who am i

What to say…. Where to begin…

 crafter of all things; lover of music; daughter, sister, aunt, friend; writer. 

At 33 years old, I find myself in an oddly different place in life than what I would have thought for myself in earlier years.  But the things is, I am content with that.  Some may argue that statement upon reading previous blog posts, but contentedness is something I am growing to respect and adore.  Through writing I am given the opportunity to reconcile any doubts, worries or misdirections offered up in daily life while musing about the endless realm of possibility that lies ahead for me in the future.

My contentedness has not been formed out of discouragement or resign.  It has been a learning process for me to accept the challenges life offers, take control of what I can and move forward with the realization that I do have the ability to relinquish control of how I feel, react and deal with any such situation or circumstance.

This blog has really began to evolve from the vision I had from the beginning a mere year and a half  ago… Writing has always been a creative, therapeutic, cathartic, soothing outlet for me.  Putting my thoughts, feelings, struggles and victories into words to be shared with whom ever so chooses to read has given me power to take better control of the place I have created for myself in this ever amazing universe.

From my highschool days of writing little bits n pieces of poetry about seemingly earth shattering situations to my daily thoughts and most inner workings of present day life, I have grown more comfortable in the sharing of my words with others.  Even if it is while “hiding” behind Maggie Mae’s Days, it is a release for me.  Yes, selfishly…my main reason for starting this blog was solely for me.  The mere fact that others have taken the time to sit here and read this “About Me” section makes me nervous…just a little anyway.

All these pieces of me are here for the sharing… Who knows… Maybe someone else will “get” something from one of my posts… That will just make the whole therapeutic aspect of my writing move to a place I never dreamt.

Letting go of my worries and fears; sharing of my heart, my life and my loves.

Acknowledging the paths chosen in the past and taking from each the wisdom and courage to carry on and move forward; even when it seems an impossibility.  Taking the time and steps needed to get me to where HE wants me to be when HIS timing dictates.

Until then the question remains “Who Am I?” until I find out WHO I AM.


14 thoughts on “who am i

  1. “Teacher by trade and heart; crafter of all things; lover of music; daughter, sister, aunt, friend.”

    It sounds like you are describing me! We certainly seem to be kindred spirits (though I am not yet an aunt!!)

    • Sounds as if you are correct 🙂 Pretty cool! Let me tellya, being an aunt is pretty awesome! I’m an of 5 and soon to be 6! BEST EVER 😀

  2. I loved your “Who Am I” description and happy I came upon your site. I can identify with a lot of your thoughts.

  3. This is such a fine introduction my friend and one can only wish to return here and view your entire Space as a reflection, and so I will be back here sometime soon, in the meantime if you wish to venture inside My Gothic Realm then please do so, the Vampires, werewolves, Ghouls, Zombies and Skeletons won’t bite… too hard 🙂 Just kidding

    Have a wonderful Thursday now Megan…


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