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A little of this… with a side of that.

1.)  I’m happy that … It finally stopped raining today!  After WAY too much rain over the last 2+ days, the clouds finished wringing themselves out and the ground started to dry.  People were even cutting grass!  While the sun wasn’t shining, I couldn’t help but be cheered by the rain’s cease and desist for the remainder of the day.

No Rain!!!


This means… I was able to go for a jog today after not having been out since Sunday.

That means this girl’s legs were a bit stiff and sore initially.  After a little warm up though, things got a bit easier.

This lead to my running a new personal best for the mile and also making good time on 3.24 miles…

That made me a very happy girl!  (albeit with more tired and achy legs than before 🙂 )


2.)  That saying… “It’s all about people. It’s about networking and being nice to people and not burning any bridges.” ~Mike Davidson is so true!  You never know what things will come about just by talking to those you bump into.  Telling your story leads you places.

Every little bit helps!!

This leads to the possibility of another craft show this weekend if an extra table is available AND a table at a vendor show in May to benefit victims of the Tornado that swept through Hempfield, PA a couple of weeks ago.

That would be OUTSTANDING as I’ve got tons of product prepped and ready to go.

This makes my heart happy as well, because the cost for the tables goes directly to the fund for the victims… Helping those who lost so much so close to home is an awesome, awesome thing.

3.) The fact THAT  the Pittsburgh Penguins have entered the playoffs (winding up game #1 as I am typing if I had to guess) means I can get minute by minute updates without turning on the tv or radio. As a matter of fact I could tell ya they’re winning 2-0 and I’m sitting here listening to nothing but the sound of my laptop and my fingers hitting the keys. 

That doesn’t mean I have ESP or can see in a crystal ball.  NO, not at all.

This means my neighbors are back in action screaming uncontrollably, stomping, pounding and clapping incessantly throughout the duration of the game.  I can tell you almost exactly a play by play just through gauging their actions and reactions.

That drives me crazy.  Especially since I have come to learn that they’ve made a new purchase to add to their celebration festivities… AN AIR HORN… Yes, my friends an air horn is now being blow whenever they score. 

This means I’ve now moved outside to sit on my deck in 46 degrees so I don’t have to hear the raucous when the game ends. Ummmm. Make it 3-0… I’m outside and I can still hear it!!!

That annoys me a bit as it’s only game #1 and I’m sure the Penguins will be playing for a bit in the playoffs!  LET’S GO PENS!!! 

Let's Go Pens!!!









This is WednesdayTHAT makes me smile because it’s almost Friday! 

Woo Hoo!


A little of this with a side of that…


Tell me a little bit of this or that from your day! 

Simmer Down….

Ok… Everyone STOP and take a deep breath.  

Ahhhhaaa, there.  Much better. 

Yes we got some snow. 

Yes it came down fast and hard. 

Yes the timing of the snow fall came at an inconvenient time when we were all trying to move around and get about. 

But here’s the thing.  We knew it was coming!  The weather forecasters had done nothing but talk about it from dawn until dusk for the last several days.  Everyone had their chance to venture to the store to get their “necessities” for the 3-6 inches we were to get.

You know who I felt bad for today? …  school bus drivers.  Man, oh man could you imagine how stressful that was today carting around a full load of kiddos and running INCREDIBLY behind schedule in icky conditions?  I couldn’t even begin to imagine… even on a good day!

You know who else I felt bad for?  … people with a long commute. Long commutes in general are NO FUN on a normal day with traffic and can be made even worse due to accidents or whatever.  Today though, people experienced commutes that doubled or even tripled on their way home from work.  Does not sound like a fun way to end a long day. Especially since more than likely they were stressing about the commute HOME on their commute into work and continued to think about it all day as the snow began to fall during the afternoon hours.

And do you know who I felt EVEN more horrible for???  The people stuck behind the people who were freakin’ out because of the weather while driving a few miles down the road. I’ll give them this; The roads were HORRIBLE.  BUT, have common sense.  Drive efficiently and effectively. And for the LOVE OF ALL HUMANS, especially ones driving in snowy, wintry mixes of weather up a long, slightly upgraded road such as mine,  HAVE DECENT TIRES on your car or if you aren’t able to get new tires ( which can be tough… I know…$$$) at least review some winter weather driving rules you may recall hearing from driver training way back when… I can hear my step dad’s voice in my ear as soon as the first snow flakes fall, “Just drop into low gear and go slow…Rock the wheel back and forth.  DON’T GUN IT!”  Well, unfortunately for me the person who so boldly pulled out in front of the car in front of me, driving wayyyyy faster than he/she should have instantaneously decided that he/she should slow down.  Slowing down to the point of a crawl as they turned onto my street which then caused them to start spinning and get stuck.  No rocking of the wheel; no low gear.  They just tried to gun it which lead to more spinning of tires and moving a fraction of a foot and continuous spinning of tires.  After ten minutes of “following”  this clearly frazzled driver for about 10 minutes and having only moved about 100 feet, this generous soul ever so graciously decided to turn on their four ways and “pull” over.  THANK YOU!  So me, the seasoned snow driver that I am thanks to 4 years of attending college in the freakin’ snow belt of the world that is Edinboro, manuever my car around the kind person in front of me and proceed along my way home.

Yes, that is right… my 5 minute drive home turned into 20. 

Now, some perspective… As venting about my 20 minute hellish commute to someone who’s commute went from 40 minutes to almost 2 hours, I SHUT UP and was reminded to be thankful.  Thankful that I have a short, easy commute.  Thankful that I had heat during this snow fall and very thankful we only got what was called for unlike the CrAzY snow that fell last February that left me “stranded” in my apartment for 3  days with no electricity or heat, with my only provisions being peanut butter and crackers and no means of communication. Thankful.

SO to all of you still driving home from work on this wintry evening… be safe; be smart… Not STUPID.  Use your noggin as I tell the kiddos at school.

Take a DEEP BREATH and simmer down… It’s winter… In Southwestern Pennsylvania… It’s inevitable…

It’s GONNA snow.

*** I wrote this yesterday, January 11th after getting home but for some reason I couldn’t get this to post until now. Just to clarify as the roads were a-okay today on the way home!