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What Would You Say?

If I told you the sky wasn’t blue and the grass wasn’t green? Would you believe such trivial things?

What would you say if true love never grew and the truth can’t be seen?

If I proposed your dreams are no more? Would you live your life the way it is, Just such?

And would you believe our paths never to touch?

What would you say? What would you do?

If faced with desires that just won’t come through?

Would you hold tight to the reigns? Put up a fight?

Let go of the chains, keeping your goals in sight?

Stand tall, take pride.

Taking each step in stride.

What would I say as you learn your life’s part?

Shut out the noise.


Follow only your heart.

As always,


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Absolutely AMAZING time tonight at the Avett Brothers show… They are truly THE MOST FUN show to go see.


And to me, Summer has now officially started.  Bring on the good times… good tunes and good people.

Nighty night my friends!

More weekends like this

It has been an absolutely, amazingly BEAUTIFUL weekend here! Sunny and hot with no humidity.

It has been an absolutely, unbelievably busy weekend. Flowers planted and car washed, sparkling clean.

It has been an absolutely, incredibly fun weekend that I have been looking forward to for months. Relay for Life bowling fundraiser, followed by good tunes in the sun with my lil bro at the Avett Brothers concert tonight.


They’re hard to come by, I tell ya, but I could absolutely, most definitely and assuredly use more weekends just like this one.

As always,


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Bountiful Blessings

Each and every day I try to keep in mind all that I have to be thankful for as so many things can easily be taken for granted.

This year especially, I feel inclined to count my blessings and find comfort in the fact that I can appreciate both the big and little things that make my life complete.

Closing my eyes each night, I give thanks for all who’ve come into my life and helped to make me a person I am proud to be.

With each morning as my eyes open, I am thankful to get yet another chance to walk this earth and give a piece of myself to all who inhabit.

I’m thankful for my family both near and far.  While we don’t often get to spend time together, the time we do share is important and special, fun & crazy.  I’m thankful that some in my family have also turned into friends.  That’s the best combination I could ask for. I’m beyond thankful to be a proud aunt to 5 awesome nephews and 1 fabulous niece.

I’m thankful for my friends both old and new.  While years or miles may separate, you’re always close, memories are abundant.  So much in my life has been made more bearable simply by your presence.

I’m thankful for the challenges I was faced with this year as they’ve helped me to step out of my comfort zone and find myself again.  With each challenge I learned something new about myself.  With each challenge I was reminded that you must have faith in yourself before others will believe in you.

I’m thankful for music and all the joy it brings to my life each and every second of every day.  For when someone else’s words give you the power to say what you couldn’t on your own those words become a part of me.  They are the soundtrack of my life on this incredible journey.

I’m thankful for the gift of words… something that I didn’t always  share so freely until the start of this blog a year and a half ago.  Writing has given me a clearer view on the foggiest of days… Putting the words down helps me to heal and grow constantly.  I’m thankful for the little birdie on my shoulder that started nagging at me to start this blog.  Little did I know just how important it would become.  I’m thankful to have met some of the most incredible people I’ve ever known through the sharing of our words.  The encouragement and support of you all has been such an incredible blessing.  I have gained some absolutely amazing friends along the way and am so very thankful for each and every one of you ( you know who you are).

The JFK quote above couldn’t be more accurate. Sometimes it’s not in the words that you utter… it’s showing those you love and appreciate that you do. It’s living the example and not just speaking of it. It’s walking the walk not talking the talk.

So today, as many in the US are celebrating Thanksgiving, eating and sharing with their families, count your blessings; be thankful for all that you have.

But do it again tomorrow too… The things you are most thankful for today are those you should be thankful for each and every day.  You never know when it will be your last… live each and every moment to the fullest.

Happy Thanksgiving my loves!   xoxo

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The Slacker’s Edition of Five Question Friday!


So apparently I am not good at actually posting a Five Question Friday post on Friday…. This is the 2nd week in a row I am posting it on Saturday.

Therefore we have the Slacker’s Edition on Saturday… Perhaps, I’ll start a trend. 😉

1. Do you have a go to song that always puts you in a good mood?
 I’ve got a coupla favorites that do the trick… Well actually most anything I listen to gives me a quick pick me up.  The music I listen to when I am happy is the same I listen to when I’m sad, mad, angry, excited, etc.  That’s the beautiful thing about music for me; it’s got the power to lift me up or keep me up no matter the day or circumstance.

Here’s 3 that are very different, in very different genres that do the trick….

2. Are you a real Christmas tree kinda person or do you go with a real fake one?
I am a faker all the way… I’m allergic to trees.  No, seriously, I am.  PLUS I am the HUGEST (love making up my own words 😉  ) fan of Christmas and usually leave my decorations up through January and occasionally into February.  I LOVE all things Christmas:  music, decorations, buying gifts, making gifts, the food, time with family.  ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT ALL!!!!!

One of my trees...

3. What are you thankful for?
I am so incredibly thankful so very many things… But most especially that as of yesterday, I am OFFICIALLY a full-time member of the working force again.  It’s been a long five months, but hard work & stepping ENTIRELY outside of my comfort zone has landed me a pretty amazing and awesome experience in a new field.

4. Which fashion fad from the past do you wish you could wear today?
Hmmmmm…. that is tricky!!!  When talking past fashion fads I automatically remember all the ones I DON’T wanna see come back.  Like pegged jeans.  And stirrup pants.  Can you believe I have seen them in stores?!?!?  Who wants to wear those again… not me!!!  I think the absolute WORST fad that could come back would be body suits.  Do you remember those???? Why as an adult would you wanna wear a onesie?  Uncomfortable and unflattering.
But, alas that is not the question at hand… I love wide legged jeans… they most definitely need to make a come back as opposed to all this skinny jean and jegging nonsense.
5. Do you wait until the “low fuel” light comes on before you fill up the gas tank?
More often than not, yes I do.  It drives my mom CRAZY!  gas is so stinking expensive!  It is sad that I get excited to see that gas is down to $3.39 a gallon… When I started driving it was less than a dollar!  Damn, that makes me feel old!!!!
Well my friends… It’s your turn…
Be a slacker like me, do the slacker’s edition of 5QF…. you know you wanna!
Post your link in the comments section below!
 Have a great weekend my loves!  xoxoxo


Just a quickie…

Hello my loves….

Just want to thank you all for the positive words of encouragement during recent weeks.  Your words mean more than I can ever say… You all are the B.E.S.T!!!!

A little bit of an update….

In recent weeks, I picked up a temporary position as a photographer for a company somewhat close by thanks to one of my loves… It’s COMPLETELY different from anything I expected and is leaps and bounds different from anything I have done in the past, but I am loving it!

I have also been on several interviews in recent weeks & days for jobs in my field.   Some I am really crossing my fingers for ,while others not so much.  So for now it’s a waiting game while continuing the search.

It’s not about my time…

When the time is right and the job is right, all will work out! 🙂

In the mean time, I’m enjoying what I’m doing and spending time with those who matter most.  My friends have been wonderful… as has my family.  You do learn who really cares and just how much they do by their words and actions.  They just listen when needed or offer advice when needed… most seeming to know just what to say!

So that’s about it for now… Just wanted to give you a quickie of an update.  Off to meet one of my friends to listen to a Beatles cover band and have dinner. 🙂

Thanks again, my peeps!  Love ya all!


If Not Now, When? – Incubus 8.31.11

Myself, Lil bro and one of my girlies, Carrie,  have been not-so-patiently waiting for this show for MONTHS.


Incubus killed it, opening up with banging performances of  Pardon Me and Wish You Were Here… Two of my favorites!


We were a little apprehensive as to what the set list was going to look like since they just released a new album.  I really do like the album, If Not Now, When? a whole lot.  That being said, it is a TOTALLY different feel than most of their other music… it’s a bit more mellow than all of their previous albums from which I have countless favorites.  I was just hoping that they’d play a good mix of old and new tunes throughout the night and THAT THEY DID.

 I also got to hear Have You Ever, A Crow Left of the Murder, Dig, Drive, Nice to Know You and Megalomaniac… ALL of which are favorites as well.

Brandon Boyd is just simply delicious… he has an awesome stage presence.  His voice soft and soothing, sending chills while mesmerizing.  Very easy to become entranced by him… It’s happened once or twice I’m not gonna lie. 😉 For a quick second though I thought I spied a porn stache and about died, but I was wrong… Thank goodness!

INCUBUS did NOT disappoint.

They quite simply “brought it.”

And we loved every single minute of the show…

Including the opening act!  It is always a crap shoot when it comes to opening acts.  Sometimes you like ’em, others not so much.  It’s take ’em or leave ’em.

On this night, at this show, the opening act was a “like ’em” and a “take ’em.”

Young the Giant was awesome.

They were fun. They sang. They played.  

And they did all three very well… They had a TON of energy too!

Made a fan outta me for sure that night, as I had never heard of them before.

But apparently they’re getting some recognition.  A bloggin buddy sent me a message while we were at the show saying  these guys made an appearance on MTV’s VMAs that aired on Sunday.  News to me!

I am not much of an MTV gal these days… Why?  You might ask…. Well, when was the last time they actually played MUSIC on MUSIC TELEVISION???? Not very often at all anymore, that is if they even do at all! Too many nonsense and rubbish shows filling up airspace on there now…. I miss the “good ‘ol days”.  I WANT MY MTV!!!  😉

Forgive my digression….

Incubus… phenomenal show.  THANK YOU.

Young the Giant… fanstastic show.  THANK YOU.

Next up… 2nd Jason Myles Goss show of the year later this month, which will put me at 8 shows for the year so far.  Think I can get to two more before the year’s out?  Hope so!  Then I can cross it off THE LIST! 😉

Bush is coming to Stage AE with Chevelle in October as is Parachute on a separate date… Hint, hint.

 Tickets would make a FABULOUS early Christmas gift!

 Just sayin’…