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…pUzZlE pIeCeS…

The puzzle…

A mystery that never ceases to amaze and astound.  One ponders the possibilities filled with  loops, swoops and pulls in directions unknown and ever-changing.

Finding all the pieces…

Try as I might, attempting to pinpoint all the pieces in the puzzle of life is exhausting.  Bits ‘n pieces are hiding all throughout.  Some plainly in vision, while others remain tucked deep away where eyes have not seen and ears have not heard. Whether it’s the smallest of your hearts desires or the grandest of life’s adventures each serves a purpose, helping to get you to where you are destined to be in life.

The kicker of the whole thing is that where you think you should be or where you want to be may not necessarily be in your life’s plan.  While you have wants, desires and needs and can control some things in life, the greater scheme of things is not in your control.  How you handle and react to all that is thrown your way is something you have control over.  Remembering that is a challenge for me.

Sometimes I find myself questioning things and wondering what makes people act and react the way they do.  It can be quite perplexing at times…

“Why do bad things happen to good people?”

“Why is it so easy for people to be dishonest?”

“Why would a person be brought into my life only to be taken away for one reason or another?”

“How can a person say meaningful things to you one minute, then act like you don’t exist the next?”

Have I come up with answers to any of these questions?  No, not even close actually. Guess I’ll be left to wonder.

Another aspect is deciphering where you want to be in life versus where you should be.  Deciding which road to take and contemplating paths you’ve already taken.  I know for a fact that one decision I made 9 years ago COMPLETELY and TOTALLY changed the path of my life.  Was it a path for the better?  Honestly, if I could make that choice again, I would ave chosen differently… no doubt about it at all. But the long and short of it is that some good things did happen since I made that choice 9 years ago, some of which probably wouldn’t have happened had I not made that decision.  Unfortunately though, I’m left with a much more negative taste in my mouth regarding taking that path and what subsequently followed over the course of these 9 years.

I’m at a point in my life where trying to find the pieces and putting them together is quite difficult.  Which pieces are the right ones to focus on?  Which path should I chose?  Things that were once promising  are now questionable…leading me to think of different possibilities and options for the future.

All I know right now, it that I am puzzled by the puzzle.  I’m not going to quit trying to figure what’s what and where each piece goes… I just need not to let it consume me. Each piece will fall into place on its own at the guidance out of my control.  It’s in Someone else’s hands.

…Common Ground… PART 1

There is nothing better than discovering you have common ground with someone… especially cool feeling when newly discovered common ground is established between long time friends or family or even people you have just met.

In my chosen field of employment one of the things we teach the kiddos is the “Golden Rule“… treat others the way you want to be treated. Simple, true words to believe in and live by yet a seemingly a fading trend in today’s society. At times I am astonished at the sight and sound of actions and words exchanged between individuals.  Leading by example is huge in my profession and as difficult as it can be at times, you just gotta suck it up and deal. In general, you’re going to come across people in life that you don’t see eye to eye with… the most difficult thing to do some times is to concede your thoughts and beliefs for the sake of all individuals involved.  It’s just not always about you.  Other people have feelings to…gotta take that into account in all that you and say.

But when you find people that get you and your point; what you think and believe; how you feel and what you think and better yet, they get what MAKES you feel and think that way,  the whole treating others as you want to be treated can be much easier.

believe it or not…they are out there…at times though hard to come by.  I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded with several such people in my life. Friends, family and a certain fella I’ve recently come to know…Yep, they just get me.  From finishing sentences, to reading facial expressions, to knowing that a phone call is appreciated or an “I miss you” is needed and appreciated… They’ve got it down and I’d like to think they would say the same about me.  It’s hard to explain.  Seriously, ridiculously hard to explain.  Am I going to question it?  Nope.  Am I going to go with it?  Yep. 

The break down…


I’ve got three of those things you’d call a best friend and I thank my freakin’ lucky stars for each of them.  These three ladies are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO extremely different, yet each know ALL the ins and outs of me. They can look at me in a split second and know that I need to talk, cry, or laugh.  They could tell by the tone of my voice or the look in my eyes that somethin’ just ain’t right or that I’m so flippin’ excited that I can barely contain myself without ever having to mutter a word.   one in highschool, the other in college and the other upon moving home from Maryland.  With each there have been periods without contact but each has been a constant in this crazy roller coaster of a ride I’ve experienced for the last 32 years.  We have a mutual respect for each other.  We see eye to eye on many a things, but even if we don’t, we respect each other.  Friends like these don’t judge.  They take your for what you are…faults and all.  They understand that life and all it’s experiences can change you in ways that just cannot be explained.  We listen to each other.  We comfort each other.  We get tough with each other when the need arises.  The part that I am amazingly blessed by experiencing is knowing that no matter what… I am “surrounded” by three of the most amazing women a girl could ask for.  Amazingly beautiful, strong, dependable, and determined women.  Three women who have my uttermost respect for staying true to themselves as well as me throughout some of the absolute TOUGHEST experiences I have been through, knowing that I would do the same in a heart beat. Always there.  Day or night, as cliché as that sounds…it is the truth.   In one way or another common ground was established long ago with each of these ladies.  Common ground being, respect, understanding, dependability, loyalty, and love.  Seriously, one would think these qualities would be common sense when labeling people as “friends,” but common ground can be difficult to find…Surround yourself with good people; great friends…True friends.

              As I’ve gotten older….

Some friendships come and go.  People change. Sometimes friendships end because of changes.  Life is life.  You can’t hold regret for things that happened in the past.  I am thankful for the many I have considered as friends in the past but have lost touch with.  Time, circumstances and situations change…people change. There are some friendships that just can’t hang in there…not for lack of trying, but just out of the sheer fact that people change.  Sometimes for the better, sometimes not.  A friendship is similar to a relationship…it takes work.  Not the kind that exhausts you and leaves you high and dry, burned in the end.  Working at a friendship should be easy; especially if common ground has been established.  But even still life has a way of throwing curve balls…not everything ends happily.  It is what it is…I am ok with that. It doesn’t diminish the importance of any of those friendships.  Each of you have played a significant role in helping me get to this point in my life…so THANKS.

Part 2 soon to follow… FAMILY


This post has been a work in progress for several months now…Adding, deleting and modifying its content has been interesting and eye opening.  Curious to hear what you think…

I am who I am and proud of it.  As I have stated before, something that is plainly obvious; I am a work in progress.  I have not changed who I am, because again, I will not allow a list to dictate my success in life or my happiness.  I just hope to change the way I go about my life.  Sharing of myself and giving to others, respecting and honoring myself and those closest to me do remain priorities as always.  The difference being a more efficient utilization of my time and efforts.  Spending time and effort on the people and things that matter… the RIGHT PEOPLE, as I was reminded today…is what it’s all about.

Finding and Defining happiness…

  1. Do what makes me happy.
  2. Live each day in a way that will make me proud; therefore, making me happy.
  3. Make decisions that I can live with in the day-to-day.
  4. Take nothing for granted.  Period.
  5. Have faith in myself and others
  6. Trust myself and my judgement…
  7. Forget regrets.
  8. Live and be me….

So that’s my MASTER list… No time line; no qualifiers or quantifiers determining my overall success in happiness in life.

I decided to break it down into a more attainable and achievable set of goals. … See below for an explanation and the New and REvised list…


In an earlier post I detailed THE LIST; A list of goals I had established for myself when I was much younger that I aspired to achieve by the age of 28.  I resolved that while the list was not completed, I would not let a set of guidelines with a deadline attached define my happiness or overall success.  After reading a fellow blogger’s post (Thanks Nicole!) about her list and recent conversations with long-time counterparts, I have decided to reconstruct mine and start completely over…no deadlines…no pressure…. Just a simple list of things I hope to achieve at any given time.  The items on this new and revised version of THE LIST aren’t numbered, and aren’t  in any specific order of importance or priority.  They vary in their significance from tiny little tidbits that make me or someone else happy to the more lofty ideas that may have made an appearance on my original list…. This list is a compilation of many I’ve had in the last 32 years.  As items are crossed off, new additions to the list will be made. The list is LENGTHY and will continue to grow even as items are crossed off.  ***NOTE:  There will be a PAGE dedicated to the “LIST.”  It can be found at the top of Maggie Mae’s Days Home Page.  Stop back and check on my progress***


Try at least one new recipe a month

Keep a house plant ALIVE for a whole year

Fly in an airplane

Visit Washington state

See Phish in concert

Get my first and only tattoo

Children’s book published

Learn photography

See sunrise and sunset at the beach

See 3 shows in New York City

Go on an “alphabet” walk and take pictures of each letter found until you’ve found all 26

Learn how to tie a neck tie

See Coldplay in concert

Take a random, unplanned road trip

Take a walk in the rain

Visit the Grand Canyon

Be silly more often

Take a bus to a small town just to spend a few hours exploring

Put all my pictures in photo albums

Laugh daily

Share my thoughts and words more freely

Go to the drive-ins

Go target shooting

Send a card to someone for no reason

Print all the digital pictures I’ve uploaded

Watch a scary movie

Visit all the museums in the Pittsburgh area

Buy ice cream from an ice cream truck

Get a massage

Pay the toll booth for someone behind me

Host get-togethers more frequently

Surprise someone for no reason at all

Wake up in the morning… take a picnic lunch… get in the car and see where the day takes me

Learn something new once a month for a year

Refinish grandma’s sewing desk

Be a better daughter, sister, aunt, friend, boss

Redecorate parts of my place

Make a difference in at least one person’s life

Get healthy and stay healthy

Travel to Italy and Germany

Find love; be loved.

Blog more often (at least once a week)

Try Thai Food

Go back to visit Edinboro

Make cards to donate to nursing homes

Refinish bedroom set

Tell those who matter “I love you” more often

Show those who matter I love them more often

Do at least 3 craft shows in a year

Write a song

Learn to play piano

Slow dance under the stars

Take a pottery class

Design a greeting card for Hallmark

Get published in a paper crafting magazine

Talk less, listen more

Go to Vegas

Make a stranger smile

Take a cooking class

Go to at least 10 concerts in a year (It’s been done in the past… but quite some time ago now)

Crank up the music and dance a fool at home

Make a “20 Things I Like About You List” for a friend or family member and give it to them

Jump in rain puddles

Make a list of 100 random things about myself and share on my blog

 That’s it… I’m pretty happy with it and am going to make a conscious effort to work at it when  I can… I have as long as I need/want…

Take this challenge… What are your ultimate goals?



As the days continuously converge into nights rolling on into mornings, it is so easy to become consumed.  Consumed with the frantic dealings of your day-to-day; consumed and entrenched in the toils and strife of all that encompasses you during your time here on our dynamic, diverging Earth. Eventually you happen upon a juncture in your respective life journeys, urging you to relinquish your control; purge the proverbial pressures weighing on your mind, body and soul. Simply stated… ENOUGH.

Up for interpretation…

The word enough, runs rampantly;  exhausted in varying contexts in my world; throughout MY day-to-day.  fulfilling numerous Continue reading

…Goals…past and present

About 10 years ago, naive and young girl that I was, I created a list.  THE LIST.  Now I am sure most of us have created many a lists throughout our days.  But the list I am talking about is T.H.E. L.I.S.T.  The one where you lay out your life plan, crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s.  Spelling out all your grand plans in life.  The goals you wish to attain; the landmark occasions you have planned out for yourself; all your hopes and dreams spelled out right in front of you; at the ripe old age of 22 I decided I should have ALL the items on my list completed by the age of 28.  Continue reading

The LoNg and ShOrT of it….

Some days the list just goes on and on… 

Busy as can be from early in the morning, throughout the day and running straight into the evening hours until it is way past a reasonable bedtime and I am beyond exhaustion.  Catching up with this and that; getting ahead here and there; just getting by with the day-to-day.  Finally able to lay my head down for a “restful” sleep when the bits and pieces from the day’s events return for evaluation; memories and moments of yesterday melt into the past and present;  fluttering their way to the surface for speculation and moderation amidst the sleepy thoughts; enchanting the inner wirings which in return prevents the lull of a pleasant dream and restful sleep from taking hold of me.   Longing to drift away into the sleepy haze without the looming of all of life’s going ons overhead.  Why can’t we just turn the inner wirings off when we so choose??? Continue reading