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The Road to Success…

I’ve shared “the list” with you a couple of times over the last few months and am happy to say that I have been working on a couple of items on the list!!!  Three items in particular actually… Here’s to crossing my fingers that I keep at it and make them come to fruition.

So far I have made good on making at least one new recipe a month since the start of the year and have already done 3 craft shows this year! Woo hoo! You’ll have to wait to hear more on those in later posts though so hold your horses. 🙂

Another goal I had on the list is to see 10 concerts in a year. While it’s too early to know if I will make this goal or not, I am having oodles of fun trying too! The only thing that stands in the way of completing thus goal is fundage!!! Seriously, there are soooo many acts that I want to see this year I’m at the point where I have to pick and choose because the $ definitely adds up! Between tickets, parking and food & drinks it’d be very easy to go broke!!!

So far I’ve made it to 3 this year with number 4 only a little over a week and a half away. I can’t wait to see what others I end up going to this year!  Crossing my fingers to score Incubus tickets next week and also hoping to see Scott Blasey, Amos Lee and the Goo Goo Dolls throughout the summer in addition to NKOTBSB on the 15th.  That would put me at 8 by the end of August and I already know I’ll be seeing an up and comer in September…. That’s sooooooo close to my goal if all goes according to plan!


It has been sooooooo much fun getting back to going to live shows.  I ended 2010 by going to 3 of the best I’d ever been to and am hoping to keep it going for as long as I can!

Stay tuned for posts detailing each show experience!  I have two ready and waiting to go and number three will follow suit shortly!

Finally Friday – Refreshed & Rejuvenated


Hooray for Friday!!!!

When I was teaching kindergarten, that was the simple cheer we said every Friday during Morning Meeting.  My goal was to make everyday a fun & exciting learning experience,  but Fridays were always my favorite day to be with the kiddos.

We always ended Friday with “Weekend Dance Time.” A time to wind down & celebrate all the hard work, time & energy put in to the week. I taught them how to do the Cha-Cha Slide and Hokey Pokey (among others) and we danced our silly little hearts out while reinforcing basic skills such as, distinguishing between  left & right and large motor skills. TONS OF FUN!!! Wish I could still do that! 🙂

Don’t you wanna end your week that way? 😉

Moving forward….

This week was a busy one … the next few are going to be just about the same. Paperwork, craftiness, scheduling field trips, craftiness,  and still more craftiness.

One of the highlights of my week was a special little guy that came to visit me at work yesterday…

My mom brought my soon to be 9 month old nephew (aka P-Dub from here on out) to visit me. He is the funniest & most handsome little ball of cuteness.

Spittin’ image of his dad. Definitely brightened my week a bit! 🙂

Today was an AbSoLuTeLy bEaUtIfUl day… sun was shining for the better part of the day & temps were close to 70.

The weather gave me an itch … an itch to do something I haven’t tried doing in over a year… or seriously committed to doing in over 3 years.

I left work with the mission to satisfy the craving …

I changed into my comfy clothes… laced up my Nike + shoes …

Love, LOVE, LoVe my Nike + shoes

hit the workout button on my iPod & took off.

It felt sooo good to get out there.

It had been entirely too long. About 3 years to be exact. I faithfully walked/jogged anywhere from 4-8+ miles everyday & was in the BEST shape I’d been in since high school.

For whatever reason, I stopped… too busy, too tired, didn’t feel like it. Then I got into a car accident last March & used that as my excuse (will talk abt. that a little more next week).

This evening I decided to stop making excuses & just go.

I completed 4.23 miles in 54:36…

I was PUMPED, proud & excited, as well as exhausted & outta breath.

Best time ever
Yes & No…

While the amount of time it took me was NOT my personal best, it was the absolute BEST use of my time this Friday evening. 

I walked a bit & jogged a little… walking for the majority, but none the less I jogged to. Heck, I even jogged part of the hilly route I chose AND I didn’t pass out while doing so. I’ll take it. Gotta start somewhere.

I’ll chalk it up to a great ending to a busy week.


The beginning of a refreshing & rejuvenating weekend. 

A busy weekend at that … If you don’t hear from this weekend, no worries. Just lots to get done before April 9th! 

Geez, this post ended up being ENTIRELY too long especially since I’m doing so from my phone!

Hope you all have a fantastically, awesome, wonderfully, amazing weekend!

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Woo Hoo!!!!!

I did it! Made my first pot roast without setting off the smoke alarms and no food poisoning!

The whole dinner was quite easy to put together actually. Two quick short cuts that made preparation and clean up SUPER easy made for a nice, relaxing & enjoyable dinner. Definitely would recommend McCormick’s bag/seasoning kits and Ore-Ida’s Steam and Mash Potatoes.  Yes, I cheated a little, but short cuts one was willing to take living in a small apartment… You’ll have that sometimes. 😉

I will admit though, that “the worrier” absolutely made an appearance a couple times as I began preparing the meal and even as we sat down to eat. Having only cooked for myself most often I began worrying if the meal I was making would not only be edible but be liked as well. Throw into the mix that you’re making someone’s favorite meal, pressure for success is enormous. After much gratitude and a 2nd helping of dinner… I think I began to relax a little more. Success levels in my “cooking” abilities moved up a notch. Woo Hooo!!!! Thanks to the brave fella that trusted me enough to try it and then actually liked it too!

Going to the grocery store even had me worried a bit.  Wasn’t sure what kind of “meat” to get… Anxiety setting in as I approached the cooler…and was super excited to find something labeled “pot roast.”  Could it really have been that easy??? Well, I was excited; then slightly disappointed at ALL THE FAT through out even after trimming it.  Lesson learned…go to the meat department and talk to the butcher.  All in all though  I was assured that the meal was yummy the day of and even when I shared my left overs with mom. So I asked myself… Success?  Eh… Sure.  Why not?

While I do enjoy cooking, I admittedly am hesitant to try making new things….usually just stick to a few handy go to recipes such as chili, turkey tacos or egg dumplings. Yep, I am a novice.  If you remember, one of my “must-do” items on THE LIST involves trying new recipes…think I have started off on a good foot. One new recipe a month is the goal I set for myself… Definitely thinking it’s more attainable now that I have my FIRST pot roast under my belt. 

The taste of success is pretty sweet… Not gonna lie 😉