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Untimely Tummy Troubles

No time is a  good time to get a terrible touch of tummy troubles….

BUT, I had high expectations and grand plans for my Friday and Saturday!!! 

Friday at work was to be most productive, finalizing field trips and decorating for spring/easter. 

After work Friday I was to dive right in to all things crafty as time is running out for me to prepare for the craft show on April 9th.

Saturday was to be dedicated to all things crafty as well… As I said. GRAND EXPECTATIONS.


Don’t worry, I will spare you all the gory details but the icks and the yucks decided to take over sometime Thursday night. Not fun at all!

Talk about throwing a curve ball in to my plans!  Went into work for a little bit Friday morning just until things were covered then home to the bed I went. 

Relaxing was outta the questions. Productivity was out the window.  Food wasn’t even a thought in my mind.




All day and night Friday and the better part of the day yesterday spent in bed.  I know at some point in my life I’ve said, “I’d do anything to say in bed all day.” 

Ya, not exactly how amazingly wonderful I dreamt it would be.  Maybe under different circumstances, I would have a different opinion.

I hereby retract the aforementioned statement about wanting to be able to spend all day in bed and vow to NEVER utter those words again. 🙂 

THERE, got that out of my system. 


By last night I was feeling ALMOST  completely human again…

I finally had a bit of an appetite, but didn’t dare eat anything more substantial than a piece of toast and sip on some Gatorade which was a huge step up from the last 2 days.

I will say I am feeling much better today… I feel human again. 

I  managed to be a bit productive in the crafty area… and I ate food!!! Food that didn’t consist of saltines, Gatorade and toast!  Well, sort of.

One of my most favorite, easy, all-time, go-to comfort foods was calling my name today for lunch.  Actually, it was just about the only thing that sounded appetizing to me in the least!

Grilled Cheese • Tomato Soup • Crystal Light Lemonade

It hit the spot for sure; being just want my hungry tummy was looking for!

Not a fancy recipe… didn’t take hours in the kitchen to prepare.

Buttered some bread; slapped on some american cheese…

Opened a can; stirred in some milk.


If any one would like the recipe just let me know…  All you have to do is ask! 😉 

To all my blogging friends and In-Person friends/family… You all are better in the kitchen than I. 

Your recipes sound AMAZING!

The pictures of your meals look DELECTABLE!

This girl?  Try as I may, just doesn’t do well in the kitchen.   

Certainly didn’t get the cooking genes in my family… Not sure which one of us did because my mom certainly has the ability!

Which reminds me… I still have to try another new recipe for March since my first one was a flop.  Better get to it!  Thinking of an easy guacamole recipe a friend suggested.  We shall see!


How was your weekend?  Anything throw a curveball your way recently?

BTW- I’m super excited…. I finally put up a post before the late, late hours of the night.  🙂