes my laptop was on the inexpensive side; it also cost about half as much to repair it when it is not even 2 years old.  Had a purchased a Mac, yes I would have spent a bit more at the onset, but probably wouldn’t have had the problems I encountered.

So there’s my story… My pictures, documents and MUSIC are all safe and sound.  A happily ever after in my book!


Shoes to Fill, Hats to Wear and some *BREAKING NEWS*

Hey there friends…

Just a warning a head of time this post is gonna be ALL over the place.  Here, there and everywhere in between because that’s where I’m at today! 

Stay tuned though for some breaking news ahead!!! Don’t go getting your gutchies all in a ruffle, you’ll read it soon enough!!!

Some silly things have occurred in recent days and I thought I’d share one with ya.  All I can say is… I WISH SOMEONE WAS RECORDING US!!!!  

My days at work are always generally pretty busy… That usually happens when you’re the “principal” (as the kids refer to me, although my title is Executive Director)  at a Daycare/Preschool. 

On any given day I never know whose shoes I will fill or which hat I will wear.  The best laid plan just doesn’t always work out when you’ve got oodles of kiddos ranging from 12 months old to 13 year olds in a building on any given day. 

Everyday I wear the director hat but days come along where I can get back to my roots and throw on the teacher hat… unfortunately that usually only happens when a teacher is out sick, which means that soon enough another or I will end up with the icks!

Some days I get to throw on the nurses hat… taking temperatures, wiping scrapes,  healing a cut that is invisible to the grown-up eye with a band-aid or a cold wet paper towel.   Did you know that either could heal just about any wound???  I’ve had to suck it up and deal with more than I’d ever thought I could… but one weak stomach this nurse has.  Throw-ups start and my nurse hat comes off as I  happily pass the torch.  Luckily there are amazing gals willing to take the hat and clean up yucks when this girl can’t!

Sometimes I get to fill mommy’s shoes, wiping tears or comforting with hugs. Snuggling and soothing a weepy wittle one.

 There are days when I play confidante to parents in our families, providing support or a listening ear.

 I play good cop, bad cop and referee sorting out all kinds of things from knocked down blocks to potty words to he touched my tambourine.

Repositioning pony tails or fastening barrettes, a beautician I must be too!!!

An operator. A secretary.  A xerox representative un-jamming a jammed up copier.

You’ll see me slithering, hopping, stomping and clapping while singing many silly songs along with silly faces just to see a great big smile on all the little faces!!!

A clownMe as a clown on any given day but always Halloween,


Mrs. Potato head        this year I even was Mrs. Potato head too, can’t believe I’m letting this be seen! 

I can do the best potty dance in town you know…then again it’s better you didn’t!

Yesterday though I got the chance to take on a role that I never have before with one exception involving a little mouse.  I had to put on my “big girl” pants (after much coaxing) as one of the teachers noticed a little bunny “resting” in the parking lot. 

Yep… someone hit a bunny in our parking lot.  Poor little Thumper left alone… Worried that he was still alive a  teacher braver than I went out to investigate.  She did in fact determine that the poor little fluffy tailed critter was at least not suffering.  So now we had to figure out what to do… the poor little bugger was in plain sight of all the tiny little kiddo’s eyes. The teacher braver than I, myself and teacher #2 banded together to try to collect the little thing, while another teacher kept the kiddos inside busy and away from the window.

Now, I must tell you that I had a pet bunny for much of my childhood having gotten Kokimo in 5th grade and had her for 11 years so the thought of a poor little bunny laying in the parking lot was already bringing tears to my eyes.  And remember above when I was wearing the nurse hat? That’s right, this girl has one WEAK stomach…

The brave teacher tells me to suck it up as she is the mother hen of the 3 of us and that’s what mother hens do. Teacher #2 and I are holding a large bag while brave teacher tries to gently help bunny to its new “home”.  Without going into further graphic detail, all 3 three of us end up screaming like tiny little girls when ALL of said bunny doesn’t make it into the large bag teacher #2 and I were holding while the winding is a blowin’… I’m laughing at all of our reactions while crying because I am sad for the bunny to gaggin at the sight and thought of what we were having to do which then in turn created more hysterical laughter.  Now I’m standing there holding this bag, praying I don’t end up with bunny bits all over me, closing my eyes, laughing hysterically, crossing my legs so I don’t pee myself, while bawling and gagging all the while brave teacher is getting frustrated while also participating in the screaming and laughing and tells me to suck it up.    After the 3rd try (and lots of gross details in between) our poor little Thumper bunny was safely contained…  and I sucked it up and put the little fur ball “to rest”  laughing, crying and gagging the whole way.

So I don’t know what type of hat you’d call that or whose shoes we had to fill. 

On any given day, I truly never know just what duty will be required or what my daily role will entail. What I do know for sure is there is never, ever a dull moment… happys, sads and all that’s in-between are just good enough for me. Smiles on the littles faces and arms outstretched for me make my days all the more brighter no matter what or who I need to be. 

 And now we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for some ***BREAKING NEWS***  …

In recent weeks I have decided to “limit” my Facebook time for several reasons… it’s a blackhole of a time waster… I’d rather be writing…I’m working on crafty things… and most importantly all the complaints of others were getting me down, which in turn would lead me to complain.  NOT WHY I JOINED FACEBOOK! 

Here’s Sally Sassalot with the story on location at the corner of Suck It Up and Move On with more details…

BREAKING NEWS: The Pity Train has just derailed at the intersection of Suck It Up & Move On, and crashed into We All Have Problems, before coming to a complete stop at Get the Heck Over It. Any complaints about how we operate, can be forwarded to 1-800-waa-aaah with Dr. Sniffle Reporting LIVE from Quitchur Bitchin’. If you like this, spread the word. If you don’t…suck it up cupcake! Life doesn’t revolve around you!

 There you have it my friends… I don’t mean to offend anyone with any portion of this post as I’ve been onboard the pity train from time to time myself.  You have a choice to make… there are ALWAYS choices in life. If the choice you make can’t effect the outcome or change your course, give it to Someone that has the power to change things. Be the change.  Be thankful for what you have and who you have in your life.   

THANK you to whomever first posted this tidbit of breaking news on Facebook and to Mandy for sharing it with me.  It truly did brighten may day… Is that weird?  Perspective people, it’s all about perspective!  Did I wanna deal with a poor wittle fur ball in the parking lot yesterday?  NOPE.  Sometimes you just hafta SUCK IT UP and put on the hat for the duty that calls and step into someone elses shoes just to get yourself through the day.

I couldn’t be happier about the shoes I have to fill and the hats I have to wear on a daily basis.  From teacher to mom to nurse to clown, each hat is making me a better person. Each pair of shoes I fill, each challenge I’m presented with, is an opportunity for me to either sink or swim, deal or complain. Sucking it up…

That’s all she wrote folks…

Back to your regularly scheduled programming…

***Check out Captain Obvious’s post about Facebook if you get a chance.

***I am truly convinced that if someone were to have videotaped us dealing with the bunny, I would be $10,000 richer from having won America’s Funniest Home Videos. 


What are some different shoes you’ve had to fill or hats you’ve had to wear?  Have you ever had to suck it up and do something you really didn’t want to do?