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Best Ever…

As you all know I’m a music fanatic!  I’ve gone on and on in posts talking of how music helps to soothe my soul,  makes me a dancing fool and allows me to pretend I can sing like a rock star.  Music remains playing in my head even when the a song is over.  I hear music in silence.

I’ve gone to many live shows through the years and have a longer list of those I still want to see at some point.   While I absolutely love listening to my favorites in the car, at home and at work, there is quite simply no better way to enjoy and appreciate music than witnessing the act live and in person. 

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some pretty awesome shows so far spanning a variety of genres.  I honestly haven’t been to a show that I didn’t enjoy.  Of course there were some that I enjoyed more than others, but each were enjoyable in their own respect. 

Here are my BEST EVERs….

5.) H.O.R.D.E. Festival (either 95 or 96)

Got to see the Blues Travellers, Lenny Kravitz, Rusted Root and  King Crimson.  This was my first “real” concert without adult supervision.  I went with one of my really good friends and her boyfriend.  It was an awesome show.  Blues Travellers was just superb while Lenny Kravitz simply blew it outta the water .  No one can make the harmonica cool quite like John Popper did and who can rock a guitar quite like Lenny Kravitz?  The song I remember most distinctively from that show was when Kravitz played the opening rift of Get Away.  The place went CrAzY as it was his popular song at the time. 

4.) Paul Simon and Bob Dylan:  I believe this was in 1999.  A birthday gift from my boyfriend at the time and still one of the best birthday gifts I’ve ever received to date.  (There ya have it fellas… the way to this girls heart!  Concert tickets for her birthday!  😉  )  This show was so cool just for the simple fact that two ingenious and innovational artists were sharing the stage.  Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity… I was thrilled to be there and was not disappointed.  I will however share with you a funnily true and embarrassing story in relation to this concert.  Paul Simon had come out on stage and played a few tunes already when a Simon and Garfunkel song started to be played.  I looked at my Beau of that time in sheer and utter amazement… I simply couldn’t believe he was playing a Simon and Garfunkel song.  I even said to the bf something to the effects of “wow, how cool is it that he’s covering a Simon and Garfunkel song?”  I can’t remember exactly how he politely corrected me on the matter, but it was then that I put the two and two together that Paul Simon was the “Simon” from the outstanding duo act that was Simon and Garfunkel.  Yes, my friends… not my brightest moment… And these blonde locks aren’t even real!  🙂 

3.) Dave Matthews Band:  I’ve seen DMB perform more times than I can count over the years.  At times attending back to back shows when he is in town.  It’s been much too long since I’ve seen this favorite act of mine perform.  Must make this a priority once they start touring again!  I don’t have a specific show of theirs that I enjoyed more than another.  There’s just something about the way this band gels and jams together on the stage that takes me to one of the happiest places I’ve ever been.  Their love of what they do is so apparent and their chemistry is off the hook.  From the tailgating in the parking lot to the last note of the encore the entire experience is just an incredibly awesome experience that I can enjoy time and time again.

2.) Citizen Cope:  I saw Cope for the first time last fall about a year after I first started listening to his tunes at the suggestion of one of my good girl friends.  His music is so chill; having a mixture of urban  beats with a bit of a pop flare at times really gets you in the mood for a relaxing and rewarding experience.  Took my cousin along to this show even thought she hadn’t heard him before and she was hooked pretty much immediately.  Can honestly say I’d go see Clarence Greenwood any and every chance I get… Yes, my friends… he was just that good!  Plus for now his tickets aren’t too pricey as he’s not a huge  act as of YET.  Mark my words he will be! Check him out if you get the chance!!!

1.) Roger Waters-The Wall: Unfreakinbelievably the most awesome production I have ever seen! And for several reasons.  I LOVE Pink Floyd.  No questions asked one of my all time favorite bands.  I never got to see them perform as a group so I jumped at the chance to see Roger Waters when he came to town last year.  Pink Floyd’s music has the power to take you places… through the haunting melodies and enchanting lyrics, you can’t help but be completely submersed in the experience.  The Wall is a masterpiece in and of itself.  The story told within can be confusing, but the music carries you along through the plot, climax and resolution while painting visual imagery.  Seeing “The Wall” live was just incredible… I was a bit apprehensive though as to how my favorite song, Comfortably Numb, would play out since David Gilmour sings the melodic chorus on the album and was not going to be there (although it was rumored he was to make ONE appearance during the tour, so of course we were hopeful the Pittsburgh show would be the one… No, dice.).

  Let me just tell you this…. Mr. Robbie Wyckoff is just about AMAZING!  This fella couldn’t have sung my favorite song any better than Mr. Gilmour himself.  I got chills upon hearing him sing…. Simply breathtaking.  Another reason this show was simply outstanding was the actual production itself…  It helps to know the back story of the movie and music to TRULY appreciate the production itself.  The effects, stage props and support roles were just as mesmerizing as Mr. Waters himself.  Check out some of the pictures….

Check out the sound board!

Literally made me jump outta my seat.

Mr. Waters himself.

The Wall is just about complete...


The Pig

And the wall came down...

My friends, this was not your ordinary concert… it was a PRODUCTION and PERFECTION.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G….

 So there you have it… My  top 5 best ever concerts so far!  Wonder if any future concerts will knock one of these outta their ranks?  Hoping perhaps Iron and Wine will next week… pulling for last minute tickets to come through the night before. 

While I’m excited for the NKOTBBSB concert in June, I am not so sure that it will be just that good to compete with these guys mentioned above.  but, hey… never say never, right?

Does music play a large rol in your life?  What was your favorite live show?  What should would you LOVE to see in the future?


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