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Roller Coasters…

The Texas Giant'', a large wooden roller coast...

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You either love the thrill of the ride or you don’t. 

The anticipation during the long steady climb up to the top of the incline immediately followed by the rush of descending rapidly down the hill followed by loops, swoops, dips and curves in between before the next big climb begins.


You just can’t handle the ride… Anxiety and nervousness takes over as you climb the hill, which seems to take an eternity.  Looking out as you reach the top of the hill, you begin to panic; having difficulty breathing, stomach doing flip-flops and just plain old scared outta your mind.

As a young child, I never ever wanted to go on a roller coaster.  Too high, too fast and too scary. 

I distinctly recall my first experience on a roller coaster and being undoubtedly terrified.  Really, I’m not even sure it would be classified as a roller coaster, but I was terrified none the less.  Thunder Mountain in Disney was my first experience.  I was crying in line…. Didn’t want to go on.  My mom, uncle and I were in line to ride and I was freakin’ out.  There were no loops, there were no gigantic hills there was nothing more to it than some speed and twists and turns.  Did I enjoy it?  NOPE.  Did I survive it?  You bet I did.

Crazy similarities exist between roller coasters and life.  So much of what we experience takes us on a ride up, down, loops, swoops, dips and curves.  Much of it is enjoyable, while some of it is not so much.

Relationships, friendships, emotions all tend to end up on one path or another… at some point in time taking a long steady path up hill and then speeding downwards faster than you can think.

Friends and family can carry you along the way or sometimes they can hold you back…  One minute they’re there for the long haul and  help you up the hill.  Sometimes they watch you speed downwards; others they hold your hand and help you to put on your breaks before crashing at the bottom.

Emotions have a crazy way of taking you all over the place in a matter of months, weeks, days, minutes and seconds… Working, building and steadying themselves without you even realizing it at times… Then a loop and a swoop pop up, catching you by surprise and the emotions get twisted and turned all over in any and every direction.

Relationships inevitably partake in the roller coaster extravaganza at some point as well.  If two people aren’t working together to get to the top of the hill the descent downwards isn’t gonna be too pretty.  One going one way and the other going in the opposite. 

As I’ve gotten older…. I did grow to love SOME roller coasters; the old, beat up wooden coasters.  The tried and true pieces that have withstood the test of time and  have weathered the storms. Not the fancy dancy steel coasters that are “smooth” rides all the way to the top just to send you down the hill all the more quickly.   I’ll take the bumpy ride up the hill any day versus a faster, smooth ride any day. 

I’ll take the bumps in the track, just as I have in my every day goings on.  The roller coaster in life can wear on you at times.. from emotions bouncing here there and everywhere, even when you didn’t even realize you had them; from friends and family encountering bumps along their respective paths…  You can’t expect to get any where in life, in friendships, in love if you don’t hit a few bumps in the road people. 

It’s just the way it is. 

So I’m gonna try to remember to take each day, each step in stride and see what comes.  While I enjoy the ride… bumpy wooden tracks and all!

I hope you take in each moment and enjoy the ride. 

Do you enjoy roller coasters?  Tell me about a time where you felt like your life was a roller coaster or an emotion that made you feel that way?