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Put your troubles down

Life has its way of trying you.

Love has its way of testing you.

Doubt has its way to creeping into your dreams.

For those people in my life that are always there, I am grateful.

For the days, I wake up, I am grateful.

There is good in the world. Don’t let darkness overshadow the good.

Put your troubles down.


Toes in the Water…

Today I’m dreaming big!


Dreaming of beautifully sunny, warm weather. 




 Perhaps somewhere like Aruba.


Maybe even somewhere like…. Cancun … YES, that’s it!

Ahhhh.... A little slice of heaven.

Let me start packing! 

Actually at this point I’ll take just about anywhere that is a bit more sunny and warm than good old Pennsylvania.

Gleaming sun so I can bask in its rays… 

Fresh water to dangle my toes…

 Soft, warm sand to lay out on…

An adult beverage or two close at hand would be nice too…. Just sayin’. 🙂

I want my toes in the water....

This isn’t what I had in mind….

Soggy Shoes..... Bleh!

Yuck, yuck, yuck….. I don’t like soggy shoes and wet pants…
Ummmm…. Now I understand the usefulness of people wearing floods

Pretty sure the weather we’ve had here has something to do with today’s  longings for beaches, beverages and bumming around.

Rain, rain go away… we’ve seen to much of you today!

Rain ALL day yesterday… Rain ALL day today.  TOO MUCH RAIN.

And so my friends….  I’ve decided!  It’s time to hop on the plane to warmer weather…

I want my toes in the water!!!


CANCUN… Here I come! 

Who’s coming with????

 If you could hop on a plane right now where would you go?  Why?


We all need to at one point or another…

Take a break & relax…hang out, chill, breathe, just be.

I’m getting to that point where I’m just itching to get away!

While a trip to Europe,  Florida or even Washington State to visit one of my bestest girl friends ever would be fantastically AMAZING…my sights aren’t set that high. Although doing the above would take care of 3 items on …the list… !

My sights are set on something much more immediate & way more affordable … much closer with the perfect mix of relaxation & fun.

My brother’s cabin, nestled among a quaint little family of cabins, is the perfect place for me.  It’s the perfect weekend getaway to hang out & chill during the day… walking, reading,  cooking out, listening to tunes, playing card games & maybe even a game or two of pong or cornhoke with an adult beverage. Evenings/nights tend to be my favorite… sitting around the fire till the weeeeeee hours of the morning just chilling, relaxing, talking, listening to more tunes (if we’re lucky, little bro will even bust out his guitar), make smores, reminisce or just BE.

Having gone up there since I was a kid (the cabin originally belonged to lil bro’s pap), I’ve always looked forward to going.  I must say though that I truly didn’t appreciate it or look forward to it as much as I do now!

We’re all itching to get up there … lil bro, lil sis, bro-in-law, nephew B-Shane, plus friends. As soon as the nights aren’t too cold, we’re heading up for cabin fun in the mountains!

Now don’t let this fool you… We’re not roughin’ it by any means … i dont sleep in a tent! myself,  lil bro, & lil sis & family each have a bedroom. We have running water, electricity, plumbing & cable. Our version of roughing it involves taking 5 minute showers & driving down the mountain to the nearest grocery store to pick up any necessities we may have forgotten. Just had to clarify!

I guess for me it’s a nice GETAWAY without having to GET AWAY.

It’s a great way to spend time with lil bro & little sis (&fam)… lots of fun has been had together up there & am looking forward to getting up there again soon.

Once my laptop is up & running I’ll post some pictures from past years.

Do you have a special getaway spot?

Pretty sure you’ll be hearing about mine again soon!

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A little bit of chocolate…

When you need a little pick me up…

…A little bit of Chocolate goes a long way.

A little bit of chocolate makes just about anything and everything better.  🙂 Admit it, you’ve been there one time or another!

Today was just one of those days that I needed some chocolate.  Didn’t much matter what kind…Dark, milk, candy bar or chocolate chips.  I wanted chocolate.



Yummy, chocolate-y, minty, goodness

Thankfully, with valentine’s day being this week and me working in a school, I was showered with little bits of chocolate goodness from the kiddos.  Andes candies, giant Hershey Kisses, chocolates with caramel.  Plus, there was left over chocolate chip cookie cake sitting in the kitchen at work.  Mom made homemade gobs for our sisters/mom meal.  Lots of chocolate to be had.

Today, I had a choice to make… WHAT KIND OF CHOCOLATE DID I WANT TO EAT???

The winner was…. Andes Candies. 

Something about the creamy milk chocolate and the refreshing but not overpowering minty taste just screamed to me today. The minty, chocolate-y goodness was just what the Doctor ordered for this middle of the week, hectic, busy, emotionally draining, stressful, is it Friday yet kinda Wednesday.

It’s a good thing I didn’t bring the chocolate home… I could be sitting here eating more as I type.  That could be a good or bad thing, depending upon how you look at it… For me, it’s best just not to have it around, if you know what I’m saying. 😉

What’s your chocolate treat of choice?  I’ve got too many to list!  Kit Kats come close to the top of the list though…Just sayin’…