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Thoughts for a rainy day

Waking up on the first of many rain filled spring mornings it’s a little refreshing.

Sure, I’d rather the sun be shining but how else will the flowers grow & the grass stay green?

It can be all too easy to moan and groan on days like today. But instead of doing so I encourage you to make your own sunshine.

It’s quite simple to do actually.

Think on the sunny side.


Dance in the rain. Jump in a puddle. Fall asleep to the sound of it coming down.

No matter the day, the reason or season there is always something to celebrate. New life, a new day, a start of something new.


Don’t let yourself get caught up in the dreary, weary weather. Remind yourself that life IS in fact what you make of it. There are many things we complain about that we can control… So do me a favor & do something about it.

If you’re not happy with a situation, ask yourself what can be done about it. Make an effort to make that change. Some are easy, others not so much and others still we have no control over. But in any situation you have the CHOICE to decide how you’ll react & handle things.

Make the choice to focus on the positives. Take the chance to make a change otherwise you’ll be stuck. Look on the sunny side because there is ALWAYS one there… Even if you have to dig deep…



In need of a bubble… pronto.

I’ve decided it’s an absolute necessity that I investigate the possibility of acquiring a bubble. I seriously need to do some research.

Between unruly kidneys, pains, headaches… and my own 2 left feet; a protective bubble sounds all the more inviting.

I brought in the new year with a bang… kidney stones the size of boulders. Uretoroscopy, lithotripsy, a stent. A literal pain in the $#%&. ( well more like pain in the back and hoo hoo 😉  )  Since then I’ve had to do a couple of collections.   Continue reading

Time warp

I really can’t explain it…

I don’t have a clue where all the time has gone.

It’s August. 

I think it was still spring the last time I posted….


I need to write. To catch you up. To empty my thoughts.  To straighten some things out.

Somehow all my time has been sucked up. So has my energy.  And some days I think my sanity. 😉

That there is reason enough for my need to write.

So I will… just not right now.

Soon though, I promise.

For now, it’s time to let the storms take me to dreamland. 

Sweet dreams my friends.

As always,


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Turning Shades of Green

Green is absolutely one of my most favorite colors closely followed by blue…. pretty much always has been…

Actually I should clarify.  I’ve always loved SHADES of blue and green.


The pretty earthy greens that have a tinge of brown to them and the lime-ish,  sage-y greens that aren’t too pale or too robust… and the blues that I love are more of a blueish, teal-ish, aqua-ish nature to be exact.

My blue and green crackle glass

I’m not a huge fan of Christmas green or shamrock green… they’re a bit too bold for my liking.  And forest green is much too dark for my taste.

Royal blue doesn’t float my boat.  Neither does baby blue, unless of course it is paired with a dark brown.  I actually really like navy blue when it’s paired with my favorite shades of green-ish, blueish, teal-ish colors.

My favorite place mats and table-cloth... Though they are never both on my table at the same time. 🙂

Some say that there is a correlation between colors and your personality, but through what I have found online and seemingly unreliable online color test quizzes I would beg to differ… One quiz I took said my personality color was bright purple (ummmm, no…); another said red… which I do love, but can’t say that it’s my favorite…

Many times blues and greens can be associated with less than positive emotions such as envy, depression, sickness… For me  though, they are happy colors… colors that remind me of the coming of spring and the warm days of summer…

My summer quilt

So you can imagine how much I’m dreaming of blues and greens these days with the FREEZING temperatures that keep rocking back and forth between unseasonably warm days for January.


A couple of weeks ago though, I had a pretty bad run in with the color green.

Remember when I was home for nearly two weeks because of the dreaded kidney stones and surgery and what not?!

Ya, well… for those of you that know me well, I can’t be left to sit in my apartment for nearly two weeks without setting foot outside without going stir crazy… So, I decided to dye my hair.  My very highlighted, overly blonde hair… with a box dye.

I was nervous about doing so, but thought I’d give it a shot in an effort to save a few bucks since I had been off work for some time.  Good idea right????

So, I did some research… answering a series of questions on a well-known beauty products website.  The premise was they ask questions, you answer and they would then recommend which specific color choice from their line  would be the best match based on my natural color, degree of previously color-treated hair (all the shades of blonde taking over my  head) and the overall health of my hair.  Easy enough, right???

Went to the store (Illegally I might add… I technically wasn’t supposed to leave the house, but I was feeling quite a bit rebellious, I suppose. That and I did already have an appointment to get my hair cut later in the day. 😉  ) and picked the shade recommended.  After which I came directly home to proceed with application… mix, apply, set timer, rinse, dry…..

Hmmmmm….  maybe the lighting was off in my bathroom???

Hmmmmm….. maybe my eyes were a little wonky????

It seemed as though I saw a tinge of green… so, I looked in another mirror.

Shit, it looked worse.  GREAT.

Overall though, I decided it wasn’t THAT bad.

Until I walked into the hair salon for my hair cut.  Damn that lighting is awful.  My hair was CLEARLY shades of green.


Yes, I love green… I love shades of green… but shades of green inadvertently rooting themselves on my head?!  Ya, no.thank.you.

BUT, I decided I was just gonna have to deal with it… until the stylist comes over to start cutting… runs her fingers through and started giving me the lecture…

Ya, I messed up.  I NEVER should have attempted to color over the blondeness that once occupied the top of my head.  I CLEARLY should have left it up to the professionals… Trying to save a buck or two ended up costing me more in the end… Because, guess what?

Not only did I get a hair cut… I had my hair dyed… and I’m not longer blonde.  Not even close.  Not even by a smidge.

  I am now a brunette/redhead….

And, I really think I like it!  It’s a nice change for the winter… It’s completely different that it’s been in years…

It’s kinda like a fresh start to the new year…

Thinking I’ll keep it for a while.

One thing I know for sure… while I love the color green, I can in fact say that I’d prefer not to see those shades of green ever again.  🙂

Lesson Learned…

Happy Friday Friends!!!

Getting Back In the Swing Of Things

Home from work, comfy clothes on, dinner already in my tummy, cozy on the couch settling in to watch Grey’s Anatomy.

Happily taking only one pill tonight instead of 4 different pills daily, multiple times a day, as I had been doing for almost 2 weeks straight.

I went to the doctor’s office Tuesday and was overjoyed by the removal of the ridiculously awful stent…

I am very happy to announce that all is right in the world of my left kidney again now that sucker is outta there. You can rest easy my friends, I no longer wanna scream or cry when I pee. 🙂 I know, a heavy weight has been lifted off your shoulders now that you’ve gotten an update on my bathrooming habits.  I promise to keep my mentioning of it here in the immediate future. 🙂

With the beast removed, I was FINALLY able to go back to work after having missed more days than I wanted. I would be lying if I told you I was looking forward to going back. Having only been in this new position on my own for a week and a half prior to the stones rocking my world I was already behind… then after missing a week and a half… holy loads of work to be piled up just waiting for me.

The only consolation being that if I was able to return to work that would then mean I’d be feeling better. I was beyond ready to start feeling better.

So after the appointment, several self-motivating pep talks, good luck wishes from family & friends and some “bring me to my happy place” music, I headed on over to jump back in to work.

I wasn’t even halfway through the door when I got slammed…

… with big smiles and welcome backs… how are yous and hugs…

Before I was even able to drop off my purse, bag & coat at my desk, I was stopped & sidetracked over and over…

…not by issues or problems but by co-workers offering help, touching base on progress & inquiries of my well-being.

I was backed up and taken care of and helped and supported the whole time I was out… and that help has continued well into this week as I’m getting back into the swing of things.

It’s not been an easy week by any means … there have been hiccups along the way but my days were made all that much easier by the pitching in and support I’ve received from my co-workers.

After having only worked here for several months, I couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome than I was upon my return. I was made to feel like I belonged there even though my background doesn’t necessarily say that I do.

You know that saying “Everything happens for a reason” that I heard more times than I ever wanted to in the month after I lost my job? The one that made me want to punch something every time I heard it, even if I was the one repeating it to myself.


But I know deep down it is the truth… everything does happen for a reason. I am being challenged on a daily basis, learning scrupulous amounts of information and basically starting over… not many people get that opportunity. Plus, I now have pretty awesome insurance … something I didn’t have in the past. Everything happens for a reason… even if it’s not immediately apparent.  Even if you have to go through a bunch of nonsensical crap you can’t even make heads or tails of.  EVERYTHING does happen for a reason.

So there you have it… one more day left in this work week remains. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a long one and that’s just fine by me.

Health-wise I’ve got a few more bridges to cross… but for now, the immediate is remedied.

Thanks for your get-well wishes… you’ve helped me along the way…

Getting back to normal a little at a time…

I think it’s safe to say I’m working on getting back into the swing of things… Pretty darn happy to be doing so if I don’t say so myself.

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