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Five Question Friday 1.6.12

1. What is the weather like where you are and do you like it?
ummmmmm…. last time I checked it was January.  Today the thermometer says it’s 50 degrees…. in southwestern PA… Just a few days ago it was in the teens and absolutely frigid.

Right now, the weather just needs to make up its mind.  It should be cold this time of year.  It should snow.  But that is in the beauty of living in southwestern PA.  You never know what the weather is going to be like…  I do enjoy the change of seasons.  I think if I lived anywhere else, I would truly miss the seasons of SW PA (as wonky as they are).

2. When you’re sick what do you seek comfort from?
Ahhhhh…. This question is so appropriate!  Wanna know why?!  Because I suggested it to the powers that be at @5crookedhalos via twitter.
I’ve been feeling like crap for over a week now… (more about that soon). My must haves have been my heating pad.  My couch. My DVD player and DVDs from friends and family.
My heating pad and I have been through a lot together.  All sorts of aches and pains over the years… after my car accident… through bumps and bruises and now this latest venture.  CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT.  Praying it doesn’t fizzle out on me any time soon… it will be a sad day… a very sad day.

3. What do you need to do before the end of the month?
GET BETTER!  That would be wonderful….
Actually, what I would like to do before the end of the month is to put away all my Christmas decorations.  I just didn’t feel ’em this year, like normal. USUALLY they’d be left up until the middle or end of February.
Having said that I am hoping to go through and get rid of stuff in my storage closet that I no longer need.  I’m actually going to get rid of some of my teaching stuff… It will be an extremely hard thing for me to do, but it’s time. 🙂

4. Have you ever served on a jury?
I don’t want to answer this question in fear of jinxing myself so I plead the 5th respectively.

5. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
Weird question… one that I’ve actually heard people ask.  Some have even said they’ve been asked this question on an interview…
I don’t know.  I’m allergic to cats and dogs… bunnies are adorable…  Maybe a lion?  Nah.
Ooooh… I know… A wild horse.  Yes… that’s it.  To be able to run free and wild along the shores or in fields.  I think that’d be superb.
There ya have it my friends… my Five Question Friday post actually completed on a Friday!  Your turn… link up!

Out with one… in with the next.



I can finally say that this incredibly long & extremely busy work week is over.

Wooooooo hooooo!

Our school year ended last week with the last day of classes being on Thursday and our school wide picnic and graduation on Friday. Mother Nature received a gold star for the day as she stopped the rain just prior to our littles performance in front of about 300 people and didn’t allow it to start again until we completely unloaded everything back at the school!

The kiddos did a wonderful job with their performance & had a blast playing with their friends …

Very lucky to have some amazingly awesome teachers at the school; teachers that work together & help out as needed,  when needed. Most of us had mud pedicures by the end of the day due to rain earlier in the day … no matter though because we all had a ball.

The parents & families were so complimentary….

Turned out to be a great day to end the school year!

Tomorrow our summer program begins bringing lots of school-aged students to our center and a new realm of responsibilities. Field trips are booked…themes are set…decorations are ready to go.

Good-bye to the 10-11 school year and welcome to summer of 2011.

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Celebration & Relaxation

Last weekend my lil bro graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Master’s degree in English/Rhetoric.  Way to make a big sis proud lil bro! Quite the smart cookie he is… let me just tell ya!

After a dinner with family & friends in celebration of his graduation,  someone threw out the idea of heading to the cabin for the night. That’s all I needed to hear.

An overnight at one of my favorite places to be. My special getaway release.

So everyone made a dash home to pack up a few necessities for the overnight & started the trip up the mountain for some much needed rest & relaxation; or some adult beverages, a camp fire in the rain,  awesome tunes & great peeps, conversation & laughs.

Time just seems to escape you there … as the last of us crawled into bed a bit after 5:00 AM! This is one place where sleep isn’t as much of a necessity as for me it’s seemingly easier to function on little to no sleep at all night after night.

This impromptu,  spur of the moment overnight at the cabin was just what I needed. In the immediate it provided me a carefree night to kick back & chill listening to tunes with great people and not worry about all that needed to be done.  It also served as a preview to and reminder of what’s to come & look forward to in the summer months.

A get away without having to hop on a plane (though I’m thinking it’s about time I get on one of those things!). A momentary lapse in time that allows me to leave the worries at home… putting on my comfy cabin clothes,  lounging by the fire,  taking walks along the creek … maybe even a game or two of corn hole or beer pong if we’re feeling at all ambitious.

I so needed cabin time… looking forward to lots more night like last Saturday throughout the summer to get me through & keep me sane!

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A little of this… with a side of that.

1.)  I’m happy that … It finally stopped raining today!  After WAY too much rain over the last 2+ days, the clouds finished wringing themselves out and the ground started to dry.  People were even cutting grass!  While the sun wasn’t shining, I couldn’t help but be cheered by the rain’s cease and desist for the remainder of the day.

No Rain!!!


This means… I was able to go for a jog today after not having been out since Sunday.

That means this girl’s legs were a bit stiff and sore initially.  After a little warm up though, things got a bit easier.

This lead to my running a new personal best for the mile and also making good time on 3.24 miles…

That made me a very happy girl!  (albeit with more tired and achy legs than before 🙂 )


2.)  That saying… “It’s all about people. It’s about networking and being nice to people and not burning any bridges.” ~Mike Davidson is so true!  You never know what things will come about just by talking to those you bump into.  Telling your story leads you places.

Every little bit helps!!

This leads to the possibility of another craft show this weekend if an extra table is available AND a table at a vendor show in May to benefit victims of the Tornado that swept through Hempfield, PA a couple of weeks ago.

That would be OUTSTANDING as I’ve got tons of product prepped and ready to go.

This makes my heart happy as well, because the cost for the tables goes directly to the fund for the victims… Helping those who lost so much so close to home is an awesome, awesome thing.

3.) The fact THAT  the Pittsburgh Penguins have entered the playoffs (winding up game #1 as I am typing if I had to guess) means I can get minute by minute updates without turning on the tv or radio. As a matter of fact I could tell ya they’re winning 2-0 and I’m sitting here listening to nothing but the sound of my laptop and my fingers hitting the keys. 

That doesn’t mean I have ESP or can see in a crystal ball.  NO, not at all.

This means my neighbors are back in action screaming uncontrollably, stomping, pounding and clapping incessantly throughout the duration of the game.  I can tell you almost exactly a play by play just through gauging their actions and reactions.

That drives me crazy.  Especially since I have come to learn that they’ve made a new purchase to add to their celebration festivities… AN AIR HORN… Yes, my friends an air horn is now being blow whenever they score. 

This means I’ve now moved outside to sit on my deck in 46 degrees so I don’t have to hear the raucous when the game ends. Ummmm. Make it 3-0… I’m outside and I can still hear it!!!

That annoys me a bit as it’s only game #1 and I’m sure the Penguins will be playing for a bit in the playoffs!  LET’S GO PENS!!! 

Let's Go Pens!!!









This is WednesdayTHAT makes me smile because it’s almost Friday! 

Woo Hoo!


A little of this with a side of that…


Tell me a little bit of this or that from your day! 

There’s NO Place Like Home…

Frank L. Baum sure knew what he was talking about when he penned the phrase, “There’s no place like home” for his character Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

I sorta, kinda felt like I was in my own version of Oz today from beginning to end!  Well, actually the end of my work day would be more accurately equated to Kansas than Oz, but I’ll get to that in a minute… I told a couple of friends today that I just felt all kinda out of sorts/ in a disarray today. 


Woke up not feeling so hot today after a less than par sleep and so began the craziness that was today.  Basically if anything would have or could have happened today, IT DID!  From being short-staffed at work to an unmentionable incident that occurred in the midst of figuring out staff schedules and placements for the day to personal issues to the ensuing storms that blew through our area… it was through and through a BANG UP, wacky day…

Any ways…

 So for as LONG as I can remember, I’ve  HATED thunderstorms.  I mean to the point the used to worry me so incredibly horribly that I would be SICK to my stomach at the sight of a dark cloud, the sounds of the wind picking up or thunder rumbling. Not sure why or when the fear originated as a child, but I quite simply never enjoyed a good storm as some may. 

Here’s THREE of my best weather related stories that explain a little bit of the fear I have for storms, wind, and such.

  1. This one time, at band camp… No SERIOUSLY! This one time at band camp during my freshman year there was a tornado warning ON MY BIRTHDAY.  I remember us all being huddled (well maybe all of us weren’t huddled, but I sure was) in the laundry room of the door we were staying in.  I was a mess.
  2. May 31, 2002… I was working at Kennywood Amusement Park as a games manager as I had for several years… (ok more than several years… like about 8 years.) Had a blast working there, met some of the most amazing people there… Good times for sure!  Until about 7:00 pm on May 31st of that year.  The sky got BLACK above and then it sounded like a train rolling through.  A lot of chaos happened in a very short time… after the storm passed and I opened the stock room door, my mouth about dropped open.  I’m not going to go into all the details, but it was a very sad day for the park.  A life lost, TONS of damage, lots of bad memories for me.  If you’re interested in reading up on the story, here’s a link for one of the local news stations out here and a newspaper article.
  3. The summer before last, I accepted the position I currently hold at work.  My first week  flying solo, after working side by side with one of my best friends who held this position prior to me, tornado warnings began appearing across the tv on the evening of June 17th.  Having just moved into my current 3rd floor apartment I began pacing around and freaking out… Stomach flip-flopping, panicking while on the phone with my friend and my mom.  Decided to go down to the basement with a flashlight, a comforter and two pillows, a radio, my cellphone and a couple of bottles of water.  No one’s down there.  I start freaking out more. Travel back upstairs and lock myself in the bathroom.  I got the phone call…from the best friend… that the school flooded and it was BAD.  Hearing those words snapped me out of it.  Threw on my shoes, grabbed my purse, my flashlight, and my COMFORTER (no.clue.why.) and hopped in my car.  Couldn’t believe my eyes as I began to drive the short 5 minute commute to the school in the pitch black of night, weaving in and out of debris all over the roads.  It was a pretty bad storm… tore a bunch of places around us apart… roads buckled, trees down… Walking into the school and seeing the mess that was left and all that was destroyed brought tears to my eyes instantaneously.  We lost pretty much EVERYTHING on the bottom floor.  Clean-up began, business went on the next day with many modifications to routines.  It was insane.

So THAT’S why I’ve hated storms….  I could go on with a few more, but I get the feeling this post is going to be pretty long already!

Did ya catch my reference earlier?  About the end of my work day being better equated to Kansas over Oz.  Well in true Megan fashion, I was a human tornado all freakin’ day.  ( A term the aforementioned best friend and I use when we are in rare form, ticked off about something or just a big ball of stress.) 

Little did I know we’d have a tornado warning issued today…  “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore”… ya, seriously… A tornado warning that lasted until 5:30 PM.  We had the kids in the basement having a “party in the hall” so as not to scare the littles.  Hail about 2 inches pelted our cars and winds were a blowing during the first round.  A friend of mine in a neighboring town spotted a funnel cloud as she called to warn me of the storms.  Good times were had let me assure you.  Brought the kids back up because it looked as if the worst had passed.  Then we got notice of round two… rounded up the kiddos for another “party in the hall.”  The sky was as black as I saw at Kennywood, luckily for us though, we got tons of rain, lots of hail and yet even more crazy wind but we were all safe and sound.  Property unharmed. My nerves a bit rattled, but overall I managed ok.  Having to buck up and be positive for all the kiddos around was the best possible scenario. 

With age I have learned to deal with a lot of things.  Trying not to let the stress get to me… Again, letting go of the worries.  Seriously, what could I do if a tornado was to touch down?  Not one thing that would PREVENT it from touching down.  All I can do is buck-up!

Unfortunately for folks living in Rillton, they were not quite as lucky having had home sustain serious damage.  A local high school lost part of its roof.  Here’s a little bit from MSNBC. Haven’t turned the news on since I’ve been home because quite frankly this girl can’t take another ounce of stress in this day!

At the end of the day, as I walked in my front door I thought… There’s no place like home… Seriously, there is really NO PLACE LIKE HOME.

On a completely unrelated note… I just wanted to add a little tidbit in remembrance to my pap who passed away 5 years ago today. Quite simply he was a ONE of a KIND guy that was hard to please but had a heart of gold beneath his tough as nails exterior.  He had his own way of doing things and only his way was the right way… there was no telling him otherwise.  Some of the best memories we as a family have of him all revolve around the same thing… his words.  he had his own set of vocabulary that you truly couldn’t appreciate without having know him.  (Verizon=Vehr-i-zon, croissant=croos-ent and Amish=Aim-ish to name a few) He gave me the nickname Meginski for some unknown reason which was later shortened to Ginski and he never said his son and family lived in Michigan, he just called them Sheegans.  He was a rare man, an old soul.  He was probably the only person I know that would turn on a football game or baseball game and turn off the audio because he couldn’t stand the BS’ing of the commentators.  He took us kids to the sportsman’s club to fire our first rifles, teaching us how to hit the target or the clay pigeons.  He made some pretty good kielbasa and some of the best pickles I ever had.  While he was tough, he won over many a persons.  Hardest though on those he loved most…had a funny way of showing it.  Miss ya pap.   


Ok, that’s all I promise… If you made it this far… THANK YOU FOR READING!  You guys are the best… Have a fantabulous night my friends

Ever experienced a bad storm situation?  How’d you react?

How do you remember those you love that are no long with you?

Thursday Throwback- “1979” by The Smashing Pumpkins

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

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You all know I LoVe music…

From all decades, genres, artists and mediums…

Really there is no single style of music that is off-limits for me…

Always looking for something new… (Not necessarily brand new, but at least new to me)

I’ve gone on in several posts about the importance of music in my life so I won’t go in to great detail again, because I don’t wanna beat a dead horse. 


I love the POWER music has… it can cheer you or calm you or transport you to another place and time.

I have SOOOOOOOOOOO many memories associated with music, that I decided I’d like to share some with you!  Exciting, huh? 

Here’s the first one!

The Band:  Smashing Pumpkins

The Album: Mellon Collie and Infinite Sadness

The Song: 1979

The Memory:

Freshman year of college… Lobby rats, the self-proclaimed title of my group of hippie-esk, artsy-fartsy, free-spirited friends who hung out in the lobby of our icky dorm CONSTANTLY!  Always staying up late playing cards, being stupid, eating or cramming for tests/projects at the last minute…Acting a fool at any given moment. 

Quite the eclectic mix of individuals, each bringing something unique to the table.

One particularly unusual sunny day we decided to take our “hangout” outside. (I went to school in the snow belt of PA so there was snow more often than not!) One of us lived on the first floor and decided to turn our stereo speakers out towards the lawn and began blasting tunes.  Happy tunes; Most specifically 1979 by the Smashing Pumpkins.  We’re out on the lawn sprawled out on blankets eating God only knows what we scrounged up for our impromptu picnic/party. Some are playing frisbee, others are dancing, some of us are talking, others still are making flower headbands… Seriously, they did and it wasn’t the year 1979.  It was 1996 or 1997 ( I can’t quite seem to remember if it was in the fall or spring).  

A very brilliant, bright and happy moment that I remember from a significant time in my life.  My first time away from home was filled with lots of ups and downs… Meeting TONS of new people from all different walks of life.  

I was in the process of finding myself.  Heck, I still am today!

I know for sure though I’m not a “hippie;” nor was I ever…but I did meet some pretty amazing people.  Some that helped me to come out of my shell…others that made me wanna crawl back in…Only one that I have remained close with through all these years…some that I haven’t seen or heard from since shortly after freshman year, let alone even think of in my day-to-day.

That is with the exception of when I hear this song… instantaneously I am back on the lawn in front of Towers Hall… Not a care in the world … 


For those of you that may have missed any of my previous posts about music be sure to check ’em out!  You never know, you may discover a new dig! Here’s a few listed below…

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So there you have it… my first Thursday Throwback… Hope you enjoyed! I sure have 🙂

Find My Way…

In the midst of a pile of work I brought home with me today, I decided to throw in the towel for tonight.

Had a wonderfully productive day at work today… Got lots done, checking some things off of one of my THREE  “Must-Do” lists.

Super AWESOME, feel-good moments when I can cross things off of one of my lists; even if the lists are huge and growing longer by the minute as graduation for the kiddos is a little more than 2 months away.

Stressing out a teeny, tiny, weeeeee, little bit about all that needs done before the craft show in April…. Tomorrow it will be exactly one month away. No worries though… I managed to pull it off in December, I can knock this one outta the park too!

Somewhere in the short time after I got home from work, I started to feel not so hot…sniffles and a tinge of a sore throat.  Gonna chalk it up to allergies for now due to the ever-changing weather we’re experiencing in Southwestern, PA.  Freezing in the mornings, but nice and warm afternoons.  I’ll take the cold mornings if it means we get some sunshine and warmth in the afternoon… even if it means I have to deal with some sniffles for now. 

That’s why I threw in the towel on the night… not out of frustration or discontentment… Just had enough of the day.  I’ll chalk it up as a good day…

Recently I was introduced to a song that has quickly climbed the ranks as one of my all-time favorite digs… even if I’ve only found it a couple of months ago, it’s a keeper for my playlist without  a doubt.

It’s an over all pick-me-up, feel-good song.  When I’m happy, it makes me happier.  If I’m a little dreary whether from the weather or just having an off day, it picks me up. 

That’s why I LoVe music…

It helps me find my way no matter the day…


What song is your never fails, go – to song of choice? 

To the bed I go…  Night all!