the list

Can you help me out with any of these? I’m thinking so! Let’s hear your list too!

As items are crossed off, new additions to the list will be made.


Try at least one new recipe a month- 2011 Jan. (Pot Roast) Feb. (Tilapia & veggies) Mar. (Sloppy Joe Crock Pot Chicken) Apr. (Baked Breaded Pork Chops AND Homemade Pizza) May. (Breaded Baked Chicken Breast) Jun. (Spicy Ham BBQ) Jul. (Breaded shrimp) Aug. (steamed & seasoned veggies) Sept. (Creamy Chicken soup) Oct. (Chicken, mashed potato & stuffing bake) Nov. (baked asparagus and brussel sprouts) Dec. (vegetarian chili)

Keep a house plant ALIVE for a whole year

Take a road trip across the U.S.

Fly in an airplane. this will be happening Aug 28, 2013!!!

listen to 1,000 new songs

Visit Washington state This also is happening in August if 2013!!

visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame again

See Phish in concert

see aurora borealis

Own my own business

stop procrastinating

learn sign language

DMB Gorge 2013

Must-see Concerts: U2, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, 311/Sublime, James Taylor, Gavin Rossdale and/or Bush,

Read 10 books by 10 different authors never read before

Spend more time with my sisters

lay a new floor in my kitchen

create an ETSY store to sell my designs The shop has been created, now to list the items!!!

Facebook less

Clean out my storage unit and get rid of STUFF (still more to get rid of though…. always.)

buy a new vacuum cleaner

visit the Statue of Liberty

build a snowman

organize my cd’s

get my “tattle chart” patented

start jogging again

restart jogging again

go dancing at a club


join the church choir (waiting for a new choir director, can’t do it with the current fella. just don’t have it in me! )

meet band members from Dave Matthews Band 11/27/12 Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews Band at the Faces in the Mirror Stefan Lessard in Charlottesville 12/16/12

star gaze

Get my first and only tattoo (in the works 🙂 )

Children’s book published

Learn photography (In progress 🙂 )

See sunrise and sunset at the beach

See 3 shows in New York City

Go on an “alphabet” walk and take pictures of each letter found until you’ve found all 26

Learn how to tie a neck tie

See Coldplay in concert

Take a random, unplanned road trip

Take a walk in the rain

Visit the Grand Canyon

Be silly more often

Take a bus to a small town just to spend a few hours exploring

Put all my pictures in photo albums

Laugh daily (pretty sure I do, but have this on here as a reminder 😛 )

Share my thoughts and words more freely

Go to the drive-ins

Go target shooting

Send a card to someone for no reason

frequent antique shows, flea markets, yard sales to find COOL frames

Print all the digital pictures I’ve uploaded

Watch a scary movie

Visit all the museums in the Pittsburgh area

Buy ice cream from an ice cream truck

Get a massage

Pay the toll booth for someone behind me

Host get-togethers more frequently

Pay it forward Bought Starbucks for the car behind me & bought one for the till booth attendant

Surprise someone for no reason at all

get a pedicure

Wake up in the morning… take a picnic lunch… get in the car and see where the day takes me

Learn something new once a month for a year

Refinish grandma’s sewing desk

Be a better daughter, sister, aunt, friend

Redecorate parts of my place

Make a difference in at least one person’s life

Get healthy and stay healthy

Travel to Italy and Germany

Find love; be loved

Blog more often (at least once a week)

Go back to visit Edinboro

Make cards to donate to nursing homes

Refinish bedroom set

Tell those who matter “I love you” more often

Show those who matter I love them more often

Do at least 3 craft shows in a year 1.) April 9th 2.) April 16th 3.) May 7th 4.) June 11th 5.)October

Write a song

Learn to play piano

Slow dance under the stars

Take a pottery class

Design a greeting card for Hallmark

Get published in a paper crafting magazine

Talk less, listen more

Go to Vegas

Make a stranger smile

Take a cooking class

Go to at least 10 concerts in a year (It’s been done in the past… but quite some time ago now) (2011) 1.) Jason Myles Goss 2.) Iron & Wine 3.) The Avett Brothers 4.) Kenny Chesney & Zac Brown Band 5.) NKOTBSB 6.) Scott Blasey 7.) Incubus

  • 2012 was my year!!!! 1.the Avett Brothers 2. Brothers of the Sun Tour with Luke Ryan, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, Tim McGraw & Kenny Chesney 3. Dave Matthews Band 4. ZBB 5. Lindsey Buckingham 6. Jason Myles Goss 7. Scott Blasey 8. Farm Aid 9. Neil Young & Crazy Horse 10. Passion Pit

Crank up the music and dance a fool at home

Make a “20 Things I Like About You List” for a friend or family member and give it to them

Jump in rain puddles

Make a list of 100 random things about myself and share on my blog

go to the chiropractor

Interview a band/singer/song writer for my blog

Participate in an official 5k race.

See a concert at the Gorge. This is REALLY going to happen!!! I leave Aug 28th! 4 nights & 3 shows in heaven’s amphitheater

See a concert at Red Rocks

Be in the pit for a DMB, Avett Brothers & Incubus shows Pit for DMB on 12/15/12 & 12/16/12!!


11 thoughts on “the list

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  4. This is a really cool idea. I may have to put one of these lists together once finals are over. I hope you accomplish all of your goals!

    • Thanks Tony! I really think you should… It’s cool because there’s no time limit on when these things need to be completed… Everytime I cross one off, I add another 🙂 Be sure to share your list when you make it!

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