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Try not to think about anything. Just try it; I dare you.


Today’s daily prompt for the Post a Day challenge had to have been written with me in mind! I mean for real, there is now way anyone else in the world could relate as well as I did to this particular prompt…

Ok, ya.


But, the prompt really does fit me well, especially in recent weeks.

Try to think about nothing for as long as you can. Describe what happens.

Last night, the night before and the night before that night I’ve tried to do this… it.didn’t.work.at.all.

The exact opposite happens in fact. Of course this generally occurs when I am getting ready for bed or am in bed trying to fall asleep.

I go for a run… take a nice long bath… read a book… listen to tunes… write….

All in hopes of emptying the contents of my over active brain…hoping to preempt any straggling,  nagging notions that may be lying dormant throughout the business of my day.

To no avail, the minute my head hits the pillow those straggling & nagging notions that lay dormant arise from their slumber & begin spewing about.

The moment in which I TRY not to think about anything is the exact moment in which the whatifs take hold and dominate; forsaking any chance of a peaceful sleep I may have envisioned for a mere moment’s time.

The whatifs don’t discriminate or differentiate by importance or severity … minute & minuscule matters  to  the large & grandiose … finding a job, family, friends,  relationships,  crafty projects, weather… you name it, I am sure there is a whatif associated right along side.

Perhaps the key to NOT thinking about anything is thinking about something!

Or perhaps I should locate that mysterious button I’ve heard of in passing … the one that shuts off the brain???? If I was given one when I was born 33 years ago it surely must have gone defective by age 5 because the whatifs have been my steady bedside companion for as long as I can remember.  Can I get a refund? Or perhaps an even exchange on a new one?

In the mean time, please excuse me as I begin my nightly attempt to purge my brain… attempting to think about nothing.  Or was it something?!?

Oh and if in your attempt to not think about anything you need something to read, feel free to read a bit about my friend, Whatif.  And if you still aren’t convinced… This failure of not thinking about anything and I have a long formed relationship…. months ago I wrote my manifesto, To sleep or not to sleep as added evidence for your reading pleasure.

You can thank me later… I’m a good friend, just sharing the love. 🙂

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The Energizer Bunny…


This is who I’d liken myself to recently.

Running here, there & everywhere these days… from errands to commitments to a concert to dinner with a friend to pulling some incredibly long days…  only one day this week did I crawl into bed before 1:00 AM.

Some of the hecticness is for fun; some outta responsibilities & duty; some due to my procrastinating; and some just because.

Some tell me I overextend myself; some say I need to prioritize; some say I should practice using the word “no.”

Those who know me best know I generally function very well under pressure. At times I think I thrive on stress. Honestly,  sometimes I even create more stress for myself without even realizing it… it just happens to be a big part of who I am.

Some of my best papers written were finished at 4 AM.

Some of my best crafty projects weren’t finished until 2 hours before it’s to be given as a gift. 

Some of my most productive days extend through the evening into the weeeeeee hours of the morning.

This is how I’ve always been for as long as i can remember.

I don’t necessarily foresee this changing in the near future either. I have good intentions; I just end up scheduling too many things in one week or let a few too many deadlines approach too quickly without paying much mind to them.

It all gets done eventually…who needs sleep anyways?!?! 😉

This girl does…. just doesn’t happen all the time. On the days where I’m running on empty, I remind myself of all I’ve accomplished just under the wire.

Everything will get finished ; I will have time to just chill out & “veg” one day.

Even if it’s not until the cows come home or when pigs fly, someday I’ll get there!

Until then I’ll just keep going & going until the battery wears out…

I just wish that I looked as cool & chill as the ever going, somewhat annoying Energizer Bunny… cool shades & all.

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Celebration & Relaxation

Last weekend my lil bro graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Master’s degree in English/Rhetoric.  Way to make a big sis proud lil bro! Quite the smart cookie he is… let me just tell ya!

After a dinner with family & friends in celebration of his graduation,  someone threw out the idea of heading to the cabin for the night. That’s all I needed to hear.

An overnight at one of my favorite places to be. My special getaway release.

So everyone made a dash home to pack up a few necessities for the overnight & started the trip up the mountain for some much needed rest & relaxation; or some adult beverages, a camp fire in the rain,  awesome tunes & great peeps, conversation & laughs.

Time just seems to escape you there … as the last of us crawled into bed a bit after 5:00 AM! This is one place where sleep isn’t as much of a necessity as for me it’s seemingly easier to function on little to no sleep at all night after night.

This impromptu,  spur of the moment overnight at the cabin was just what I needed. In the immediate it provided me a carefree night to kick back & chill listening to tunes with great people and not worry about all that needed to be done.  It also served as a preview to and reminder of what’s to come & look forward to in the summer months.

A get away without having to hop on a plane (though I’m thinking it’s about time I get on one of those things!). A momentary lapse in time that allows me to leave the worries at home… putting on my comfy cabin clothes,  lounging by the fire,  taking walks along the creek … maybe even a game or two of corn hole or beer pong if we’re feeling at all ambitious.

I so needed cabin time… looking forward to lots more night like last Saturday throughout the summer to get me through & keep me sane!

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