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A Whole Lotta Fun! …with The Avett Brothers

I’ve been slacking!!!

Last night I attended my 6th concert of the year and realized I have only updated you on TWO of them so far!  Shame, shame on me!

So be expecting a couple of updates this week… hopefully!  🙂

Concert #3 was the Avett Brothers…

Poster I picked up at the show... but lil bro has been keeping it hostage! 😉

Talk about a F.U.N. live show!!!

Lil bro and I went to see them way back in MAY at Stage AE and had a blast!  It was our first time seeing them and believe me when I say they did NOT disappoint at all.  Honestly they blew me away with their high-energy performance.

We were also blown away by how many people were at the show… we didn’t really think there’d be many there at all; didn’t think they had that big of a following.  WRONG… boy, were we wrong.  As we got closer to the venue to park we saw a line stretched around the block and then some with people waiting to get inside.

It was hot and the line was INCREDIBLY long…BUT we befriended a nice couple behind us and chatted the time away talking about shows we’ve seen in the past, made artist comparisons and just plain old chatted about music.

AND lil bro even snagged a treat off the ice cream truck!

Mmmmm. Choco Tacos....

I’d also like to add that this was our first time at Stage AE so we had no clue what to expect….

I was very pleased with what we saw….

1.  It is an indoor/outdoor venue.  Some shows are inside while others are outside.  How cool is that?!?

2.  The location is awesome.  Right in the heart of Pittsburgh’s North Shore, just across from Heinz Field, the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

3.  The outside set-up is a small-scale version of  Starlake Amphitheater ( well, I guess it is officially known as First Niagra Pavilion, but will forever remain the Coca-Cola Star Lake Amphitheater as far as I am concerned) but even better.  This was a SOLD OUT show and there were no lines for the restrooms; the food and drink lines were fast-moving and there was ample room on the lawn for concert goers to kickback, relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the stage.

I will most definitely be heading back there for future shows (heck, I’ll be there in August for Incubus!!!  Super stoked for that one too!)

Forgive as I digressed…

This show was phenomenal from beginning to end.  The set list was incredibly  fun and full of energy, charisma and plain old, good music.

If I had to put a “LABEL” on their sound I’d say it was funky folk infused with bluegrass, punk, and a lil bit of rock n’ roll.  They are so.much.fun. and have so.much.energy!!!  Their tunes are catchy…  the lyrics are true and real…  their heart and souls are left on the stage.  

You simply could not help but sing along and groove to the tunes as they JAMMED out…  




I would absolutely jump at the chance to see them play again… they were that good.  I actually prefer their live performances over their studio recordings!

So, if you haven’t checked them out, give ’em a shot… they’re a taste of something different in all that is mainstream and  what is considered to be “popular” music.  They leave ya feeling good and happy…. there can’t be too much wrong with that can there?!