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Walking to the beat of my own drum….


Recently I received a note on Facebook to create a list of the first 15 albums that come to mind, spending no more than 15 minutes creating your list.  I was done in under 5 minutes…

The “problem” I have with this, if it can even be classified as a problem, is that there are truly too many influential albums to choose from!  Since posting the list of 15 last night, my mind has been running rampant with albums I should have or could have listed.  After looking back and reviewing the 15, I am compelled to continue on with this list…not for any other reason but my own obsessive compulsiveness in such an area as music.  I am such a music junkie 🙂 Continue reading

…::Words of Another #2::…

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the words of another speak for me when I cannot find words myself.  Words of another inspire, motivate, console and calm.  No matter the mood, the words of another replace the bits and pieces that are floating endlessly in my mind and help complete the puzzle that can sometimes consume you.  Whether the words are put to music or stand alone, they serve a purpose in my life. 

In My Life, The Beatles

This song speaks to me on many levels. It serves as a reminder of all the loved ones in my life; some that guide, guard and protect from above; others that are present in my everyday existence;  and other still that played an important role in my life at one time or another and remain here on this Earth, but ar Continue reading

…Goals…past and present

About 10 years ago, naive and young girl that I was, I created a list.  THE LIST.  Now I am sure most of us have created many a lists throughout our days.  But the list I am talking about is T.H.E. L.I.S.T.  The one where you lay out your life plan, crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s.  Spelling out all your grand plans in life.  The goals you wish to attain; the landmark occasions you have planned out for yourself; all your hopes and dreams spelled out right in front of you; at the ripe old age of 22 I decided I should have ALL the items on my list completed by the age of 28.  Continue reading

The LoNg and ShOrT of it….

Some days the list just goes on and on… 

Busy as can be from early in the morning, throughout the day and running straight into the evening hours until it is way past a reasonable bedtime and I am beyond exhaustion.  Catching up with this and that; getting ahead here and there; just getting by with the day-to-day.  Finally able to lay my head down for a “restful” sleep when the bits and pieces from the day’s events return for evaluation; memories and moments of yesterday melt into the past and present;  fluttering their way to the surface for speculation and moderation amidst the sleepy thoughts; enchanting the inner wirings which in return prevents the lull of a pleasant dream and restful sleep from taking hold of me.   Longing to drift away into the sleepy haze without the looming of all of life’s going ons overhead.  Why can’t we just turn the inner wirings off when we so choose??? Continue reading

The Bits ‘N Pieces

The  tiniest bits ‘n pieces of my life are what make me breathe.  The moments and mere seconds that fly by in the day-to-day existence of all living beings that may go unnoticed.  The plucking of a guitar string with a pick; the hummingbird hovering close by my head as I read on my patio; the slight influx of air as any living creature takes each breath. 

Taking a step back to observe all that is around me and not focusing on the mundane or unnecessary.  Thinking and dwelling only on the things that truly matter.  Life, love, music, family and friends.

Just a few of the bits ‘n pieces….