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Time warp

I really can’t explain it…

I don’t have a clue where all the time has gone.

It’s August. 

I think it was still spring the last time I posted….


I need to write. To catch you up. To empty my thoughts.  To straighten some things out.

Somehow all my time has been sucked up. So has my energy.  And some days I think my sanity. 😉

That there is reason enough for my need to write.

So I will… just not right now.

Soon though, I promise.

For now, it’s time to let the storms take me to dreamland. 

Sweet dreams my friends.

As always,


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Call in the search parties, I am alive… but it feels good to be missed!

Helllllllooooooo there!

Contrary to popular belief I have not fallen off the face of the earth.

You can cancel the missing person’s report and round-up the search parties.

I am alive and well so nooooooo worries!

Busy, busy, busy with the family plus having had training for work last week and my hours changing and the whole DST thing, I’m slowly gathering my bearings and getting used to things.

I must say though, it feels pretty awesome to know that some of you have missed my writings, or even just missed me and hearing my nonsensical ramblings.  Good people you are I tell ya!  Thanks for checking in and up on me.  I assure you I miss y’all too…

I’ve been keeping notes though on things I wanna share here so be prepared; when time is on my side, you’ll be sick of hearing from me! 😉 From new framed craftiness, to a couple of top five lists paying respect to one of my absolute most favorite movies in the entire world to some topics that are rather “risque” in comparison to my normal nonsense.

The wheels are a turning, just needing the clock to stop ticking so quickly all the time!!!  That or a couple more hours in the day for fun things, NOT work.

Who’s in favor?!?


Stay tuned…

Two fun and exciting things occurred between yesterday and today…

Actually, I may as well throw in a 3rd while I’m at it!  Posts to come soon I promise!

A hint, a clue and some…


Happy Anniversary… A year of blogging!

It’s my one year “blog”-iversary today!!! On June 12, 2010 I wrote The Bits ‘N Pieces, which was my very first blog post!  Was it really a year ago already?!?

During these last 12 months Maggie Mae’s Days has seen…

  • 115 Blog posts
  • 30 subscribers
  • 782 comments/pingbacks
While pleased and overwhelmed by those numbers, none of that matters to me in the least.
What matters is all that has changed and how much I’ve grown during that time span.  My blog has helped to fine tune my writing and share my life with all of you.  Writing on my blog helped me deal with and rationalize all the ups and downs and anything and everything in between. Sharing with you has helped me to work through some tough times without anyone holding or passing judgement. I’ve become more confident in sharing my thoughts, views and opinions and have learned to accept compliments and criticisms much more gracefully.
I’ve come to know so many WONDERFULLY AMAZING people through writing this blog; each of whom has  provided support, comfort, smiles and laughter through their own words on their blogs as well as in the words they shared with me personally.  Through comments, personal emails, tweets and Facebook messages I’ve received support and reassurance. I want to thank my blogging friends…I am so blessed to have met you and come to know you through our sharing of words.  There are some that I consider to be true friends even though we’ve never physically met.
You’ve walked with me through the adoption of B-Shane;
you’ve helped me through it all, the tough stuff remembering those gone before me;
you’ve supported me during the loss of my grandma;

Roger Waters

You’ve learned about my love of music, music, music and more music;
You got to see my most favorite things and read through 100 random facts about me;
You’ve watched as I’ve crossed off items on the list , cheered me on through kitchen drama and my return to running, while helping me to refocus when I’ve lost my way.
Through it all I’ve learned that no matter how difficult the days may get, the promise of better days is ever-present; It’s up to me to recognize and acknowledge what I’m presented with and make the best of any and every situation.
Some numbers that DO matter from the last 12 months…
  • Nephew #4 was born only 10 days after I began my blog
  • Nephew #5 will be born exactly 1 month away from today
  • I’ve been to 6 concerts
  • I’ve participated in 5 craft shows
  • Been to 2 weddings
  • My car celebrated it’s 1st birthday
  • I turned 32 and will soon be 33 next month
  • I ran in my first 5k
I really don’t know what made me decide to start this blog since I’ve been writing for as long as I remember.  I don’t know how long I will continue to write on this blog since you just never know what will happen when.  What I do know is, I will continue writing as long as I am able to.  I will continue to write and share with you whenever I can… I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and sharing of myself with you.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed stopping by and that maybe I made you smile, made you laugh or share a tear.  All I ask is that you take a piece of me with you just as I do each and everyday.
I’ve truly enjoyed the journey that Maggie Mae’s Days has taken me on throughout these last 12 months.  Who knows where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing this time NEXT year?!?  I hope that I’ll still be writing and sharing here so that I can look back and reflect just as I have today.  This has been such a rewarding and uplifting experience thus far… I can only imagine the places it will take me and the people I’ll meet in the coming year. Thank you for joining me and coming back for more…
Be sure to check out the hyper-links in case you missed any of those posts!  And if you get a chance, check out my favorite blogging friends!  They’re the BEST of what’s around with out a doubt!

…pUzZlE pIeCeS…

The puzzle…

A mystery that never ceases to amaze and astound.  One ponders the possibilities filled with  loops, swoops and pulls in directions unknown and ever-changing.

Finding all the pieces…

Try as I might, attempting to pinpoint all the pieces in the puzzle of life is exhausting.  Bits ‘n pieces are hiding all throughout.  Some plainly in vision, while others remain tucked deep away where eyes have not seen and ears have not heard. Whether it’s the smallest of your hearts desires or the grandest of life’s adventures each serves a purpose, helping to get you to where you are destined to be in life.

The kicker of the whole thing is that where you think you should be or where you want to be may not necessarily be in your life’s plan.  While you have wants, desires and needs and can control some things in life, the greater scheme of things is not in your control.  How you handle and react to all that is thrown your way is something you have control over.  Remembering that is a challenge for me.

Sometimes I find myself questioning things and wondering what makes people act and react the way they do.  It can be quite perplexing at times…

“Why do bad things happen to good people?”

“Why is it so easy for people to be dishonest?”

“Why would a person be brought into my life only to be taken away for one reason or another?”

“How can a person say meaningful things to you one minute, then act like you don’t exist the next?”

Have I come up with answers to any of these questions?  No, not even close actually. Guess I’ll be left to wonder.

Another aspect is deciphering where you want to be in life versus where you should be.  Deciding which road to take and contemplating paths you’ve already taken.  I know for a fact that one decision I made 9 years ago COMPLETELY and TOTALLY changed the path of my life.  Was it a path for the better?  Honestly, if I could make that choice again, I would ave chosen differently… no doubt about it at all. But the long and short of it is that some good things did happen since I made that choice 9 years ago, some of which probably wouldn’t have happened had I not made that decision.  Unfortunately though, I’m left with a much more negative taste in my mouth regarding taking that path and what subsequently followed over the course of these 9 years.

I’m at a point in my life where trying to find the pieces and putting them together is quite difficult.  Which pieces are the right ones to focus on?  Which path should I chose?  Things that were once promising  are now questionable…leading me to think of different possibilities and options for the future.

All I know right now, it that I am puzzled by the puzzle.  I’m not going to quit trying to figure what’s what and where each piece goes… I just need not to let it consume me. Each piece will fall into place on its own at the guidance out of my control.  It’s in Someone else’s hands.

To sleep, or not to sleep: That is the question…

According to the all-knowing, high and mighty source of information that is known as Wikipedia, sleep is known as  a naturally recurring state characterized by reduced or absent consciousness, relatively suspended sensory activity, and inactivity of nearly all voluntary muscles. It is distinguished from quiet wakefulness by a decreased ability to react to stimuli, but it is more easily reversible than hibernation or coma. Sleep is a heightened anabolic state, accentuating the growth and rejuvenation of the immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems.

Sleep, sleep, sleep!  We all need it. 

Some have no problem ascertaining a plethora of sleep at any given time on any given day.

This would not be me… sleep evades me, not consuming me. 

Some can’t sleep a solid 6 hours let alone a solid 8!

This would absolutely be me.  Even when sleep 6 hours, I wake up at least once or twice every night.

Some fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow, while others struggle with the whatifs as discussed here

I wish sleep would take over as soon as my head meets my pillow however, I can never lay my head down and be out like a light.

Some can’t make it through the day with out a nap, while others are doomed if an afternoon cat nap enters the situation.

While generally a nap sounds like a phenomenal idea, I pretty much always could kick myself for taking one… I wake up all kinds of mixed up and confused on the day and generally wake up feeling worse than I did before having taken a nap.

How much sleep do you need?

The National Sleep Foundation  made the following recommendations for sleep…. Are you getting what you need?  This girl certainly hasn’t been!

Photo: A infant sleepingInfants

  • Birth–2 months need 12–18 hours
  • 3–11 months need 14–15 hours

Photo: A toddler sleepingToddlers/Children

  • 1–3 years need 12–14 hours
  • 3–5 years old need 11–13 hours
  • 5–10 years old need 10–11 hours

Photo: A teen sleeping in bedAdolescents

  • 10-17 years need 8.5–9.5 hours

Photo: A man sleeping in bedAdults

  • need 7–9 hours


Lately I’ve been having troubles falling asleep at a decent hour… Exhaustion has set in yet I lie in bed tossing and turning for an hour or more at times.  On average during the week I’ve been getting roughly 5 hours asleep a night, give or take a little. And I am HURTIN’ because of it. It’s been rough!  It’s been noticeable to those who’ve seen me at work.  From the controllable yawns that set in to the sleepy eyes that may as well have toothpicks in them to hold ’em open. I’m just flat-out BEAT with all kinds of things going on in my personal, work and crafting worlds at the moment. Add into the mix the nurse’s hat and a momma’s hat I wear on a daily basis and sure enough, this gal catches a lovely cold complete with sore throat, aches and chills, only a week after getting over the yucks.  Generally my immune system is built up pretty high from having been around the kiddos for so many years, but when your engine’s running low on gas to begin with, a breakdown is pretty much a given. 

Last night, I crashed.  Was in bed before 9:30 and remained there until just after 9 am. Fantastically awesome Friday night, isn’t it?  😀 I was so happy that my body finally got some much-needed rest, even if it was through the help of Nyquil.  I got some rest… Yay!  Still not feeling so hot today though and allowed myself to take a nap… now I’m all mixed up thinking it’s Sunday and feel more sleepy than I did before!  Just can’t win!  🙂 

Some have suggested melatonin, so I may just have to give it a shot.  Who knows?  Maybe it’s my golden ticket to sleepy land! 

Are you a dreamer???


I’m often amazed by some of my dreams.  If not amazed, annoyed, petrified, enamored, disgusted or intrigued.  I’ve had a couple recurring dreams over the years that I just can’t seem to shake.  The most vivid involving a large bridge in which the vehicle I am in is involved in an accident and veers off into the water below.  Imagine my reaction upon moving to Maryland and being in a car with the former boyfriend as we begin to drive over the Bay Bridge and I begin to go in to an outright, full-fledged panic attack. It seems that the Bay Bridge was the bridge making its appearance in my dream without my ever having driven across it prior to moving to Maryland. 

And how about those dreams that you don’t wanna dream; You know the ones that are about people you don’t wanna dream about… or situations you don’t wanna think about.  For me these seem to be the ones that I find myself fighting to awake from only to return to the dream as soon as I drift back into sleep with the unwanted dream picking up right where it left off.  That never happens with the good dreams!

Ahhh!  The good dreams….  the ones you DON’T wanna wake up from but of course always do.  These dreams are the ones you don’t wanna open your eyes from when the alarm awakes you or one of mother nature’s urges feels it needs to be released immediately. 

The falling dreams, the fire dreams, forgetting your shoes dreams.

The dreams you only remember bits and pieces of and the ones you just can’t seem to shake if your life depended on it.

So here’s to sleeping and dreaming… Let the zzzz’s take hold and let the good dreams comes!  🙂 

What kind of dreamer are you? What do you do when sleep evades you?

100 Pieces Of Me…

One of the items on …The List… was to make a list of 100 random things about myself and share it on my blog…

It took wayyyyyyy longer to compile than I thought it would, but I hope you find it interesting…

I really enjoyed taking the time to compile this random collection of bits ‘n pieces of all that makes me who I am… it actually was a phenomenal reflection for me on who I am, why I am and how I got here.

If you think of anything else you’d like to know, just ask!  I’d be glad to answer any questions you may have.

This list can also be found on the page of the same name “100 pieces of me” at the top of my blog, replacing “bits ‘n pieces of me.”

100 pieces of me

  1. Teacher by trade and heart; crafter of all things; lover of music; daughter, sister, aunt, friend.
  2. My name is not Maggie, its Megan… Maggie Mae is a combination of nicknames and my grandma’s name.
  3. I also go by Meg, Mae, Aunt Mae, Aunt Megan, Mae Mae, Megs, Meggers, Ginski, Speedy, Ladybug, sis, and a number of other names the kiddos at work call me.
  4. I wanted to be a ballerina and then a teacher when I was little.
  5. When I went away to college, I decided I wanted to be a CPA and majored in Accounting.
  6. I failed Accounting I during my Freshman year of college; changed my major to Elementary Education.
  7. I was the queen band dork in high school… played the flute, was a band officer for several years, then President, Drum Major/Field Conductor for 2 years, was in honors band, won the John Philip Sousa Award. Had the best friends I could have ever asked for back in the day… spending that much time with people on a school bus and at King’s afterwards you never knew what would happen.
  8. I LoVe candles.
  9. I participated in 2 musicals during my high school career.  My junior year was my first experience participating in a production… “The Pajama Game.” I still catch myself at times singing, “Hurry up… can’t waste time.”  During my senior year, I had a small (one line) speaking role in the musical “Anything Goes” and also was a dancer.  AWESOME time with a wonderful group of people.
  10. My eyes are hazel.
  11. I attended Catholic school from Kindergarten through 12th grade.
  12. I purchased my first car in March 2010.
  13. A few years ago, I swore I would never join Facebook.  I was wrong, very, very wrong. I caved in about 2 years ago, I think.  Happy that I did, but it can become a bit of a black hole for time management… Happy to say I am sticking with one of my Lenten promises of only logging on one time a day.
  14. My shoe size is now a size 9… After having worn 8 ½’s for most of my life my feet somehow grew in the last couple of years.
  15. I have an absurd amount of frames hanging on the walls of my home.
  16. I had a pet bunny named Kokimo.
  17.  Learning to speak my mind rather than hold things in…This has both its advantages and disadvantages…Learning to find a balance in the middle.
  18. Love the “just blown out” smell of matches.
  19. My desk is always a mess.
  20. Believe I should live in a bubble as I am allergic to trees, dust, grass, ragweed, mold, cats and dogs.
  21. One of my happy places is sitting at a campfire.
  22. I am me…I am who I am because of choices and circumstances of the past…Wouldn’t change anything…Trying to perfect that as best I can keeping in mind there is no such thing as PERFECT…
  23. If I had to choose between listening to music or watching tv for the rest of my life I would without a doubt choose music.
  24. Accept me for who I am or don’t…I’m okay with that…
  25. I am the middle child of 5 children…made possible through divorces and remarriage.
  26. I was a cheerleader in elementary school for the St. Angela Bruins.
  27. Wish I was ambidextrous, but am right-handed.
  28. I read the entire Twilight Saga FOUR times and LOVE it!  Team Edward all the way! 
  29. Music is my saving grace….happy, sad and everything in between turning tunes on helps me breathe…gets me through it all.
  30. Have always had a star crush on Nicholas Cage. His voice and his eyes do it for me.
  31. Was 17 years old when I graduated high school thanks to a summer birthday.
  32. I met Jon Knight from the New Kids on the Block after their performance at Starlake Amphitheatre way back in the day.
  33. Learning not to invest too much time into people and things that are just not worth it only to get burned in the end…again something I am trying to improve upon.
  34. There are a little over 7,200 songs in my iTunes library.
  35. I am 5’6” tall.
  36. I ALWAYS sleep on the right side of the bed no matter what.
  37. I started collecting crackle glass several years ago and can attribute a couple of my pieces to family members.
  38. I have 3 nephews and 1 niece with one more nephew on the way in July. The oldest being 16 and the youngest being almost 9 months old.
  39. The first cd I remember purchasing was Boyz II Men’s , Cooleyhighharmony.
  40. I got my first pair of glasses in 5th grade… They were so small they looked like they belonged on a Cabbage Patch Kid.
  41. I adore comfy clothes.
  42. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
  43. Wear my emotions on my sleeve.
  44. My first Cabbage Patch Kid’s name was Gwendolyn Merlina… I was so EXCITED when I got her even if her clothes didn’t match at all.
  45. I’ve been blessed beyond belief with the best friends and family and thank my lucky stars for them each and everyday.
  46. I would much rather clean a bathroom than wash the dishes.
  47. I worked at Kennywood Amusement Park for about 8 years and had a BLAST doing so.
  48. I have been maid of honor in 2 weddings.
  49. My birthday is July 28.
  50. I am a TALKER.  Just ask anyone, I don’t shut up!
  51. I once had 12 earrings in my ears… 8 in one ear and 4 in the other.  Now only 1 in each.
  52. I prefer ground turkey over ground beef.
  53. If I could change any one thing in my life, it would be my move to Maryland… It wouldn’t have happened, but hey, live and learn.
  54. Can’t sleep with my feet under the covers.
  55. My favorite movies…Almost Famous, High Fidelity, Beaches, The Notebook, The Day After Tomorrow, The Parent Trap, Across the Universe.
  56. Can be a perfectionist to a fault in some areas, especially writing and being crafty.
  57. I still believe that my prince charming is out there somewhere…He must have taken a wrong turn and got lost trying to find me
  58. The first concert I went to was New Kids on the Block.
  59. The first concert I WANTED to go see, but wasn’t allowed to see was the Grateful Dead.  (Love ya mom.)
  60. Believe I have an addiction to paper… My stash of scrapbooking paper has taken over my front entryway closet, leaving very little room for much else.
  61. When I was little, I cried when the tape player ate the Hall and Oates tape while playing my favorite song, Maneater.
  62. Loved the original Beverly Hills, 90210.
  63. My childhood dog’s name was Nuppy.
  64. Would much rather give gifts than receive.
  65. One of my best friends lives in Washington State and we have only seen each other TWICE in the last13 years.
  66. I have never flown in an airplane.
  67. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 18.
  68. I have more cousins than I can keep track of! Love each and every one of ‘em .
  69. I currently have no pets.
  70. Favorite Disney movie has always been The Fox and the Hound.
  71. My favorite grades to teach are preschool and kindergarten.  LOVE being a child’s first teacher.
  72. LOVE being “crafty.”
  73. Guilty of giving too much of myself to people at times.
  74. I’m a HUGE worrier.
  75. I have been to more Dave Matthews Band concerts than any other band (with the exception of the Buzz Poets some years back).
  76. I saw the Phantom of the Opera 2x; once in Toronto and once in Pittsburgh.
  77. My beauty MUST-HAVE that I can’t live without is Urban Decay’s eye shadow Primer Potion in SIN.  My eye shadow doesn’t budge thanks to this little miracle worker.
  78. I’ve been told I have a good eye for coordinating colors.
  79. In elementary school I just HAD to have a pair of blue glasses.  I got them and wore them proudly…Not sure what I was thinking.
  80.  I don’t have a favorite number.
  81. Sometimes my memory, or lack there of frightens me.
  82. I have entirely too many reusable grocery store bags.  I always forget to take them with me and end up buying a couple more.
  83. I LOVE flip flops and have entirely too many, but only end up wearing a few pairs over and over again. 
  84. LOVE my Nike+ sneakers…Need to start putting them on more often 😉
  85. Favorite children’s books: Love you Forever by Robert Munsch,  The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein and ANYTHING by Eric Carle and Jan Brett.
  86. Addicted to Glee…Also love Grey’s Anatomy and Brothers & Sisters.
  87. There are 4 remote controls on my coffee table; tv, cable, dvd player and stereo.
  88. My scrapbooking/crafting supplies are stored in my entry closet, living room, dining room, under my bed and in storage.
  89. I went to Edinboro University, in the snow belt of PA… where we walked to the bar/parties in blizzard conditions and classes were never cancelled due to the weather even if 2 feet of freshly laid snow covered the ground.
  90. I am a procrastinator to the maximum.
  91. I am at my happiest when at a concert experiencing live music.
  92. I LOVE seafood but have never tried sushi.
  93. Vision in my right eye is much worse than my left.
  94. My favorite beverages include orange pop and iced tea though I mostly drink water… favorite adult beverages would have to be cranberry with vodka or whiskey and ginger.
  95. I didn’t inherit the baking genes of my mother… Everything she bakes turns out beautifully, my peanut butter cookies turn out horribly.
  96. I love the color combinations of red /black and teal/navy blue/ green.
  97. I never took typing classes, but type pretty efficiently.
  98.  I have a few too many Vera Bradley bags… In my defense though many were purchased on the website and on sale!
  99. My middle name is Faith… A constant reminder to have faith in myself, others and from above.
  100. I love LISTS!

Are you up for the challenge?  I’d love to see your list of 100 random things about yourself!