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Please vote! Now! Do it!

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Vote for Jason Myles Goss in the NewSong Music Contest Northeast Regional Round!

He’s phenomenal… he’s humble… he’s down to earth… he’s just awesome.

I actually wrote a post about him last year after seeing him in the spring at Club Cafe.  If you missed it the first time around, you can give it a read now:  Jason Myles Goss 2011

And I’ll be writing another post about his recent return visit to the Burgh soon!

PLEASE click the link above to vote for his song Black Lights!  His video is the 5th down.  Do it… NOW!  Seriously, you should not even be on here anymore… you should already be pressing the VOTE FOR JASON button!  Here’s the link again…. http://www.newsong-music.com/regional-round-voting-2012/northeast-region/#jasonmylesgoss

I appreciate it.  He’ll definitely appreciate it!

In the mean time… AFTER you vote for his video, you can stroll on over to Facebook and give him a   follow…  then run on over to his website and subscribe to his newsletter… after which you should fly on over to Twitter and follow him there too at @JasonMylesGoss!  Lastly you can pop in to iTunes and give his new album, Radio Dial, a listen.

Thanks a bunch friends!!!! You rock!

Some tunes for your listening pleasure!

Laters loves!

Jason Myles Goss

I love going to see up and coming artists! Whether a friend suggests them or I’ve heard one or two songs via some media outlet, checking out fresh, new artists is so much fun!

A good ways back a friend posted a video on Facebook entitled “Twilight Serenade.”  Of course I clicked it and gave it a listen…

Your turn… Give it a try!

liked it a good bit too!

So I checked out this Jason Myles Goss fella a bit more and listened to a couple more songs. Couldn’t quite pin point what it was that I liked about his music.  Each song was different in sound and message.  Some have quirky lyrics while others are heartfelt.

Somewhere along the way I heard he was coming to Pittsburgh and decided I wanted to go check him out.  Luckily I have some people close to me that enjoy checking out live music too!  My cousin Suzanne, her husband Adam, myself and a fella I was seeing at the time (not even gonna bother giving details on that! 😉 ) went out to Club Cafe to see him in January.

I absolutely LOVE Club Cafe!  It’s a quaint little venue tucked away on a side street in Pittsburgh’s South Side.  The perfect venue for smaller, lesser known or up and coming artists who are trying to grow their following.  It kinda reminds me a little bit of a cocktail lounge without the “Uppity” vibe.  Pretty chill locale and a favorite hangout in my early 20’s.  I would have to say my absolute most favorite show ever at Club Cafe was an acoustic performance by the Buzz Poets.  It was a totally different vibe from their otherwise normal high-energy, kick-a*@ shows…VERY cool to see a softer side to those crazy fellas!

Anyways….forgive me as I digressed.  Club Cafe really was the PERFECT set-up for JMG.  It was quiet, intimate and honestly a pretty sparsely populated; all of which allowed for a fun evening filled with humorous banter and stories about his songs.  What’s also nice is that you can usually get a chance to chat with the performers after the show’s over since it is such a small venue.  This evening was no exception.  Quite a nice, soft-spoken young fella Jason seemed to be.  Gracious and modest when complimented and appreciative of your presence at his show.  Looking forward to getting to see him again when he returns to Club Cafe in September.  Are you ready Sue????  🙂

Check out some of his other tunes on iTunes or youtube when you get a chance!  Help the fella out and “like” him on Facebook too while you’re at it!